Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Guests and Dressing (Decorating) for Fall - Even Though it WAS 99 Degrees Today!

I brought Amber home with me Friday and I am happy to report she has been resting and recovering very nicely! Yesterday we ALL slept late - as in VERY late!!! It was nearly noon before we were all three up and awake! I think we must have been TIRED!! Amber and I went to lunch at Red Lobster - a place we used to go when she was growing up when we wanted to talk. It's still a favorite and we did, indeed, talk!
I have to admit I am loving this one on one time with my daughter! 
After lunch she was totally worn out so we came home and I put her to bed for a nap......much as we do with the quads! She even scooted over and patted the bed beside her and said, "Mama, lay down!" just as Logan says! Long ago - 26 years to be exact - when Amber was three years old - she would go down for her nap (and of course I would lie with her) and she would say......
"I'm going to turn over. You stay here, Mama!"

This morning I went over to Quadville where Mike has been  holding down the fort with plenty of help from his parents and the nanny. Today Louis Dean was there helping him all day. It DOES take an entire village!!

 I picked Trystan up and brought her back to my house to spend the day.
I think her mama was missing her babies and ONE at a time is not out of the question.

She was here to see Amber take her bandages off. She is healing nicely.

I have taken most of my baby chairs and stuff to Quadville but I still have this folding chair from Faith's days!

Of COURSE, we had a tea party!!!!

We combined it with lunch - a grilled cheese sandwich and Pringles!
After lunch I tucked BOTH of my girls in their bed for a nap and they slept soundly for 2 1/2 hours!!!

Dinner was served to the mother/daughter duo side by side.
I meant to have beef patties and was surprised to find they were SAUSAGE patties instead!
Too late to change so it was sausage, cheese potatoes, salad, mixed beans and a blueberry muffin!
Trystan LOVED the sausage and ate TWO patties!

She is so CUTE!!!

Every child deserves a little one on one attention!

She has been acting out lately but today she was GOLDEN!!!

While Trystan and Amber were napping I was decorating!
OR 'Dressing the house for FALL!' if you please!

Dressing the gazebo too!
I love the back drop curtains which were given me by my sister, Deanie.
The Halloween tablecloth was a birthday gift from Nita.
I have more fall tablecloths than I need so I opted to use two for chair covers.

I still have six (out of 10) tubs to unload.
I have already used the umpteen twenty bags FULL of fall 'debris!'

I'm getting there!!

Still saving all my September first traditions for that special day.....
as in using my fall mug, lighting the special fall candle, baking pumpkin spice muffins and fruitcake cookies and - most important of all - playing Neil Diamond's 'September Morn' over and over and over!!!

FALL is coming, Folks!!!
No matter it was 99 degrees today!
I am thinking Fall Thoughts!!!!


Say What? said...

As always, your house is warm & inviting.

Ginny said...

Oh goodness, my comment got lost. Your house is magical! and your meals sound yummy! Maybe she had been acting up because she needed THIS, some one on one time! I hope you took a nap when they did!

Deb said...

What a fun day with your girls!!!!

Susie said...

Linda, So glad to hear that Amber is doing well. I bet you all were wore out. It's nice that everyone is pitching in and helping. I think it's good when children can have that one on one time with their parents. Even you and Amber. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

even i am thinking fall thoughts here in FL ... this heat wave is making us crazy... and using tons of electricity... it was good for the mom and for Tristan to have together time without the other 3... glad the knees are doing well, and also that you have the village to help...

Linda said...

I think children need one on one time with their parents....whether or not someone is sick/hurt. You are a wonderful mom....glad you had your girl time at Red Lobster....I'm jealous.

Vee said...

Loved seeing the gals resting and visiting. It is a wonderful idea to give each child his/ her own time. Amber's wearing a smile is very encouraging. Praying for a full and speedy recovery.

The Farmer's Almanac is predicting another harsh winter. For that reason, I am clinging to the good days as long as I can. If it were 99, I'd be ready to move on for sure. That said, I put out my wheat coffee cups yesterday. LOL!

Changes in the wind said...

Could you put all your energy in a bottle and send it to me? What a day.

Jan said...

So glad Amber is recovering-a girl needs her Mama's TLC when she's not feeling well! You've inspired me to get out some of my fall decorations today. I stayed inside in the air conditioning and pretended it wasn't over 100 outside!

Kelly said...

You are doing such a great job taking care of Amber! I know she is thankful for the rest and special meals you make. I think that her spending time with one child at a time is such a great idea too. Your Fall décor is looking good. It has been so hot here too. We're in the 90's but not as hot as where you are. I think Texas heat beats out Georgia heat! I'm anxious for it to cool down here as well. We really need some rain. It's so dry here.

Sweet Tea said...

Fall is showing up beautifully at your place. Wonderful that you enjoy it so. So happy that Amber is recouping nicely. She's been through so much. Wonderful that they live near enough for the family to chip in to hell as needed.

Cheryl said...

Glad to hear that your lovely daughter is being pampered by her own mama, and is on the mend! It is wonderful to see how your family is always pulling together to help one another out!

Happy fall to you! ;)

Penny Miller said...

Your loving relationship with Amber really shoppes through Linda. How lovely for Trystan to have some one-to-one time, she would have loved it. Fabulous photographs; your blog is going to provide the most marvellous archive for your family in future years! X