Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quads are Growing Up and a Work Day at Home!

Amber and the quads were outside playing in the front yard when we drove up yesterday morning!

They piled in the car to greet Granddad!

It's amazing to me that they were all ready to DRIVE!!!
Only Logan has been a passenger in our car for real! I had so much fun taking her to Fort Worth last Friday!
Hoping to get to take Trystan soon!

These girls have their granddad wrapped right around their little fingers!!!

Have you seen this advertisement?

It's for kitty litter and it smells so fresh the cat can't find her litter box!
This just cracks Kailey up every time she sees it!

Kailey and her mom both enjoy browsing through magazines.
I can't tell you how sweet it is for me to see these two do things together!

We do a lot of smiling and laughing when we are in Quadville!

Kailey and Logan found my purse and took the make up bag out!
They carried it into the guest room where I caught them trying out the lipstick and powder!
I barely caught them before they pulled the stopper on my Juicy Couture fragrance!

Amber is always looking for  fresh ideas for the quads afternoon snack cups.
I brought over a bag of peanut butter cereal balls. I opened it up to try a few and left it on the counter.
*Note to self: Their arms are longer than I think!!

Amber and I were in the living room and we heard this 'SOUND' which we couldn't identify!
When we ran in there the girls were trying to eat as much as they could!!
We had to laugh!!

I think Logan thought it was time to mop the kitchen after we got it all swept up!

She is such a little homemaker!!

I usually bring supper on Wednesdays and last night we had salmon croquettes, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. I am always surprised at how well the quads eat!!

Summer came over after work and I loved having my two daughters together.
We relaxed in the playroom after we ate and got the babies ready for bed. 
I think Aunt Summer really bonded with Logan!!
After the babies were in bed Summer, Amber and I sat around the dining room table doing a few craft projects - and mostly visiting. It was the highlight of my evening.
There's something about having your children together that just warms a mother's heart!!

This morning I got with it on my laundry room cabinets!!!

The sun makes this side deck unbearable after 2:00 so I was painting as soon as my first - and only! - cup of coffee was consumed!

I managed to finish the base coat just as the sun arrived in blinding force!
This was a perfect time to go inside to the A/C and take a nap!

I went BACK out there after the sun had moved on down the sky.
LOVE having that great big tall fence to block it a little earlier than the old fence did.
While I stained over the celery green base coat, Louis Dean did what he does best - SUPERVISE!
That's actually NOT true but you KNOW that!!!

I am happy to report that Maggie is already gaining back some of her weight!

She is certainly getting a lot of attention from us - once again - which is just as it should be!

My injured finger (from sewing through it on my sewing machine) is doing much better!
I have had a  recent tetanus shot so I've just kept a band aid on it for most of the day.
The peroxide did indeed take out all the blood stains from the carpet!

I hear the TV on the den! The Cowboys are playing their first preseason game and Louis Dean paused it for me! I love the sounds of football!!!!

I will close with this Throw Back Thursday photo of my sister, Deanie, and me!
I count her as one of my biggest blessings in life and am happy for our close relationship!
I also love and am so proud of my other sisters! Nita, Luann, and Shari.
My brother, Lonnie, is a blessing to anyone who knows him and never fails to make me smile when I even THINK of him!! You know, I'm not sure we really appreciate our siblings until we are all grown up!
I guess that's why I enjoyed seeing Amber and Summer together so much last night.


Deb said...

your sweeties are really busy...isn't it great spending time with your daughters...enjoy your Friday in Ft. Worth...

Sweet Tea said...

So funny about the makeup and the spilled cereal. Amber has her hands full with 4 busy toddlers and it's good you're there to help. I'm sure you and LD are a welcome sight every Wednesday!

Angie said...

I love that photo of you working on those cabinets :)

Ginny said...

It is so sweet that they look through magazines together! I just love to read what you have been up to each day! You are always so upbeat and enthusiastic! I am so glad your finger is doing well, and also Maggie! The salmon croquettes look very good. If you made them, could you give me the recipe? Oh my, so many cereal balls, all over the floor! But so sweet, she knows what to o to clean it up!!

sunshinegirl said...

aww they are so cute :)

Vee said...

Sweet pictures of little girls and I don't only mean the quads. So adorable you and your sister were and are. Love to see Kailey looking at magazines. My son used to love that and would sit for the longest time looking through the pages oh so carefully. Is it Logan's turn today? I'll have to wait and see.

Sandra said...

it is amazing that the quads are all such different personalities.. like little grown ups that already know what they like best. i see you had canine assistance with the paint job and the supervisor looks happy to. glad kitty is gaining weight, looks so adorable drinking.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You always manage to fit so much into one day! The quads have me smiling...helping themselves to the cereal and wanting to help with the clean-up, going through your purse, reading magazines. I am sure there is never a dull moment!

darlin said...

Oh my goodness Linda, the quads have grown so much and are they ever adorable! Where do you find all the energy? You're always up to something or another and do I ever like the color you chose for your cabinets, fantastic choice!

Have a wonderful weekend, off to my final class of the summer tonight and that's a wrap until September! Cheers.... oh and spoiled kitten! lol

Susie said...

Linda, Those little ones are growing way too fast. could you slow them down some. ?? I love how they get all excited when they see their grandparents. They love you. Glad your finger is feeling better. Enjoy your weekend. Don't forget to relax. Linda, I know how you feel when your kids are all together and happy and you know they are's so good for our souls. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Wanda said...

Hi Linda...How fun to spend the day with the quads. I was laughing out loud at the sound of peanut butter balls hitting the floor, and the girls gobbling them up...And then mopping the floor. Just too precious for words.

We were caught between channels last night watching our Dodgers, and then switching to watch Dallas. I love sports, but baseball and football are my two favorites..we don't miss any games.