Friday, October 17, 2014

Pickin' and Grinnin'!!!!

I arrived HOME from Quadville tonight!!!!
 I had been there since Wednesday morning - except for a quick doctor visit yesterday!
I called Louis Dean as I drove onto the Bush Toll Road and he said he would have our wine poured!
He did! He was sitting on the driveway with Lucy and had my glass of Chardonnay sitting by my chair! Just as I took my first sip - he introduced his 'guest' to me!!!!

He had me shut my eyes and said he had a big surprise!!!

He is adorable!!!! Louis Dean calls him 'SLIM Pickin's!'
I love his overalls!!!! Looks like Louis Dean after A CRASH DIET!!!!!
Thanks, Wanda, for THAT idea!!!

That really will never happen!!! While I was in QV, Louis Dean took over the Beauty Shop detail and picked Mother up and took her out to lunch! They ate at the Cotton Patch Cafe and believe you me - it was NOT 'slim pickings' for LD today!!!
Louis Dean related to me his experiences with his date!!! She is really a FUN date, he says!!!
He picked her up at 10:30 and that's 30 minutes before the cafe opened. So....they sat there in the parking lot and he regaled her with stories of The Adventures in Quadville!!!
You remember last week when Mother was raising her coffee cup to the waitress and saying, "PLEEEEZZZZZEE!!!! PLEEEEEZZZE!!!!" for a refill?
Well, today was like a game of Charades!!! Mother has NEVER ordered anything but water at the Cotton when she wanted COFFEE.....well......THAT was a problem to communicate!!!!
She acted out - as in Charades - (which was real smart of her! - EXCEPT that Louis Dean did NOT catch on!!!) that she was COLD and wanted something HOT!!!
I asked him if she eventually got her coffee and he said, "YES!!!! TWO cups and she was very happy with it! She WANTED that coffee!!!!"

So. while THEY were off having fun........

I was doing a day in the life at Quadville!!
The kids enjoy watching nursery rhymes on my laptop.......

Aunt Luann kept an eye on them!!!

Last night when we put them to bed I told them what we would be doing today.
Harrison remembered. As soon as I opened his nursery door, he was telling me we were going for a WALK!!!!

So right after breakfast we put on our sunglasses - it is still WARM in Texas!! - and our shoes!

Trying to get a GOOD photo of all FOUR at once is - impossible???
Debbie Rich???? I may need to book you soon!

I told them we would walk down as far as the rosemary bush!
THIS is the house! We met Miss Sue who lives there and she invited us to do a photo shoot!
I got all FOUR in a relatively GOOD picture!

Amber's nanny accompanied us and took this one of me AND the kids AND my sister - who is in the shadows. We tried.

While we walked, the quads noticed the airplanes flying overhead. They knew their mama and dada had flown away in one so Harrison said, "There goes Mommy in the airplane!" Trystan said (as the plane flew past) , "She is going away!" I said, "She will be BACK!!!" Then Harrison said, "By By, Mommy!!! See you LATER!!!" Oh, my goodness! They are so cute!!!!

We did a little Pilgrim arts and crafts project that Amber had left for us after our walk.

The babies seemed to feel better today.

No fevers this morning.....

though they did come back in the afternoon.

They still seemed to be in good spirits and enjoyed all the extra attention from everyone the last few days.

I made extra headbands for mama and daddy!
Now they have a whole set!!!

Lunch followed and we were grateful that the nanny knew how to out the milk cups together!!!

They all rested.......although Trystan and Logan never went to sleep.

Harrison and Kailey DID!

GrandMommy arrived and Aunt Luann left. It was a changing of the guard.

I closed off my shift with another tea party. Amber came home Wednesday with LOTS of PUMPKIN things!!!! Let's just say the tea and cookies were a big hit!
I put on the Frozen movie......or rather Grandmommy and I did. It took both of us! I read the instructions from the fridge door where Amber had posted them. Grandmommy did the controls in the play room! Win! WIN!!!!

Grandmommy, Uncle Mark and Granddaddy ( Mike's family) took over and I made my exit.

When I came in I found these lovely cards in the mail......

While we are still mourning the passing of our little Maggie.......
we are now healing and thinking sweet thoughts about her.
In other words - I am not crying......much.

I finally changed my Facebook cover photo today.
I usually change it everyday - kind of like getting 'dressed!'
I left the one of Maggie up since Tuesday......and while I changed the photo......I will NOT be forgetting our little cat!

It's kind of lonely out here in the gazebo tonight. Maggie loved to sit with us as we sipped our wine.
We would pet her and give her treats and love on her.
So.....maybe I AM still crying.......just a little........


Wanda said...

Dear sweet Linda. What a few busy days you've had. I love that you are so involved with the quads. I wish I had 4 of Tristan. Then I could bring one home with me. HaHa.

I want a "Slim Pickins" He sure can pick!!

I know you are missing Maggie... I wanted to send you a card...but I don't have your address. If you will email it to me I would love to have it.

Linda said...

Hey,girl!!! Itried to email you and it said to 'look the address over - it doesn't seem quite right.' Can you believe that???? Anyway - my email is at the right of my blog under the Facebook Badge!!

Kathy said...

Glad you were able to help out Amber and Mike. I know you are missing Maggie as much as I am missing Jenny. Our little cats have a way of getting into our hearts. I still cry a little over my sweet Jenny.

I absolutely love Slim Pickins. When I saw it on facebook earlier today I thought it looked like a skeleton version of LD with the overalls. LOL!

Deb said...

I love Slim Pickins! You are so great with those sweeties! I would love to photograph those cuties ! I hope you are getting some rest now...

Ginny said...

I know how you feel. Our Cher was the biggest rascal and troublemaker, but she was my favorite. I LOVE Louis Dean's big surprise! And I WAS surprised when I played it and heard him sing!! Slim Pickins is a perfect name! I love the first picture of you and the quads, it is perfect! You can almost see their personalities! I love love love the special effects pictures you did with each quad! The first of them being truly beautiful! She is looking so thoughtful, and is surrounded by a heavenly light!

Penny Miller said...

Your heart will take a while to heal after losing Maggie xxx thank you so much for visiting my blog, it is a joy to hear your voice there! X


When I come to visit, I end up shaking my head in disbelief as I scroll down viewing the GOODNESS how they've grown so quickly!! The Lord knows how to pamper us with such wonderful babies like the quads. Altho they're no longer babies. Still, I enjoy watching them grow.

Funny story about the coffee.

Oh, and the "Slim Pickens"....he is adorable in his own right!! But, Linda, you do have me wanting to shout out something....okay...I will!


Sandra said...

you will never forget Maggie, Max has been dead since 02 and we still tell stories of him and love him... i even sometimes talk about my first dog Sticky baby when i was 8. i love the close up portraits of all four quads. great shots and got a big laugh out of LD's surprise. did he make it or buy it like that? he is a jewel and for sure a keeper. i can't imagine my hubby taking my mom out for anything. if she were still alive i mean.

Susie said...

Linda, Hugs for you. I laughed out loud when I saw Slim Pickin's. That was right up LD alley. I bet the grands will love it too. I was amazed at how well Harrison put together the plane and his parents trip. Smart kids. I love that they do crafts too. It won't be long till they are painting with you. Bless all of you, xoxo,Susie

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You must be exhausted after your time in Quadville. They are just too cute! Smiling at the 'surprise' awaiting your return home!