Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Fun Evening With Some FUN GALS!!!!!

The tables were all set, the house was clean, the music was playing and the party was about to begin.

I went around putting a few finishing touches here and there!

Of course I took pictures of everything!!
Including ME!

The house smelled warm and inviting with candles lit and this amazing soup simmering away in the crock pot!

My sister, Nita, gave me the recipe and it was SERIOUSLY g.o.o.d.
She fixed it for a family reunion earlier this month and there was not a spoonful left!!

I love giving parties!

Gloria won the door prize!!!

I am loving these ladies!! For the first hour we all just visited.
Many of these 'girls' grew up together!

Debbie (LadyBug From Texas!) is the glue that holds the group together!

Debbie is the one on the end with the google eyes!!
Next to her is her mother and on the other side of me is her daughter!
Ruth Ann was MY 'Person' tonight!!
Debbie and her friends have all kind of adopted Ruth Ann and me into the group.

These are ALL incredible ladies! We ALL have a story and the courage, grace and compassion of these women amaze me. I love the phrase 'Blue Denim and Lace.'
We are all as tough as blue denim while being as gentle as lace!!

After the meet and greet part was over, we took pics with the cute props Donnis brought!
We gathered in the living room in a circle holding hands as we prayed.....

then it was time to EAT!!

We had eleven ladies around two tables!

Then it was CRAFT time!!!

Shelly's granddaughter sent a special note in the bag of craft materials for her grandma  - and the note was to be read ONLY when it was time for the craft!

Precious!!! Shelly has adopted her two granddaughters and the note is from the seven year old.
"Fun Time Gals!" I like that!

Let me tell you - we had a good time tonight!!!

There was plenty of smiles and laughter as we made our scare crow people!

We all made the same thing and yet they all turned out unique!

We could have used a larger craft table!!!

Every one's personality came shining through in their little gal.....or guy!
LOVE Jamie's smile!!!! The scare crow has a nice one, TOO!

Ruth Ann's turned out every bit as sweet as SHE is!!

Smiles all around!!!

Gloria!!! I LOVE hers!!!

Here are two of the funnest ladies EVER!!!
They have been friends for many years and both are so creative and talented!

Aren't they all ADORABLE???
Louis Dean did a good job cutting them all out for us!
We put that old fence to some good use!

The evening was a success and now I am gearing up for the BIG family dinner here tomorrow!
One good thing about having back to back parties - you only have to clean house ONCE!!


Doreen@househoneys said...

This looks like so much fun Linda! Everyone looks so happy, and why not? Good food, good friends, and crafts! Sounds like heaven to me 😀. I guess the only thing that could make it better would have been a bigger table, but tables never seem to be big enough, do they?!

(Stopping by from Blondies. Happy to meet you)

Sweet Tea said...

What great fun! Loved the projects and getting to meet your friends as well!

Jutta said...

Holy Cow - what a fun and precious party you organized, Linda!!! So warm loving sweet feeling that I am able to feel, smell, and hear that!!!

Deb said...

Linda is such a sweetheart! We have all adopted her as our own... She throws a great party! Her home is so warm and inviting !

Penny Miller said...

Fun night! What is a door prize Linda? X


What a fun time with those gals and all are so creative. [I also like the "Harvest vest" she was wearing] The soup looks scrumptious.

Now, enjoy your 2nd party Linda!

Sandra said...

i could HEAR the fun in the videos.. and every one smiling and laughing, plus food.. woo hoo.. the scarecrows are way to pretty to scare any crows... now everyone has something to decorate with. great job LD

Changes in the wind said...

What a cute craft:)

Susie said...

Linda, What a great time. Wish I could have joined in. The crafts turned out beautifully. That soup looked very good. Sure makes me miss my sister luncheon days. Can't wait to see what goes on at the next party. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Ginny said...

YOU really know how to give a party! Your house looks beautiful and warm and all sparky! And what a blessing that you all ave each other.I love the scarecrow idea, and they all look super! I do not have a creative bone in my body, boo hoo. All I can do is copy!

Gypsy Heart said...

What a wonderful group! So very sorry I wasn't sick. :( Not a lot better today but the nausea is gone. My little boy is not feeling well though and I'm worried about him. Just not his usual Shih Tzu self.


Carla said...

Y'all look like you're definitely having fun. Deb's mom has the smile of a very fun person. You didn't tell us what the door prize was or did I miss that.
Those scarecrow people are so so cute.
"Fun Time Gals!" is a good name. ;o)