Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Day in 'Quadville!'

So I CAN hold 'em two at a time!!
This is Grandma's 'Throne'.......even though my feet don't touch the floor and I have to keep myself propped in with one knee!

This pic is from earlier today when Amber was getting ready to go out on an afternoon date with Mike. As all mothers - we don't like hearing our babies cry when we are just about to leave them so when Trystan and Logan were both getting after it I decided to pick up the one crying the LOUDEST! Then I thought, "Why not BOTH?"
One of their little crib sling beds was right in front of me in case I needed to get up quickly. It worked! Amber could dress and even put on make up and do her hair in peace!

 Family friend, Carol, arrived to help and A&M were off to the movies!
They had a good time and I totally enjoyed visiting with my friend.

We fed, burped, changed diapers, did Tummy Time (even though when she and I had babies we put them on their tummy and never thought about it!) , folded baby clothes, washed bottles and then repeated the first three!

Amber and Mike had a great afternoon - and so did Carol and I - AND the quads!

I meant to feature Logan today but Trystan was the picture I ended up with!
This is her 'Plank Pose!'
She is in her little sling crib is almost like a hammock and is to help with reflux. She was right in front of me and I looked over and there she was - stiff as a board and practically standing UP in it!!
(There is a REASON to buckle them in! I know......I know!!!)
Normally her head is down there about where that second brown polka dot is!

The quads have been given such sweet clothes and accessories!
What are baby accessories, you ask??

Matching burp cloths!
The quads have grown out of ALL the preemie sizes.
Even though it SAYS Preemie - the sizes vary a good bit!
They are just about to grow out of the newborn size and a couple of them are wearing 0-3 months!

I remember how tiny they were and when 0-3 month size looked HUGE to me!!

Since Trystan was the gatekeeper and down at the bottom of the bunch, we didn't get very many 'pictures' of her in the sonograms.

But this was one of my favorites!!

And here she is now!

We call her our Little Owl because her eyes are usually wide open and she watches everything!

Well, that's it for today! I have to go home tomorrow to help Louis Dean.
We will be bringing our camper down Sunday.
I can't WAIT to see his face when HE sees these little ones for the first time since  they were born! He's seen pictures, of course, but they are so much cuter and sweeter and cuddlier in real life! I will be taking lots of pics of LD and the first time he holds FOUR precious bundles of joy! His hands and arms are large enough - I bet he can hold all four of them at the same time!!!

Check out Amber's video update HERE!!!


Deb said...

oh I know LD will be excited to get his hands on those sweet babies...have a safe trip back to big I....


Oh Linda, I cannot stop being amazed at God's creation with this adorable sweet little angels! Take care and have a safe trip back home. I am going back home Sunday as well, as I am too taking care of my grandgirls.

Angie said...

Your Quad posts always make my heart sing! Such a gift from God. I bet LD is so excited. I can't wait to see the pics. Safe travels back home tomorrow and then again on Sunday. Hubby and I will be gone all weekend on a mini vacay but I'll catch up with you on Monday :)

Kathy said...

Can't believe how big those sweet babies are getting. Congrats on holding two at once. You are a brave lady -- I would be afraid to do that. Have a safe trip home and back. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of LD and the babies.

Vee said...

Cute video!

You know, I'm here daily and I think I can see them grow. Love the pink on so favors her sweet coloring. Shhhh...don't tell Amber. ☺

You look perfectly at ease with them, Linda. Guess that you've figured them out pretty well.

Happy traveling and traveling mercies for both you and LD.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Ok, I am going to need a picture of LD with all four in his arms, please!!!

Kelly said...

I sure do wish I could visit them in person. Too bad y'all live so far away. I love that first picture of you holding 2 babies at once. Glad to hear that Amber and Mike had some alone time. That is good for their marriage and their sanity! It probably felt strange to not have the babies with her during their date. She has been with them so long now.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Have a safe trip back, and then back down again. :-)


darlin said...

Look at you, holding two babies at're a real pro now! That's fantastic Mike and Amber get to go out, I'm sure their sanity appreciates a few hours alone every now and again.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Diana Ferguson said...

Such blessings!!! Love your pics.

Blondie's Journal said...

They are getting so big!!! I know Amber had a wonderful time getting out and you got to be with your nice! I can't wait to see LD with those little dolls!


Nonnie said...

Yes, these babies do bring a smile to one's face and praise to God for His beautiful gift of life.

Carla said...

Y'all are amazing in all that you do.
I hope Mike and Amber realize how truly lucky they are.