Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Memory Making Weekend!!

This was an extra special Sunday for us!!!
We are now officially members of First United Methodist Church!!
NEXT Sunday will be another special day as we will attend Sunday School. That's something we have not done in YEARS! Our plan is to visit each class and then decide on which one to join. I am just so impressed they have so many to choose from!!

After church we all headed to the parking lot and the kids are learning that Granddad and MeeMaw have a car seat in OUR car!!! Trystan was the quickest one to put it together and as I was about to put her in the family car she said, "I go with MeeMaw!!" And so she did!!!
I need another car seat!!! As a matter of fact - we need a BIGGER car!!!

Last week Amber cooked a big Sunday dinner! This week we opted for easy.
Louis Dean says he loves going out to eat with Amber and Mike because then we go places we would never think about going on our own!

Amber is always a step ahead of the game! She ran in and requested the table then returned to help unload the kids while it was being set up. Walked right in and sat right down!

Buffalo Wild Wings was a great choice! Food and FOOTBALL!!!
These kids are already FOOTBALL fans!!

They are all growing up so fast!!! 

Still four little people with four unique personalities.

The boy. 'nuff said!

Logan is very focused on all things Frozen!

I am loving every minute with these little munchkins!!!
So THAT was today!

Saturday was another good day from start to finish!!!

We had some surprise visitors!

 They immediately started looking for Maggie and Granddad!!!

Mike decided to take the kids out for the day and give Amber a break. 
He picked up lunch at Chick Fil A and I already had the den table set with fall decor and pumpkin plates. When Harrison saw the table he put his hand to his mouth and said, "OH! My GOODNESS!!!" He just melts my heart!!! Kids notice things! I have always believed that. When I used to teach a children's Sunday School class, I would ALWAYS dress up in my very best clothes. I wore jewelry, high heels and my mink coat......and of course MAKE UP and fragrance! Kids are important! They grow up.....but they will always remember how they were treated as kids!

Logan knew exactly what that napkin was for!!

I take HUNDREDS of photos.
Not many turn out very good.

One reason is that children STAY in motion it seems!!!

Trying to snap a quick photo of FOUR children with ALL of them being still is next to impossible!

They play so well together!

It was a great Saturday afternoon!
The kids played while Mike and Louis Dean watched football.
As a matter of fact - when Logan walked into the den she pointed to the TV (LD had paused it) and said, "FOOTBALL!!"

Watching children play is even MORE interesting to ME than a good game!

Love to see their expressions.

Harrison entertains himself very well.
I have a whole bucket of matchbox cars from Ben's boyhood that I keep available.
When HE marries and has children I will have a LOT of his toys to give them!!

They found whistles I had hung on the key holder by the front door.
Didn't bother ME when they blew them and blew them!!!
Of course, I wasn't the one trying to watch football!

I had a mission on my mind this weekend.
Two chores have been on my fall to do list.
One was to clean the doll cases in the living room!
This takes HOURS!!!

But yesterday I had a little help!

While they didn't handle the things INSIDE the cases, they DID clean the glass on the outside!!!
Let's just say we finished off a can of that good window cleaner!

Love hearing them talk and I even love to hear them 'argue!'
All too soon the afternoon was over and Mike took them home. 
He said they were ALL fast asleep shortly after they drove away!

I hope and pray that kids of all ages will love coming here for a long long time!!!

Louis Dean and I then got ready for our evening out with friends.

We met them at Fuzzy Tacos!!! It has been over two YEARS since we have all four been together!
They caught us up on their recent Alaskan cruise and other adventures they have been having!
Their son was the one who was accidentally electrocuted in August of 2012 right before we moved down to Katy to live in our camper while the quads were tiny! He has had a remarkable recovery!
He also has remarkable PARENTS!

Louis Dean and I do not really know how to play 42. But we would LOVE to learn and they were teaching us a few years ago. Let's just say we had forgotten everything they had taught us!
So after a few rounds we moved on to TRAIN!!

My beautiful friend, Brenda!
I have learned so much about being a grandmother from her!!
Brenda and my sister, Deanie, are the best grandmothers I know!!

These are fun glasses!!! They came from a Goodwill in California last October when Summer and I were out there!

My cute hubby!!!! He plays every game as if it really MATTERS!!!
THAT was our Saturday!

We didn't get back home until late this afternoon. After lunch, LD and I had to drive out to Mesquite to a Tractor Supply for more fence parts. I think it was hinges this time.

We got back in time to see the Cowboys win their FIFTH game in a row!!!

Louis Dean was so excited he kicked up his heels!!!
After the game I finished cleaning those doll cases and Louis Dean worked on some things in his music room. The next ballgame played while I wrote this journal entry. Poor Eli. 

I am now ready to put my feet up and enjoy the fireplace and perhaps watch Madam Secretary.
We are really liking that program!!!


Kathy said...

Can your days be any fuller? The quads are just too cute. I like how you have them cleaning for you already. Congrats on joining the church! I'll be interested to find out which Sunday School class you join.

Deb said...

What a awesome family weekend! I am so glad you got to have the quads over for the day...

Ginny said...

WE like Madam Secretary, too! I love listening to the quads all talking to each other, it is so cute! Our grands LOVED cleaning our glass storm door! In good weather. We got some special squirt guns that don't look like guns. They are a frog, a dragon, etc. We fill them with water and let them squirt and squirt to rinse the door. One of the pictures that you say is not good, I love it. It really looks edited and angelic. It has kind of an other worldly light, so pretty.

Stacey said...

Your time with those quads is so precious! You are right, kids do notice everything and they will remember that you treated them like the most special little people on earth. We are learning from you!

Sandra said...

Oh my goodness, that made me LOL... and all of your photos are good, they show the quads as they are and will help you all remember when they are grown up... good for Amber having an alone day...

Linda said...

I'm glad you found a church you love. My, you had a busy weekend! but how much fun it was. :-)

Susie said...

Linda, That was a busy weekend for sure. I love seeing the kids and hearing their voices. They are really talking now. Glad you had some fun too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Chatty Crone said...

You had a busy busy weekend - so when you go out with the four kids - are the waiters surprised? And the kids looked so well behaved. That has to be a lot of fun!

Gypsy Heart said...

You had quite a busy weekend! I can only imagine how much fun the little ones are now that they're talking and sharing their personalities. So, so cute!