Saturday, August 30, 2014

An Agenda Free Saturday and Friday Pics!

We have so enjoyed our 'Agenda Free' Saturday!!! We slept late and have done pretty much what we pleased today! I colored my hair - something I have not done in MONTHS!!! I had forgotten what my natural color was! Mostly gray, I found out. So tonight I am a blond again!
My sister, Luann, came by for a visit.
That was a special time!
It's always a good thing to spend time with family.

We had a nice 'catch up' chat!
See my freshly colored BLOND hair??

I enjoyed putting the finishing touches on the den - all dressed for fall!

I think the den is actually my favorite room.

I love my fall tree! The decorations were garage sale finds one Friday in Fort Worth.

My 'blogging spot.' When the weather cools off I'll go back to the gazebo.

Raynie Pooh in her first fall photo shoot.
She is now four years old but I continue to display her sweet pictures.

Den - DONE!!!

The side table by MY side of the sofa!

The coffee table doesn't have to have 'feet propping' space now that our sofa reclines on each end!
It's like we have our own recliners.

While I did what I love to do ........Louis Dean what HE enjoys!
He has a love affair with electrical outlets!

Tea break in the gazebo!!!
He looks distressed!!!

I moved from the den to the kitchen - cleaning and decorating as I went!

My all time favorite wine bottle light!

My white lights stay up year round. I always buy a year's supply during the Christmas sales.

I have my fall coffee mug washed and ready for filling on September first!
This came from a trip years and years ago to Marshall Pottery.
I had two but one broke a few years back.
I love this cup.

The laundry room gets decorated since it is so visible.

It connects the den and the kitchen.

Another Raynie Pooh photo tucked in here!

The pumpkin cut out was a project Benjamin did back in our homeschooling days.

My fall angel. I did these with the older grands one year. 
I wonder if they still have theirs?

The pilgrims were made by Amber and Ben when they were very young.
I shall hang them every year as long as I live.

I can't tell you how much I love fall!!!
If I lived alone and no one saw any of this but me - I would STILL decorate the very same way!

A corner of the kitchen.
I intend to clebrate fall as long as I am physically able!
I am hoping when I get really old - the grand quads will come over and help me!!

Speaking of them........
yesterday Louis Dean and I travelled EAST to Dallas instead of WEST to Fort Worth.

Mother's hair appointment was cancelled since we needed to help Amber.
Louis Dean COULD have taken her but I wanted him close to me since he had that stress test the day before. Just a 'me' thing.

The kids were all out on the playground with the nanny when we arrived.

They are growing by leaps and bounds!!!

Nap time is still a bit of a hit or miss with Kailey.
As long as Granddad is in there she is fine.
He tried to sneak downstairs and she wasn't fooled!
She seems to have radar and KNOWS when he has left the room!

He played the guitar for them and also the auto harp.
He fully intends that these babies will love music!!

Harrison and I made butterscotch pudding for dessert last night!
He did an excellent job STIRRING it!!

I poured it up in their little tea cups.

I LIKE it!!!!

They were so cute!

While they ALL liked it - only Logan ate every single bite!!

Our day is drawing to a close.

We're finishing up a good movie - we BOTH love Clint Eastwood.
I notice he grunts in this one the same way he did in Grand Torino.
Funny how we like watching the 'old' actors.


Ginny said...

I love it! Now I don't feel so bad about my fall decorating because you have me beat! I have your little pumpkin frame with our granddaughter's picture in it. My favorites are the angel, the cafe sign, and the mug. I love mugs and was mug shopping today at T.J. Maxx and the Home Goods Store. I have been wanting an auto harp. My friend found one in a pawn shop and taught me to play. The gift of loving music is a wonderful thing to give a child.

Gypsy Heart said...

Love all your decorations! I still wish I knew where you got all your you find it in a certain store? :) The little ones really are growing...they look so much taller lately. They are just adorable!

I love watching the old movies. I think they're better due to the acting and they managed to do most without profanity, violence and sex.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jutta said...

What a colorful home! Very welcoming cozy warm feeling.
Best wishes from the Fall! It is under 50 F at the island and the North wind whistles all the time. It took me eight hours yesterday until the cabin was warm ( burning wood in the fireplace) but now after the whole night it is still warm. There are Fallish colors around and the lake is getting cold. Time to close this island for this year and give it a good Winter rest so to speak.

Penny Miller said...

House looks Amazing Linda, and how come your 'relaxing' day has so much packed in to it? You get through a lot in a day! X

Sandra said...

the only actors I love or not their names are old like me and i have always loved Eastwood in just about any movie he made. i can't remember how many times i watched the old spagetti westerns each... my favorite thing he ever said was Go ahead, make my day.... bob and i use that a lot.
out of all your beautiful decorations, you will be shocked to know the one i like best of all....The jackolanern pot with the lid.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I wanna come trick or treating to your house!!!! xoxo

Little Vintage Cottage said...

WOW you have a lot of fall decorations, it looks beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend.


Vee said...

Late last night I liistened to the "I like its" sooo cute! I'm not sure what Kailey said, but she seemed to like it, too. You are the best at creating vignettes that carry one's eye all around the room and you always create such warmth in your home. Charming! Enjoy your September. I am not posting this month and I hope to cut back on commenting. I'll be reading every few days, though. I have to have my Linda's Life Journal fix.

Cheapchick said...

I really liked Clint in The Trouble With The Curve but Grand Torino was one of my favorite Clint movies ever. You have inspired me to go into the crawl space and dig out my fall wreath (just one :)) I like you both with grey and blonde hair!

Sweet Tea said...

I love looking at your Fall things each year - I don't think I've ever known anyone else that "does it up" quite the way you do. It's beautiful! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow for sure as we welcome in Fall. I know how special the day is for you!


Oh your kiddies are just too adorable to be true! I so envy you Linda, they're are a dream!!! I love the little videos of them. How fun you had your sister to visit you. I also love Clint, how gorgeous he was when young.
You will have Fall weather soon too, my friend.
Have a cooler week, ahead.

Carla said...

Just love how you decorate.
You make it feel like the holiday is here
Warm and cozy