Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Getaway!

This morning Louis Dean went right back to work on the laundry room!!

He got one cabinet up and will do the other one tomorrow!

This one has an electric outlet fixed in the side so I can put a lighted garland across the top.
I think Louis Dean actually loves my decorating with 'debris!'

The only way I can get him to rest is to take him away from the house!
The only way Amber can get any rest is to LEAVE her house!

This afternoon was a Win! WIN!! for both of them!!!
We came over around 4:00 to relieve the weary parents and let them go on a getaway of their own!
All four babies have runny noses and two of the girls have a bad rash.
They have not felt good so suffice it to say they have been giving their parents a run for their money!!
Amber and Mike left before the kids got up from their naps. Lets just say they made a clean getaway!

Since the babies weren't expecting US to be here we were able to provide a good bit of distraction from them feeling so badly! We brought Maggie with us since she has to have medication every night.
Trystan LOVES critters!!! They all seem to love Maggie. Lucy - not so much!

Even though Amber and Mike were gone they STILL treated us all to dinner!!!
Pizza was ordered by them and delivered right at 6:00 straight up and down!!

I had just put them all in the quad table and handed out coloring pages and crayons!
By the time the pizzas were cool enough we transitioned right in to dinner - then brushing their teeth right there at the table! A Paw Patrol  episode on TV and then we were ready to go upstairs!

Bubble Bath Therapy!!!
I think baths before bed help everyone sleep better!

We all played quietly for a few minutes after getting ready for bed and then it was lights out.
All four stayed IN their beds and were fast asleep in just a very few minutes!

I am crying uncle and going to bed, too!!
Louis Dean is already there!

Amber and I have exchanged text messages through the evening - y'all know what a good mother she is!
I told HER we were enjoying our time WITH the babies!!
She told ME they were enjoying their time AWAY from them!!!
This getaway worked both ways!!


Wanda said...

What a win-win Saturday. Your laundry room is coming along nicely. Bath time looks so cute and much fun.
We had a busy day. Breakfast with two of our daughters to celebrate Julie's 51st BD, and then this afternoon a Memorial Service for a dear servant of the Lord. Heaven is rejoicing with his homecoming.

Kathy said...

I know I say it every time, but they are growing up. So cute. And as you say win-win. Hope Amber and Mike enjoy their time away and that you and LD enjoy YOUR time away too.

Deanie W said...

Wonderful parents, Wonderful Grandparents & Fantastic Quads:)❤️

Gypsy Heart said...

These adorable little ones are growing so fast! I'm sure their parents truly appreciate having some free time and how nice that they ordered dinner for you. Hope you get some rest!


Ginny said...

What a cute post!!!! I know how tired they make you. They make you physically tired,but mentally young!! And they all like pizza!! The tub full of quads is priceless, this gives me a big chuckle! How awesome of Louis Dean to put up the electric outlet!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

I am always mesmerized by those four little blessings.
You and LD do such a great job with them.
I know that you are sleeping as I write.
Wishing you sweet dreams under tonight's SUPER MOON!

Penny Miller said...

I am just trying so hard to get my head around these FOUR adorable babies! The love just shines off the page Linda. When my boys were small I used to love taking them over to my mum and dads'. We would play, have an outing, then I'd give them their evening meal at mum's and their baths, and get them all cosy in the car with pillows and blankets and they would be asleep by the time I drove home. It is a bank of precious memories for me now that they are both taller than me! But just as adorable as they were when babies! X

Vee said...

You are the bestest grandparents! I know that the quads are having a great time with you, too. Hope that the parents have a restful break and return refreshed and raring to go.

Cheapchick said...

Most parents never get a break let alone parents of quads - they are very lucky to have you two to give them a break once in a while.

Susie said...

Linda, I know you can remember how we mommies need a break, no matter how much we love our children. Bless Amber. You and LD are truly a blessings in your children's and grandchildren's lives. I know that you count them all as your blessings too. Sending hugs for everyone. xoxo,Susie

Sweet Tea said...

Hope all the babies feel better tomorrow. HK is sniffling too - poor little ones. Hope everyone sleeps well tonight for you.

Carla said...

LOL that tub is starting to get a little crowder.
You are the best parents and grandparents ever.
Can't imagine 4 babies being cranky, icky feeling all at once.
Dealing with one is hard enough.