Saturday, August 4, 2012

Show and Tell!

I came home yesterday evening to a smiling Louis Dean and an ecstatic Lucy!
They really missed me. Maggie was napping but even she got up to greet me!

It was 'Show and Tell' for about an hour after I arrived!
Louis Dean had accomplished a lot in the 2 weeks I had been gone.

He even had fresh sheets on the bed! The night before he had slept in the guest room so as not to mess up the made bed! It was lovely sleeping in my own bed again! WITH the A/C blasting out cold air AND my sound machine and ceiling fan humming!
During the night LD complained about it being COLD! I have three 'covers' on the bed. A downy crinkly white comforter, a white Battenburg lace duvet and a silky spread - all layered on! I could tell by the weight - or LACK of weight - that one of them was missing! Louis Dean could NOT figure out what he had done with it! We slept late this morning after staying up late last night watering, sitting, talking outside on the driveway - with our feet propped up and a glass of wine in our hands. So even this morning as we had coffee we were still trying to locate the missing comforter.

He kept saying he had let it air out by laying it in the gazebo.
I looked but didn't see it out there. So I walked around to the side deck.......

and there it was!!! WHY had I not thought to look out there before?
Surely EVERYONE drapes their comforter in this manner to get a little sun!

You may have noticed my snapshots are a little SNAPPIER lately!

Thanks to Amber and Mike for the nifty new camera they gave me!
Mike picked it out and brought it home the other day. The same day he brought Amber a dozen beautiful roses! He chose this camera in RED - so I could find it more easily.
I am always looking for something!!
They are so sweet and thoughtful.
I need all the help I can get on my photo taking skills!

Now for some reality shots of the camper progress going on.
Do not be dismayed! It is not as bad as it looks!!
Progress is messy work!

Louis Dean with the new wall repair behind him......literally!

Now just WHY is there a shelf right THERE???
It's complicated.

Do you see my challenge in trying to improvise blinds and a window covering for this?

"Good JOB, Honey!!"

He unloaded the finished girl bunk I had left all neat, clean and pretty to get to SOMETHING under it! No problem. I can put it all back just like I had it!!

He DID get the flooring in - pretty much.
Some of the edges need to be trimmed......

And since he had to get everything UP off the floor -
guess where he put it?
So......once upon a time I had this room all done.
Guess I need to REDO it again!

Underneath all this is a kitchen counter and sink.
Yes, that was all cleaned off when I left.
It will be again......soon.

The important thing is how PROUD Louis Dean is of his accomplishments!
And YES! He DID accomplish a great deal.

I can't do all the things HE can do.
However, I CAN - and WILL - clean it all up and make it pretty.

So, see? You will enjoy the 'after' pics so much better now that you have seen the 'before' ones!

Two weeks from today we will be driving down to our reserved space in the RV Resort! We have come a long way from where we started on this project.
The end is near and I am so excited!!


  1. I have a similar camera except it is the 310 and love it. Mine is purple! I probably will never know all it can do. It says 8x zoom but will zoom in much more than that. I take pictures out my office window of the birds and can get excellent close ups.

    I like the RV flooring. WTG Louis Dean for working so hard. You will have it clean up and prettified in no time. Hope Amber will email you lots of pictures over these next two weeks so you can post them here or on FB.

  2. LOL! Men! They operate in such a different manner than we girls do! I have no doubt it will be beautiful AND tidy after you both work your magic. Good thing you have a wonderful sense of humor!!

  3. Yeah camera

  4. That looks exactly like my camera! Can't wait to see everything finished!!!

  5. I had to LOL when I read this. Louis Dean sure reminds me of my husband. That is the way he works too. He makes big messes to fix things :)

    How awesome that you got a new camera. You deserved it lady! I'm sure Mike and Amber would agree with me on that one.

    Hope your having a nice weekend and enjoying being home for a bit!

  6. You sure have a good humor about messes! Please take plenty of after pics, once the camper is all cleaned up & ready to go. How far is the RV park from your daughter's place? How long will you live there?

  7. You know, a girl can 'never' have too many shelves !!
    Your house-on-wheels is certainly coming along, and your hubby looks as pleased as punch with his handy work...
    But he looks even happier to have you home safe & sound !!

  8. That little window will be a challenge, but knowing you, you will find a unique solution and we'll all be copying!

  9. And new red camera, as a sweet gift from your Dear Kids. Lovely.

    And sparkly-new-big-clear pics, with it.

    And this fantastic new blog look.

    WOW, you are just gettin' sooooooo perky, with this blogging stuff, Hon. :-)

    Wonderful that LD had this progress to show. And when you get it all straightened out again, you'll be that much closer to completion.


  10. LOL... I don't know if you should go away and leave him alone...

    (It will be nice when your done:)...or should I say he's done!!

  11. Now I know you probably already showed a picture of the outside but how big is this camper anyway? You've done amazing things with it while LD undoes them temporarily. LOL. The anonymous comment above is from a friend of mine who started reading your blog because of me posting about the Quads. She loves your blog. Of course I do too.