Monday, August 25, 2014

Doctor Report and a Visit From Kailey

This morning I sent Louis Dean off to his appointment with the cardiologist while I headed over to Quadville to pick up a little quadling! It was Kailey's turn and she was all ready to go!!
Apparently the babies associate the Gold Coach Diaper Bag with going somewhere with MeeMaw!
She sang all the way home!!
We picked Granddad up and he was starving!! We both love Cheddar's and he was wanting something GOOD to eat - as in MEAT!!!

Kailey was thrilled to be out with her Granddad!

I said, "Smile!"

Louis Dean is on blood thinners so he always has new Boo Boo's on his arm.

Kailey made sure I knew all about them!!

The waitress was so kind and brought Kailey a small bowl of maraschino cherries for dessert.
Kailey really didn't like them and would just lick on them but she didn't want anyone to take them away.

One of the reasons Louis Dean wanted to go to Cheddar's was because of his visit to the cardiologist.
First off - Louis Dean loves to EAT! He wanted to make sure he got a really good meal before I put him on a diet!! Not to worry. His weight was good and the main concern of Dr. Yeppes was the recent bout Louis Dean had with his blood pressure. It dropped dangerously low for two days - when was it? Just last week? Or the week before? I can't seem to keep everything straight in my mind. He was feeling light headed and dizzy then which makes sense with low blood pressure. At any rate - I should have gone to the doctor with him this morning! He is scheduled for a stress test this Thursday and an echo cardiogram next Wednesday and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be at both of those appointments as well as the followup with Dr. Yeppes on September 8th! We had planned to go to Colorado on vacation toward the end of September. We'll see.

Kailey was surprised to see her mother here when we returned from lunch!!
She noticed HER boo boo's!!

Amber had missed her children!!
While Granddad, Kailey and I took naps, Mike took Amber out to a movie.
(His mom was holding things together in Quadville!)
Have you been to the movies at the Irving Mall lately?
They have totally redone them and the chairs are like recliners!!!
Amber stayed super comfy!
We were all still asleep when she got back.
Mike loaded her and Kailey up and they were gone before Louis Dean even woke up!

It will be Harrison's turn to ride in the gray car next!!

I'm about to close up my computer, turn off the many little lights in the house, change the water in the front yard and pack my suitcase for the next several days. I will go on over to Quadville tonight so I will be there when the babies wake up in the morning. Life will be slowly returning to normal over there as Mike will be going back to work. Louis Dean sleeps better in his own bed - which is larger than the guest bed in QV - so he will be coming over tomorrow. We will be staying a few days to help Amber who is doing remarkably well with her recovery! However, we don't want her to OVERDO it!!!


Amber B. said...

I'm so thankful for the help as always, and also enjoy the many memories we make with each day together! Now you and LD continue to take care of yourselves along the way, and DONT hesitate to go the doctor when you suspect something might be wrong! No sense in taking chances!! Now get over here and get some rest before morning arrives! Love you :)

Sweet Tea said...

Sounds like you've got everything under control and running smoothly. Enjoy your time at QV. Hope LD gets a good dr report.

Ginny said...

Louis Dean looks so good in these pictures, better than I have ever seen him! But please keep us posted on his tests and appointments. I totally passed out a couple weeks ago when we were out with friends, but I am O.K. I think I will be getting some of Louis Dean's tests though! Will the diet be low fat? Kailey and Louis Dean together are just adorable!

Kathy said...

So nice that you are able to take the quads for one-on-one time. Everyone needs to feel special and you are doing just that for them. I smiled at how Kailey notices everyone's boo-boos. Maybe she'll grow up to be a doctor.

Tell LD to take care of himself. We need him around for a long time to come. I had both of those tests. They are easy to do and tell a lot about your heart. Hopefully it will just be a matter of regulating his blood pressure and not involve his heart at all.

Deb said...

Take good care of yourself too Linda! We've got Fun Girl stuff to do!

Susie said...

Linda, You are a great mom. I know what you mean about Amber possibly over doing. She sure is a beauty. Glad LD is getting his health look at. I am too. We hate it but hey we have to have our's so important. I am keeping all of you in my prayers. The little ones are so sweet with their mommy and boy how they love LD. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

So cute to see Kailey interacting...perhaps a future doctor or nurse.

Ahhh...the answer to my question...back to Quadville Land for a few days. Does Amber notice that her knees feel better even with the surgery? I hear some folks say that about hip or knee surgery.

So you're going to be a busy gal for a while to come. Praying a good report for Louis Dean!

Penny Miller said...

You sound as busy as ever Linda, and always put your family first! X

Carla said...

Those little Bells love their Granddad and MeeMaw