Thursday, August 14, 2014

17 Days and a Wake UP!!!

I can FEEL 'Fall!' Just a tiny bit! Only 17 days and a wake up to my all time favorite day of the year!
I celebrate the entire month of September! That is my birthday month as well, so that may be one reason I love it so. I find that most people's favorite season is the one they are born in. Amber loves summer and she was a June baby. Summer loves fall and she was born in October. I think Ruth Ann's is spring and she has an April birthday. See what I mean? Probably not true for everyone but still......

This morning after our coffee and Bible reading I took Lucy for a walk.
It is 1.7 miles when I walk the 'snake' that is our neighborhood layout.
At the half way point I stopped for a rest. I just sat on the curb and played a few Scrabble games on my phone and then sat some more - just being. Praying and meditating. There is always a prayer list in my mind of people I am praying for. Some are family. Some are friends and some are people I don't even know!
Like Pastor Saeed Abedini who is an American citizen.  He is in grave danger in Iran as he sits in the prison he has been in for the last two years.

Prayers always include praise as well. Just look at the pecan tree!
It is LOADED with pecans this year. ALL the pecan trees in the neighborhood are.

I have lived in this neighborhood since I was 18 years old.
I have walked these sidewalks too many times to count over the years.
It is my favorite form of exercise and a special way to spend time with God.

I caught a whiff of fall today! These dried brown leaves were giving off that moldy musky fragrance that says 'Autumn' to me! I stood still and breathed deeply! I always remember that very first 'Fall Moment' of the year.

Louis Dean has continued to feel better. I think the Zyrtec is starting to kick in. Allergies can really hit us hard. He only went to bed for a couple of naps today. He even felt like puttering around a little bit. He nailed up the trim in the laundry room - I had just tacked it with tiny panel nails.

I made us a healthy lunch using a boxed Suddenly Salad and then jazzing it up a bit with onions, tomatoes, olives, diced chicken and a little bit of extra dressing. Dessert was strawberry yogurt with fresh fruit.....AND a dollop of whipped cream!!

Supper was not so healthy! Fried potatoes, onions and bologna!
When was the last time I had fried bologna??
What can I say? I cleaned out the fridge and this was what we had!

From my sister's Facebook page today

I had a nice phone chat with my sister, Nita, late this afternoon. She had just walked in the door from work when the phone rang. I seldom get to visit with her so this was a special treat. This is the sister our mother lives with. We talked about how good God has been to us. 

I close with this Throw Back Thursday photo of me when I was 3 years old.
It was taken at Rembrandt Studios in Kansas City, Mo. I was born in Kansas City but had no idea how long we lived there. My sister, Deanie, is 3 years younger than I and I know she was born in Fort Worth, Texas.
It's amazing how little I know about my background. I don't even know my biological father's name.
All of my siblings are in the dark about so much of what happened in our childhood.
Mother can't speak plainly any more so I guess we lost the time when we could have found answers to our questions. I guess this brings me back to what Nita and I were talking about this evening. God always has a plan - even though we are often unaware of it! God has a way of working everything out.
I am praying this for Pastor Saeed Abedini now......


Deanie W said...

This is a very heart warming post, great job:) I love it!

Ginny said...

You are so cute and bright eyed in this picture! I am so glad Louis Dean is better! I have to take Zyrtec, Singulair, and Flonase! And sometimes my allergies still break through! I have had o call 911 and have been in the E.R. with anaphylactic Shock, so I have to carry an epi-pen. Your fried meal looks so good, just like awesome home cooking! I have never seen a pecan tree before. The nuts look HUGE!

Penny Miller said...

A Pecan Tree! Those words sound like a magical spell to me, I just buy them in packs from the grocery shop, have never seen them growing, how lovely
that you see it on your daily walk. Glad to hear that your husband is feeling better. Your love and appreciation of life really glows from your blog Linda, you have a great 'feel good' vibe about your words, and I am so enjoying getting to 'know' you a little through your blog X

Kathy said...

OK, Linda, you've finally infected me. September has always been my favorite month of the year (and I was born in December). I am planning on celebrating September 1 this year. Since it is Labor Day I have the day off from work and will spend it doing "fall" things. Wait till you see the blog post!

Glad LD is feeling better. Those allergies can really get you feeling miserable. I take Allegra every day for mine.

I too have been praying for Pastor Saeed and his family. Every day for months now. I know God has him in His hands and even now is using him in the jail. But I pray for his release, his return to his family, and that they won't behead him.

Sandra said...

It has been so many many years since i last saw pecans growing, i do love them.. i like the shot of the brittle leaves, so pretty and you were adorable... happy The Man is up and Nailing again, that means he is on the mend... Lucy is soooo sweet.. kisses to her

Susie said...

Linda, I just have to say, you are a strong woman. Not knowing my past would be hard. I know some things are better left alone. But it would be rough. Glad to hear LD is doing better. That was a nice lunch. It was nice you could take a walk and enjoy the feeling of Fall . It is just around the corner. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

My mind has been very much on the Middle East and the horrific stories coming out this week. The pastor has been there too long, but prayer changes things...I think of the recent prayers for
Meriam Ibrahim who was recently released and is now safely home in NH. God is still at work!
(I am also praying for the soldier in Mexico...Andrew Tahmooressi. That nightmare has gone on way too long.)

So glad that Louis Dean is feeling better!

Wanda said...

Linda what a beautiful post. I do love Spring..daisies and new life...Easter, and my birthday is May 1st. Thus Wanda Mae. I love that God has a unique and individual plan for each of us. No two alike. Jeremiah tells us the plan is not to harm us but to give us a future and a hope. Thank you for sharing your unique past, present and future with us. I can't tell you how much I love an appreciate you.

Pondside said...

I love that you pray during your walks.
So glad to hear that LD is feeling a little better - may he continue to get his energy back!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Praying for LD to feel back to his old self. Yes, my friend, God always has our plan! You are such an interesting person, but more than that you are such a sweet and loving person, Linda. God bless you! xoxo

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

OH! I meant to add, that I cannot wait to get my Fall decorations, too!!!

Gypsy Heart said...

I love your sharings! I guess that's a new word, ok? :) God does have the Master plan and sometimes it's difficult to focus on that when we're hurting. We just have to have faith!

Allergies have been horrible lately. I give myself shots 2 x a week and also take meds. Ragweed will be showing up very soon and then there's Mountain Cedar which is a killer! Just being around greenery, real Christmas trees, etc., adversely affects me as well as my daughter.

As usual, I love all your photos. I so love fall and look forward to Sept. October seems to be my favorite month as it starts to get cooler and there's the scents of apples, pumpkins, cinnamon, wood fires, etc. :)

I love that you use your walks for meditation and prayer. I do the same!


Carla said...

Sweet post and interesting. I had never thought about the month we were both in what season we like. What if I like Spring and Fall and I'm a March baby.mmmm Of course I don't follow the norm do I
You haven't changes a bit since that picture. Except maybe the hair maybe. Same twinkle in the eye and beautiful smile.