Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Get Well Granddad!

I arrived in Quadville alone today! Louis Dean is feeling better but still not well enough to venture out just yet. Let me tell you - the quads found it hard to believe that GRANDDAD did NOT come over to see them!! That was pretty much what they talked about all day! Granddad and guitar and coffee. Pretty soon they would say, "Granddad SICK!!!" We had to make several calls to him on the speaker phone so they could tell him they missed him and to get well.

They even made him a get well card.......

thanks to their mama!!
I arrived late in the morning so it was soon nap time.
While Amber and I rested - the kids DID NOT!!!

This is what I found when I got up to Harrison and Kailey's room.
They block the door with the bookcase so Kailey can't kick it!
I'm telling you - she is a wild child at times!!

Did nobody get a nap today?

I think it shows!

Kailey looks like a little teenager as she led the other girls on a closet raid while I was changing Harrison's diaper.
That girl knows how to turn those door knobs!!

It amazes me how well Harrison can TALK!!!
I told Amber that I have been talking to the babies for two years and it catches me off guard now that they can talk BACK!! As in answering my questions or telling me what they want!

The afternoon got better and we all enjoyed a little water fun!

They are adorable!!!
I know! I say that all.the.time.

This evening A&M went out to dinner. The kids knew something was up when their mama was wearing these high heels!! Of course they all wanted a turn!

We watched a Paw Patrol and then I called out.....
"Line up! Line up!! Everybody LINE UP!!"

Wednesday's Special: Shampoo and a Body Wash!!!

Amber had new books for them and they know to sit on their towels and wait their turn to get dressed for bed.

I am happy to say that by 9:00 all four babies were sound asleep in their own beds!
I'll be heading home soon. Louis Dean assures me he has rested all day and watched John Wayne movies.
It's kind of funny but  I sure have missed him the last few days.
I'll be so happy when he is back to his old self!!


bj said...

Hi, Linda, the lady that has more heart than anyone I know. :)
I can not BELIEVE how they are growing. My gosh, time sure is flying by.
Hope LD is feeling much better real soon.

Wanda said...

What a special grandma you are. They are so fortunate to have you and Granddad. The card so sweet. Just feel like I know the quad because you are so willing to share them with us. Sitting in those towels with the books may be my favorite picture this time.

Jutta said...

I WANT to copy your style, Linda!
My best wishes to LD. He is a great Man with a capital letter. And in every meaning that. Linda, I am sooo happy he is devoted to You!

Ginny said...

I hope he will be alright and that if he is no better soon, he will see a doctor. The quads simply adore him! Those water tables are the best, we had one for our granddaughters. They can play for hours just pouring water back and forth. sometimes I FEEL just like they ACT when I need a nap and cannot get one! Another bathtub shot, I love it!!

Penny Miller said...

Those little hooded towels are adorable! They remind me of when my boys were babies, seems a long while ago now...x

Angie said...

That tub picture is the cutest. Sounds like Kailey is going to keep everone on their toes.

Glad LD is feeling some better. Hope he's 100 percent before too long. It's the sweetest thing ever that the Quads made him a card :)

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

What is wrong with LD? I miss something :( The kids are sooooo cute!!!

Vee said...

Well we'll all be happy to know that Louis is back up and at'em. I was encouraged by the strawberry run.

Those children are so darling. My favorite pic is of Amber with them all around her. She is having a moment with Logan or Trystan...not sure I can figure it out. Kailey wearing heels, Harrison sittin high, and Dad making a roast beef sandwich. I just made that up. It sounded good.

I also love that they are learning to wait and be patient. They're doing a great job of that.

Kelly said...

I hate to hear that LD is sick. I hope he is already doing better now as I write this. I love Harrison's new short haircut. It seems new to me anyway. Those kids are growing so fast! I know this is such an active stage that they are all in right now, but Amber seems to have everything so well planned that it runs pretty smoothly! She's a true supermom in my book.

Sandra said...

i am guessing from all the noise that when one has a bad day they all chime in, as in no one gets a nap and all are cranky. love the bath scene and the yellow towels... hope LD feels 100 percent soon... i watch TV when i am sick.

Susie said...

Linda, I knew LD being sick was not going to go well with the little ones. They are crazy about him. So sweet making cards. It looks like a big handful at times. So good , how much you help her family. Amber sure looks pretty watching the girls wear her heels. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie