Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grandma's BACK!!!

I am back in Quadville and playing with all my grand dolls!
This would be HarriSON in blue camo! Notice the cushy A&M football pillow I bought last week to rest my arm on.

He has SO many expressions!!!

And POSES!!!!
"Now let me SEE!"

He IS a cutie!
I always offer a prayer of thanksgiving when I hold him!
The baby we almost lost on June 10th and now so strong and healthy!

This is his CEO pose!

Louis Dean is anxious to get down here and see these babies!
He has not seen them since birth!
We talked several times today on the phone and he told me it rained all day so he wasn't able to work on that camper slide out - to get it to slide IN!!
The camper sits on the driveway but the extended room is over pure slick MUD when it rains! He must go in and out of the camper pushing that little switch as he maneuvers
the things that be on the OUTside - and I would rather he not do that in slick, slippery, messy mud! I left that camper squeaky clean, you know! And I don't want him wallowing in OR falling due to muddy conditions. So I continue to pray he figures out how to get it fixed!

This afternoon the quads put their heads together for Tummy Time!
Hey, Sister Luann! If you are reading this they are enjoying the mats!!
Amber now has enough she can switch them out and they will stay entertained as the babies develop! Watching them is fascinating!!
They are over 2 1/2 MONTHS old although their actual DUE DATE - if they were singletons - was just 10 DAYS ago!!
They are all four bright and alert and more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Amber is very organized with all the baby paraphernalia.
Someday she will have cookie jars full of treats, crackers and sweets.
But for now it is PACIFIERS!
Now if Grandma could just REMEMBER instead of having to check back every time!

Same with these!

This sign on the fridge comes in VERY handy!!

This is just the last 12 hours of feeds........

then they look like THIS!!

While so much around here is SO very different than it was this time a year ago -
some things are comfortingly familiar.
As in the fact that as I was sitting in here at the computer Amber came in to tell me there is a platter of cheese, crackers and fruit on the bar to nibble on as she is preparing dinner. And that dinner is smelling DELICIOUS!!!
Now if I had just remembered to bring a bottle of white wine with me......


Carole said...

I bet I know where Amber's amazing organisational skills come from! The babes look so well. Hope you get the camper on the road soon.

Chatty Crone said...

Man God sure knew who to place these babies with. Sandie

Sweet Tea said...

The baby photos are always good for a smile. Everyone looks amazing - including you!


I'm definitely BABY JEALOUS!!! Your adorable grandchildren are looking great, so much they've grown and gained some ounces too!! They are MIRACLE BABIES for sure Linda. May God bless you, the parents and the gorgeous bundles of joy!

Nonnie said...

I can only imagine the mess at my house cause I would drive myself crazy trying to keep up with all that. Precious, beautiful, wonderful, sweet babies. So happy for you all.

Diana Ferguson said...

So amazing and adorable!!!

Kelly said...

Alright now.....it sounds like y'all are just having too much fun! The babies are all so precious. I love seeing them lie on their cute mats in the form of a cross. Amber is certainly organized. I love how she labeled that jar for the pacifiers. That was very smart. So glad to hear that everyone is doing well and LD will be joining you soon.

Luann said...

WOW color coding is an awesome idea. Amber IS very organized and that definately makes life easier. I am very impressed and so glad that the floor mats are being used. She will be so glad she does the tummy time as it not only strengthens their necks, they will crawl sooner and develope well because they are having floor time. You wouldn't believe how many babies do not get this experiance at home. What will the babies call Mike's Mom? You got Grandma... Just curious.

melody-mae said...

They are so darling! Oh my!! And wow, I guess you have to be organized like that with 4 littles don't ya! Love. Love.

Deb said...

they are just so cute...I know you are in Grandma Heaven...

Linda Chapman said...

Mike's mom is 'Grandmommy'.....and who knows what the babies will actually end up calling us!!

Angie said...

Oh goodness, that second pic of Harrison is adorable. I love that expression. It looks like he's trying to make a mean face! It's amazing to me everytime I see a pic of all the quads together. God is so good!!!

Hope LD figures out the slide out problem soon. Those slide outs can be a pain.

I was talking to a lady with twins the other day and she was telling me how she color coded everything for them and they are 5 now and she still does it. When they were little one would have blue bottles, burp clothes, pacifiers etc and then other would have green. Now she does it with their shoe laces, lunch boxes, etc. I thought it was so genius. It reminded me of it as soon as I seen Amber's little charts. That gal is so organizied isn't she?

Hope your enjoying your time with the quads. I'm certain you are though :)

Vee said...

Love that organization! Wow. It's got to make it easier for everyone.

Harrison is so darling as are all his sisters. Love the different expressions and poses. Too cute!

Thinking of Louis Dean as he tries to figure out what's going on. Good plan not to mess with it in the rain. Hope that he'll soon be able to join you.

Sandra said...

the photos and the babies are fantasic. i never even thought about color coded to make sure what goes to whom. so much to think about with 4

Changes in the wind said...

So nice to see those babies and boy have they grown....looks like Grandma is in heaven to me.

Susie said...

Linda, When I see how well organized Amber is, I think back to my twins and wonder how I even took care of two babies with their older sisters Angie was 5 and Kathy was 2 1/2. They were my helpers. I know your Amber must truly appreciate all the help from you. Smiles, Susie

Blondie's Journal said...

Harrison is just a doll...I am so happy that he is healthy and strong. I love how organized Amber is...where does she find the time to make such cute labels? And you, my lady, look like you are in heaven holding that special baby! :)


"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

It is super wonderful that Amber is so organized, naturally. Without organization, I just can't imagine raising 4. :-)

Gentle hugs,

Carla said...

It's hard to imagine all the weight these little Bells have put on. It's amazing to me.
Love the Harrison poses.