Sunday, August 3, 2014

Progress on Saturday and a HUGE Milestone on Sunday!!

We have had a GREAT weekend!!! Starting with Saturday when we hit up the Seconds and Surplus Store to find cupboards for our utility room! The floors and walls are done but our den is still a wreck! We need cabinets to put all that stuff in and Louis Dean can't work with what he doesn't have!

This was our first stop and we found something that he can make work at half the price he thought we would spend! (NOT half the price I thought - I was right on the money!!!)
Never mind that these are bathroom floor base vanity cabinets and that Louis Dean plans to turn them upside down, put a bottom on them, reinforce them, add shelves and hang them on the wall!!!!
Everyone knows he thinks OUTSIDE the box!!!

We celebrated with a BBQ at Soulman's BBQ right across the street from there!

My good day continued when I met up with Summer and her scrap booking friend, Rhett!
We had appetizers and skinny margaritas at El Chico before coming home and working on a couple of craft projects!

Summer has had this old window frame for years!!

She had painted it white so I sanded and stained it.

You will not believe the plans she has for it!!!
One square will be chalkboard, one will be cork, one will have cool printed burlap with chicken wire and I forget what the last square will be! I will ask for pictures when she gets it finished!

She made THIS 'Fall' plaque for me - knowing how much I love fall!!!
I'll take a better picture later but this is my cute Summer Dee!!!
That was our Saturday!!!

This morning we went to Quadville. We ALL went to church together!!!

This was SUCH a milestone!!!! The quads very first time to go to church!!!
They did great and Amber will be doing an awesome blog post about it!

We even went out for lunch afterwards! Just as your average family would do!!!
I am loving it!!!

Have I mentioned how PROUD I am of Amber and Mike???

As if THAT was not milestone enough for one day.......

Amber and Mike hosted a grand slam Quad play date with TWO other sets of quadruplets!
That equals TWELVE two year olds + parents + a couple of aunts + a MeeMaw (that would be ME!)
I arrived early to help when the quads got up from their naps.
The party was in full swing when we came downstairs. Trystan and Kailey joined right in. Logan stayed snuggled in my lap for the first hour and a half!

Harrison took one look at all the commotion in there and when I asked if he wanted to come in and play, he said, "Noooo.....I don't think so!!!" He was content to hang out in the kitchen with the dads or play a hand game through the fence with me.

Speaking of dads - they managed to get in a little 'Guy Time' while the moms talked!

Amber even had dinner planned for everyone!!!
One set of quads ate at the quad table while the two 'Amber' quads ate at the train table.
It worked very well.

Then Amber had a video for them to watch while the adults chowed down on lasagna and Caesar salad!

It was a great day!!!!
Would you like to hear what it sounds like to get 3 sets of quads together and parents and an aunt and grandmother??? 

Kind of like being a fly on the wall.....just listening!

Louis Dean is already in bed and I think it's time to turn off  the lights and call this weekend DONE!!


Deb said...

I love your adventures!

Kathy said...

What a busy and fun weekend you had. Hope you have time to rest sometime this week. I don't know where Amber gets all of her energy to host two other quad families.

Pondside said...

Wow! What a weekend you had! I love the thought of the whole crew getting out to church. Your Amber is amazing!

Ginny said...

Where on earth did they find two other sets of quads? Surely they couldn't have been living close by...but what an awesome let the kids interact with other kids. How did it go through church, was there a Children's Church? Do you all go to the same church?

Say What? said...

What an amazing day. 3 sets of quads? I can't imagine. ;)

Susie said...

Wow, Linda, What a happy bunch. it's great the little ones are going to church. I bet everyone slept well last night. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

my favorite photo today is the 4 of you with the 4 of them going to church. and i can't even imagine that many babies in one room even after seeing them in the photos...

Changes in the wind said...

So many wonderful milestones:)

Vee said...

What a great weekend of many accomplishments. Love the group photo! Hope that your new church will become a wonderful place of fellowship and fun and growth. Amber is amazing! Three sets of quads? John wonders where you find them...and he mentioned something about the water, too. LOL!

Cheapchick said...

You two are sure busy. So neat the quads are now old enough to enjoy adventures outside the house too.

Vee said...

You're right! I don't believe it. That's crazy. I can see why Harrison decided to hang out in the kitchen. Ha!

Jutta said...

The pic of the fam is awesome. LD is just a true blessing - always K in his arms. Like you are a blessing to Dean and all his. And how good that you are able to sand and such and make Summer's dream true! You are a very talented lady indeed!

Deanie W said...

Love the Church photo too:)

Angie said...

What a fantastic weekend. So much to love that I don't even know where to begin! I can't wait to see that project Summer is working on. It sounds so neat. She sounds like she is crafty just like you.

Amber and Mike just amaze me. Church and a Playdate all in one weekend. They truly are special parent's :)

Carla said...

That is a lots of babies in one room. ;o)
Love the church picture.