Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Busy Days! HAPPY Days With Family!

Monday afternoon Amber and Mike returned from their vacation!
Does Louis Dean look happy or what??

He was a school teacher for 25 years and has seen a lot of parents in his time.
He will be the first to tell you that he has NEVER seen such a good mother as Amber!!!

Amber will always be my baby girl!!

I gave the quads sugar cookies with a chocolate coating for their lunch dessert before tucking them in bed for naps with the promise that Mommy and Daddy would be here when they woke up!
I had already checked the flight status and knew they had landed!

We said our hello and goodbye to A and M and headed home! I was in bed asleep by 3:00!

I woke up just in time to get to Levi's ballgame!

He made a hit and I was there to SEE it!! Never mind the first base player got him out!
He HIT that ball!!!

Love seeing him grow up!

We still call his cute sayings 'Levi-isms!'
Jesse met us at the end of the game....he had already taken Faith to her theater class, dropped Sam off at his Boy Scout meeting and then led a Cub Scout meeting (Levi's troop) then picked up Faith and met me with Levi and took them back to Sam's Scout meeting! Let me just say.....Jesse is THE best Dad I have ever seen!!! He is AMAZING!!!

I came BACK home and went BACK to bed!

Tuesday morning was a leisurely treat!
Coffee, reading......

ah! I puttered around and cleaned our bedroom then did a little of this and a little of that.
Amber had the quads by herself and had taken them to shop Target, had a picnic lunch at a park! I was messaging her about this time and asked her to take the scenic tour over to our house so the kids could catnap on the way! Mike was working so she brought dinner and their pajamas with her!

We had so much fun!!!
They didn't know WHAT to think about Slim Pickins!

Granddad had been working on his fence and gate and desperately needed a break!!!

Harrison loves the bucket of cars I keep for him to play with!

The girls wandered around just LOOKING at everything!
So MUCH to see!!

No visit is complete without a Tea Party!!!

Harrison can play for hours with his cars!!

The girls can drag out a tea party! They are even learning to POUR!
That afternoon we practiced stirring our tea with tiny spoons.

Kailey took a break to help Granddad!!!
He said she came in handy - handing him nails!

They are all little helpers!!

Then I set up the art table! Tuesday means ART!
All three girls painted with watercolors. Harrison played with his cars.

Kailey felt like she was a real artist - as she IS!!!

The girls all took turns 'painting' on Liquin - which is something I glaze my oil paintings with.
Amber fixed their supper while they played in our super big sand box!
Baths followed and a little TV and visiting. A perfect visit! It is amazing how good these kids are in this highly occupied home! Of course, their mother grew up in this very same house......ALL my kids did! Now THEIR kids are coming for visits!
Louis Dean and I continue to be impressed with Amber's mothering skills!

Just as Amber and the quads were loaded up and ready to head home, Ruth Ann and her husband and their daughter, SIL and granddaughter drove up. Becky, Tim and Elizabeth were here from Florida and this was their last night before flying home!

What a treat!!!
Louis Dean loves his Becky!!!
They have a relationship much as he and Kailey do.
Becky has his number!!! Always has!

So while Elizabeth joined Sabrina and me at the art table......
Becky was talking her Uncle Dean into getting out a few guitars and other instruments and play some music!

Lizzie did BOTH! Art AND music!!

Let me tell you - Louis Dean was in heaven!!!!

They played and talked .......
and played and talked some more!

Everyone got into it!

What a pleasure - sharing family times together!

We were still up at midnight having what we laughingly call 'Our Boston Legal Moment!'

This morning I slept in getting up to have a cup of coffee with Louis Dean before he left for Quadville - and then I went BACK to bed!

I had a whole day to myself!
Home ALONE!!
I fluffed up our bedroom......and Lucy stayed by my side

I tweaked a few things here and there......

Love my 'white' room.......

I may be a bit early in decorating for Christmas.
Although I DO have a bit of year round 'Christmas' here and there in the house!
THIS may be here through winter.

I may sound crazy but I loved 'keeping house' today. I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding while folding laundry. Listened to classical music as I filled LD's and my pill boxes for two weeks. This took about 45 minutes! I even sewed a bit on my 65th birthday denim quilt - started last year! I am now 66 and still working on it!

Tonight I turned on all the outside lights - front and back - to welcome Louis Dean home from Quadville!

I also had a fire going! I am NOT as good as HE is at it! However, it WAS still burning when he got here!

Ah.....our 'Boston Legal Moment!'

I am feeling pretty good tonight! The antibiotics are working and I will be taking them until next Thursday when I have a procedure to help diagnose and determine further treatment.
Tomorrow Louis Dean and I will do early voting and possibly have breakfast at Joe's Coffee Shop.
I am hosting a Fun Gals Group dinner and craft on Saturday night so I plan to stop at Lowe's for some plants to put in all my empty pots. There is nothing like a PARTY to get things DONE that you have been meaning to do all along! Then on Sunday I will be having a Family Dinner with ALL four of my children and THEIR children!
Like I said......Busy Days! Happy Days!!! Family Days!
I am loving my life!


Ginny said...

What a perfect day!!! And you know my favorite picture? You and Amber! You are both beautiful and have so much joy and love in your countenance. I was thrilled to see the Quads respond to their first visit with Slim! Your white bedroom is super inviting, and it makes me want to take a long nap in it!

Sandra said...

you deserved a day home alone and glad you did not get into trouble like the movie.. LOL.. it is a blessing for the quads that they have a wonderful mother. can you imagine how some mothers would act with 4 the same age. i am impressed she went to Target and a picnic alone with the you lamp with the cloth over it

Vee said...

Your arms must be very long and your heart is very embrace so much! Glad that you are feeling better, too.

Susie said...

Linda, It's easy to see where Amber learned to mother. Bless your heart. You are a big loving family. I love that LD plays his music and sings with everyone who will sing and play along. . You are teaching the little ones well. xoxo,Susie

Penny Miller said...

Linda I am once again in awe of how much you can achieve in a single day! Amazing. Fantastic family memories to cherish XX