Monday, August 6, 2012

The Camper Wall/Window Challenge

It has been Day #1 of the 10 days we have left to get our camper ready for the road!
My mission for today was the window/wall.
A month or so ago it looked like.....


Then THIS.......

And finally - THIS!
Louis Dean had made it sturdy!
Now it was up to me to make it pretty!

I found an old ticking jumper I wore 20 years ago when homeschooling.
PERFECT window treatment.......??

We brainstormed over coffee. I gathered my materials and we each went to work on our respective areas! I can't even begin to explain what all LD did but it had something to do with 30 amps and 50 amps and the right plug.

This is how MY project turned out!
I used old calendar pages from 1993 and glued, stapled and did whatever it took to get them on the wall and the shelf. I'm not QUITE through yet! I will add the buttons and trims I have in mind - and on hand - in the morning!
We are using things we already have - for the most part - thus making this a very frugal project indeed!

The shelf is there for reasons known and understood by Louis Dean. He told me but I can't figure it out. Something to do with wall support and a soft spot in the the ceiling he had to repair. Needless to say this wall is stronger than the day the camper was BUILT!

The shelf will hold our spices - you know those tall containers you get at Sam's?
We have over two DOZEN of them so we won't need to buy new ones for the camper!

A spring rod solved the curtain problem. I layered in some room darkening fabric since I couldn't fit the blinds back up there.

Louis Dean is one happy camper!
The wall is DONE!
The electric is DONE!
The floor is DONE!
The outside is DONE!

I am as happy with how it turned out as I can be!
We are totally winging this camper redo deal and that in itself is kind of fun!

I love warm and cozy and I MUST have my little lights!
This is just an inexpensive plastic Christmas light with fabric glued on.
The bulbs are dipped in clear silicone.
I have dozens of these all over my house!

It's beginning to look like home!
And, Amber, if you are reading this I hope you are much encouraged at the progress we have made. She has been concerned about the quality of our living conditions. You can see this is going to be perfect for us!
I put the girl bunk all back together and will start on the boy bunk tomorrow.
I also need to fashion a window treatment for the sofa area.

Just LOOK at the broomstick skirt I found!
Cut in half it would be plenty big enough for the window.
Perhaps attach it with Velcro?
Or just keep with the idea of hanging it out of the cupboard door?

We worked hard today. I even did an hour of yard work after I finished in the camper.
It's so hot you have to wait til the sun goes down to do anything outside.
We actually are so tired we ate cottage cheese and bananas for supper!
Still time for a 'Closer' and then a little driveway sitting.
Bet we sleep WELL tonight!!


Rob Hunt said...

Your Camper / Home away is looking good and all will work out. Good job! Looking at all that has been done warms my gypsy soul.

Rob Hunt said...

Your Camper / Home away is looking good and all will work out. Good job! Looking at all that has been done warms my gypsy soul.

Kathy said...

Your camper is looking better all the time. So homey and comfy looking. I don't know how you do everything you do. Love how you use things you have.

Angie said...

I'm impressed Linda! You all have done a great job. I swear you can make anything pretty :)
Tell LD I said way to go. I don't know much about "electrical stuff" but I do know my Hubby says it's tough. It took him a bit to get everything electrical right in his garage. You two get some rest now, you must be exhausted!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

What a transition!
You and LD are a great extreme makeover team! So much cozy charm!

I love the idea of the boy bunk and the girl bunk!


Say What? said...

You are so creative. It looks like a wonderful, cozy place.

Bev said...

Looks wonderful LInda...and if you guys are anything like us...tell Amber that there is no place like a camper to live in...we have a little B van and just love living in it!! (Its much smaller than yours Amber doesn't have to worry about you guys!!

Pondside said...

You two are amazing with what you're doing to create your little nest. It will be your retreat at the end of each day - safe and sound thanks to Louis Dean and cosy and pretty thanks to you.

Cheapchick said...

I love that you are fixing your camper up with things from your home. It looks very cozy

HoundDogMom said...

The camper is looking awesome. We have a 26ft travel trailer and I would have no problems living in it for several months or more. I just love the personal touch you have given it. Just remember that all that loose stuff will move around when you tow that camper. Remember to secure everything. I have these neat little expansion bars that I use in the cupboards and the fridge to keep stuff from moving around and falling out the first time you stop and camp and open the cupboards. We take 3 basset hounds with us when we camp. We have some portable fencing that we set up so they can have free range with out being tied up that allows them access to the back door of the camper. I just love camping. Have a great day! Sherri

Deb said...

It really has come together do happy for you two

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

The BOTH of you, are AMAZING!

This Saga Of Re-do Progress, would make a magazine spread.

And Amber made a delightful new Header Look here!

Things are lookin' *love-er-ly*, all over. :-)


Vee said...

You took that challenge and made it look like it has belonged there all along. Everything is looking as cute as cute can be. On to the next challenge, which will be nothing for your clever self!

Nonnie said...

Wowee! You really worked some magic there! I love that you make such good use of different items to make it all come together.

Sandra said...

you are so very creative, it is beautiful, I love the calendar wall and hubby is talented also. this looks like so much fun, even just redoing it and then the traveling part.

Texas Tales said...

it really is looking good!! you guys are doing great, starting to make me think that after all your super hard work that coming to help take care of quads will be a "break" lol

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Leaps and bounds on your trailer. Looks great. So soon and you will be with the little ones again. I look forward to your posts. Love to Amber and all the family.


First, it's been a while since I've visited with you, so I'm glad you stopped by while I was online and I could make a stop here to say 'howdy' before I get offline.

Your Son Day Dinner post was a great read.

Now, this update on your camper. What a glorious job of work you two have done. It looks so comfy-cozy!!! Well done.

[gotta go back to your blog now and see if there are any updates on those wonderful babies!]

Hope your week is turning out fantastic for you Linda.

Sweet Tea said...

That's not a Camper, it's a LOVE NEST!!
Sure is looking good.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Definitely looking cozy & homey! It looks about ready to hit the road.

Debbie said...

it just looks wonderful!! i really like how you repurposed so many items!!

it's so sweet and cozy!!

Carla said...

Sew Homey and cozy. I like how you take something and turn it into something wonderful.