Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Goodwill, Movie, ART!!! It Must be a TUESDAY!

Tuesday may well be one of my very FAVORITE days of the week!!
Not much comes between me and my Tuesday!
I picked Ruth Ann up around noon and we headed for the first Goodwill of the day!

I found a TRUNK LOAD of treasures!!!

The white Santa and white wreathes will go in our bedroom for Christmas.
I couldn't pass up that nice big 30 inch wreath in the box for just $4!

I found little fairy dresses for the quads and Raynie complete with fairy wings!!
All three quad girls will get a doll baby tomorrow. One is a vintage embroidered pillow case doll!
We made another stop at the Union Gospel Mission where I found a Batman outfit for Harrison as well as an astronaut suit! PLUS for $1.79 - less 30%! - I got a HUGE bag of tracks for his little cars.
I have a whole pail of matchbox cars so I may keep the track here for him to play with when he visits.
I have already run everything through the washing machine and they are now ready to wear!!

Ruth Ann and I grabbed a quick hamburger and picked up our friend and headed to the Starplex where movies are just fifty cents all day and night on Tuesdays!

This was a pretty good movie! It held my attention!
I have to tell you about what happened on our way out!
My friend uses a cane and is somewhat blind but she has kept her sense of humor and love for adventure. Well, we were walking out and Ruth Ann and I were blabbing along. She didn't want to interrupt so when we paused in conversation we heard her say - in her small little soft voice -
"I think my pants may be falling off." She said it in such a matter of fact way, it took me a minute to comprehend! I looked down at her jeans and thought, "They're still there." Then I looked a little closer and they were thigh high!! Then what did my friend do but start giggling and so did Ruth Ann and I! I quickly pulled her jeans up and then wrapped my arms around her and we all just laughed and laughed until our stomachs were aching and our jaws hurt!!! People were going past us on both sides shaking their heads at the crazy ladies laughing like hyenas!! We laughed all the way home!

I was in SUCH a good mood.......
and then I came in the front door and looked in the den.
Louis Dean had not let Lucy out all day and she wet on the carpet!!!
She hasn't peed in the house in YEARS!!!!
She ran right out the door and headed to the grass, bless her heart.
I didn't even scold her but went to work cleaning up the mess!

Art was fun tonight. We started our Christmas painting.

It is Santa at the Manger. I always do two so I'll have one as a gift at the Chinese Christmas Tree with the Fort Worth Family!

Ruth Ann did a GREAT job basing hers in!!
I told her to SMILE! Then I asked her if her pants were up and just LOOK at that grin on her face!!!
We are going to be laughing about this for a long time!!!
I tell you what! That Reaoma is SUCH a good sport and has the BEST sense of humor!
She always has!!!

This is Sabrina's based in canvas!
While Ruth Ann worked on another project, Sabrina and I took our brushes to the BOOTS!

The first session I based in the background. The second week I based in the boots.
Now this my third session, I worked on detailing.

The first three are pretty much DONE!!!
I need to work some more on the flowers on the black boot and add some bling to the first one.

This is Sabrina's.
We paint the same subject -but in our own styles!

Another find today was this lighted spider web!

Can you see that big old thing in the center of it??
Sherry came over to visit with us and helped me hang it on the front door tonight!

Our front porch is looking pretty spooky!!!

Last but not least - Louis Dean took me out to see what he  had accomplished on the fence today.

It is impressive!!!
Good thing we go to Quadville in the morning.
That's the only way to get him to REST!!!!


Gypsy Heart said...

Another busy, fun day for you and friends! The artwork is coming right along. I can't wait to see the boots finished...and then Santa. Hope that you're feeling good by now with no problems.


Penny Miller said...

Can I have some of your energy bottled and sent over to me in Scotland please Linda! You get through more in a day than most folk do in a week! X

Angie said...

The Quads are going to love all the new outfits you got them! You always do so good at Goodwill, especially on Seasonal Items!

I LOVE your wreath- too cute :)


Can't wait to see your Santa/Manger painting when finished. That has been a favorite of mine ofr decades. Your Halloween decor is looking good. [If you want, and share more, do consider adding a link to your post at the Autumn Showcase -link is at the top of my blog]. Others will appreciate you sharing there too, I'm sure.

As for the jeans falling down...I thought that was a hoot....and who cares what the others thought...it's the fun and friendship that counts all the way!!!


I suffer from dyslexia I guess...that 'ofr' should be F O R. lol

Sandra said...

sounds like a blast.. i love to get so tickled i can't stop laughing and that has not happened in a long time... just to funny reading about it..
once again your Tuesday finds were/are amazing to me. sorry about the PP in the house but she couldn't help it.

Susie said...

Linda, I can see you girls laughing outside the theater. I love it. I love that you do your painting and have such fun.. You are right LD does need his time with the little ones. They love climbing on and around him. He has to know how much they love him. Blessings to all of you. I also loved how you made your friend smile for the camera. xoxo,Susie

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

What a fun day! I want to see that movie. You make quite the team. The painting looks like fun too. Maybe someday.

Ginny said...

I have figured out how you get so many amazing things at Goodwill...you must lice in a BIG city!! So I am going to a bigger one now!! We'll see about this... I love your story because I have lost 70 pounds and my pants keep falling down! The boot pictures are delightful, you all are so talented. And now tell me...should an 8 year old see Maleficent??

Ginny said...

Make that LIVE, not lice!!!