Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Camper Plans

Louis Dean and I have been back at work on our camper today. This is day #3 of the 10 working days we have left. I think we're going to make it!

This morning I fashioned curtains from an old broom skirt.
I just took the elastic out and attached it to the valance with Velcro.
To let in a LITTLE light - I cut it up the center to the place where the fabric was sewn together. We can block out all the light - and heat - or let it in!

I embellished the shelf with some buttons - and am calling it DONE!
Once we are down at the RV Park I plan on painting the window trim a bright red.

Today the camper got new shoes!!

It won't be long now before these tires will be rolling down the Interstate!

This will be our destination!
Westlake RV Resort.
We have a reservation and a space all picked out!
This park is just 6 or 7 minutes from Amber and Mike's home.
Our 'HOME away from HOME!'

I am missing my sweet babies!!

I hear they are sleeping 4 hour stretches at night!

I bet they will have grown and changed by the time I see them next week!
It is amazing how FAST babies grow!!!

Hard to believe how swiftly this year has flown by!
The leaves are littering the porch again.
We will be snug in our camper when September 1st arrives.
September first is one of my all time favorite days of the year!
I will be packing Neil Diamond's September Morn album to play nonstop that day.
I will also pack all the ingredients for Fruitcake cookies. It is a tradition to bake them on the first day of September!

But now I must fix me a tall glass of tea and head back out to the camper.
I did not get the 'Boy Bunk' done yesterday so that is on my afternoon agenda.
Clean, hang wallpaper and staple pictures up then dress the bed with
jersey sheets and a comforter.
 Then perhaps I will lie back and read a chapter or two of my current book....
reclined in that upper boy bunk!


  1. I wanna be your camping neighbor so bad!!! I love what you have done, so far. You and LD will be all snuggled in there, in no time!

  2. I had wondered about "September Morn" knowing that is an OLD tradition of yours. Somehow I won't be surprised if a pumpkin or two appear that day @ the trailer as well. It is looking awesome. Love what you have done with the place. :-)

  3. That RV resort looks really well set up. You may like it so much you make it permanent!

    Have a great time finishing the camper.

  4. Oh I hope that it is nice and cozy in the boy bunk. I had to take a closer peek at the curtains above the sofa. What cute fabric all horses and horseback riding...English style, right? Very fun with all the western things going on. I think it all works. Like the button embellishments, too. Yes, the girls will all be doing their hair and Harrison will be playing basketball in the dooryard when you get there. ☺

  5. Only a week til you are loaded up and on the way to see the babies. Lookin' good!

  6. Your camper is so cute. I too was wondering about September Morn. Thought about it just the other day and wondered if you would be able to play it. So glad to hear you will. How long will you be staying in your camper? However long it is, you will be very comfy.

  7. It is coming together like your plan. Very nice inside. And you have a place picked out already. Seems all systems are go. sandie

  8. Now you are making me want to go get a spot at the "Westlake RV Resort" and I don't even have an RV...
    I just want to gaze in wonder at that laundry facility that shows in the picture collage...
    Washers & Dryers as far as the eye can see...
    Bliss !!
    I think I will call you and Louis Dean and your camper "At Home- The Shady Rest"

    I still love that show 'Petticoat Junction" !!


  9. Your grandbabies are so adorable - and I am sure several handsfull!

  10. What a nice RV Resort you all will be staying at. Such a fun journey for you and LD. I can't wait to hear all about it.

    Your right, babies grow FAST!!! Almost too fats. Your grands are just the cutest :)

    Looks like I'm not the only one ready for Fall!

    Have a nice day friend

  11. THAT is a super-duper RV Park! Nice place to go *GLAMPING* in. :-)


  12. Smiling for you, dear heart! September is going to be very special. We're big on Sweet Caroline and Holly reminds Mt D of driving Jay to college in Texas! It was quite a road trip!
    Sing it now sweet sister!
    Life IS sweet!

  13. i keep forgetting to say how much i like the header shot of you and the babies, so now i have said it. the camper looks great and we need new shoes on our truck, so come on down. happy happy to get to park your home close to those babies. they are really growing fast

  14. Looks like a nice RV park. I'm sure Amber is crossing the days off the calendar until you're back here.
    Wish my mom had a laptop so She could see what you've done with your camper. When she gets back in town I hope to show her the pictures. She'll love it.