Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stress Relief!!!

How do you spell RELIEF???
The DOING of something you dread is easier than the dreading of it!
That's how Louis Dean felt today after finishing his stress test!
After his ONE cup of coffee we went out to the side deck and I 'cleaned him up!'
Gave him a haircut, mowed his eyebrows and tried to shave his ears!

We followed all the pretest instructions and arrived early for the appointment.
Being late is stressful for him so we planned ahead.
He was fretting so I did a little photo shoot with my cell phone camera to take his mind off things.
It's funny how stressful doctors' offices are. This one was no exception. It was a cardiologist waiting room so it's safe to say all these people were here on heart related issues.
As soon as he was called back I struck up a conversation with a cute 84 year old lady.
She was carrying a handmade bag that she used to cart in all her prescriptions.
Since I am a bag lady myself we immediately were gabbing like old friends.
The heat doesn't bother her at all and she still does her own yard work!
Two other ladies joined in and we were all visiting and time just flew by!
Louis Dean wasn't even in there an hour!
We don't know the results yet but the technician said he did well.

He was so excited to have it over with that we celebrated with lunch at Joe's Coffee Shop.
He ordered chicken fried steak with EXTRA gravy.
Not the best menu choice for a heart patient!

We decided to divide and conquer this afternoon.
He went one way and I went the other.
He got the errands - Sam's for groceries and prescriptions.
I decided to do what I always do when the stress is taking its toll and I feel it heavy on my shoulders -
I got my hair cut!! That ALWAYS makes me feel better and more in control of things.
Then just to top it off - I had a pedicure!
I seldom have my nails done. I work with my hands and they are knobby with arthritis. Nothing makes them look good so I concentrate on my toes!
I even came home and took a NAP afterwards!

Louis Dean attended a music jam session - the first one he's been to in over two years!!
I was HOME ALONE!!! Ah......
I may be crazy but I did what I love best - cleaned and decorated!!

Our glass in the front door was ready and they installed it last night!

We love it!!!
So while Louis Dean was gone I cleaned up the last pieces of glass.....

and put back all my DEBRIS! And then some!

I dressed my angel for fall.....

finished up the Pumpkin Patch!

I hung some fall art!

And I lit up the jack o lanterns!
I just used Styrofoam ones these days.

I need to go over there and straighten up that pumpkin!

I forget about all these Reader's Digest Condensed Books.
I took one down and am reading it now.

Hopefully when the weather cools off I'll touch up the paint on the front door.

I love seeing all my 'Fall Friends' again!

I am ready for cooler weather and some porch sitting!

I found this recently at a Goodwill store.

I never get as much done as I plan to do!
However, the foyer is DONE!!!
And it smells so good with a fall fragrance spray and my candles.
No, I have NOT lit the special Fall candle for this year yet.
While I am decorating as I get time - all of my September traditions will wait for September!
Just TWO more days and a wake up!!!!

Yesterday was spent in Quadville. I came home last night and I am usually too tired to blog on Wednesdays.
We had a good day, though, and I am pleased to report that Amber is continuing to recover from her knee surgeries.

Notice she is keeping her legs propped up!
These kids love reading magazines!

Even Harrison does!
He saw a picture of two babies and said, "They're CUTE!!!"
LOVE love LOVE hearing him TALK!!!

Louis Dean arrived later in the morning and left in the late afternoon.

We had another tea party - this time with frosted animal cookies.
I always bought these for Amber's synchro team back when I was team mom.

While Amber is still recovering she still manages to do the learning activities with the quads!

They were so cute doing their art project and playing!

Feeding the dinosaurs!

Closing out with Throw Back Thursday pics from August 2012.

We left home and lived in our camper for seven months at an RV Resort in Katy, Texas 
so we could help with the quadruplets.

We have so many memories from that time.

Louis Dean has been an awesome Granddad to the quads all of their lives!!

Those days seem like yesterday......

and then again ......

so long ago!!!

We are still so grateful that we were able to do that!!

Now I best close this out since we are going back to Quadville in the morning.
May I just say - we love it that Quadville is only 22 minutes from our house as opposed to over 5 HOURS when they lived in Katy!!


Vee said...

Phew!This is the post I've been waiting for! So glad that the stress test is behind you and LD. And ain't it the truth that the dreading of the thing is worse than the doing. Amber is very inventive with her feet propping. Loved to see all that reading going on! The door look fabulous.

Terra said...

That is nice Quadville is only 22 minutes away, and good your hubby did his stress test. Your home looks ready for fall and the glass in your door is pretty.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Glad that is over and done with! I am happy along with you...that Quadville moved next door! They are such sweet munchkins.

Ginny said...

I am so glad the test went well, they can be kind of scary! Oh my goodness! The pictures of you and Louis Dean when the quads were babies are so sweet!!! Your house is awesome, like a fall fairyland. Wait till it is all done and the quads see it, I bet they will just squeal!!

Say What? said...

You get so much done in a day. I enjoyed your throwback photos. I think that's when I "met" you and started following along. It sure does seem like yesterday.

Penny Miller said...

Linda, I only know you through reading your blog, but by golly,you are one impressive cookie! Moving into a camper van to help with the babies for SEVEN months! That is true maternal love. Your home looks amazing with all your autumn harvest decorations. You are quite an inspiration! X

Angie said...

I love that you took some time for yourself...haircut, pedicure and nap :)
Your Decor is looking beautiful...I need to buy something to make it a little Fallish around here

Sandra said...

i remember when you lived in the RV and how tiny they were and here they are little people, no longer babies. hope the test is a good one... i am with you, a haircut makes me happy....i need one every 2 or 3 weeks and if i go 4 or 5 weeks the feel good is even better... all that decorating and it is not even Sept 1 yet, so what else will you do

Cheryl said...

So good to have that test behind you! I know just what you're saying about the dread being worse than the actual thing. I pray that the results are clear and that Louis Dean is soon as right as rain! Hugs...

Kathy said...

I have had two stress tests so I know the dread is worse than the test. I'm sure things will be fine. Lots of prayers going up for you two.

The door is so pretty and so is your house all decorated for fall. But what will you have left to do on September 1?

Gypsy Heart said...

I've had stress tests and they're no fun! I really think the apprehension is worse than the actual process. I forgot to mention in my other post that I love having "special" coffee mugs! Just seems that each season/holiday/whatever day is to be celebrated.


Carla said...

I love that picture of Harrison reading the paper.
He looks all grown up