Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Four Crabby Patties, Please!!

Amber dresses the quads up every day and they are so cute!
She has been looking forward to the day when they could wear their little crabby outfits! She ordered them while she was in the hospital, I think.

The day arrived! All the quads went to the med center for some x rays and OF COURSE Amber dressed them up!

I love this pic I caught of the three girls holding on to each other.
God grant they do this their entire lives!

This picture is a bit deceiving. Harrison - on the right - LOOKS smaller but he is actually the biggest!! He is a whopping 7 lb 2 oz now! That was the birth weight of both Summer and Amber. Trystan is the smallest - but just barely. She is second from the left. She is still 5 lb and something but getting close to 6 lbs! They each are gaining about an ounce a day.

The inspiration for the 'Crabby Patties' came from our friend who has triplets.

You can check out her blog: The Donley Triplets!
She is a super organized mom with great artistic ability!
I totally admit to stealing her 'Crabby Patties, Please!'
Her triplets are a few months older than Amber's quads so we are reaping all the benefits of her experience!

Here the strollers are all lined up at the medical center waiting room.
The staff were prepared for quads - which is NOT always the case!
Last week when just THREE of the babies + mom, dad and grandma showed up they acted slightly offended because there were so MANY! Did they not read the charts? Did they not notice there were THREE Bells here for appointments? I mean - REALLY??!

THIS visit was very refreshing in the fact that they were prepared and had TWO examining rooms all ready for us plus TWO technicians.
The pediatrician visit last week was another excellent experience where the doctor and staff were prepared and experienced in caring for MULTIPLES!

We pretty much cause a commotion where ever we go......
although Amber avoids making eye contact with people for the most part.
It's best for the babies if they don't come into contact with too many people.
People = germs and their immune system is not up to par yet.

Amber and Mike are super parents and the whole trip proved to go as smooth as silk.

But you have to admit! Seeing THIS MANY strollers attracts attention!
It's so funny what people say........and they forget that we can HEAR them!!


Say What? said...

I can only imagine what type of comments you'd hear.

That really irritates me about the doctor's office not being prepared. Sometimes I really wonder about "professionals" these days.

Bev said...

Those little crabbies are just too sweet!!

bj said...

O, Linda, I've been gone so much this summer, I am out of touch with everyone.
These photos are sooo cute. I am so glad to hear the babies are all doing so well.
Growing like little weeds.
I love their little crabby suits. :)

Carole said...

Were 4 strollers better than 2 doubles? Those outfits are beyond cute. Have a great week. Hope your camper is ready soon.

Deb said...

such adorable little crabbies....they are growing so fast....awesome..

Vee said...

It must be an experience! Amber is so wise not to attract the curious just yet. These little ones need time to grow without any added troubles. I was just telling John about your experience the first time out with a little heat in my tone I might add. Grrrrr...such things would be frying.

The babies all look so healthy and cute and simply adorable in their outfits.

Sandra said...

so are all the strollers attached so they can be pushed together or do you have to have 3 or 4 people to push them. they are beyond adorable in those crabby patties.

Diana Ferguson said...

So precious, LInda!!!!

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Those 'crabby' outfits are so cute! But they certainly don't look like really crabby babies. -giggggles-

Oh good grief! I hope Amber and Daddy do NOT ALLOW random people to even peek in at these babies!!!!

What's more important? Being *polite*? Or safe-keeping the quads health???

Do YOU do that, for them? NOt even allow random people to THINK OF peeking at the babies????? I WOULD!!!!!! -grin- I'd love that job!!!!!!!!!

Gentle hugs,

Linda said...

Linda, such a cute post with the adorable quads. Love the crabby suits....just precious. I wonder why medical offices aren't more prepared, when they have tHe info right on the charts. I think they don't read the charts. We fill out information, and then the doctor asks the same questions on the paperwork. Thanks again for sharing these adorable sweetie pies.

Kelly said...

Oh my! I didn't even think about the strollers lined up like that everywhere they go. Don't take this the wrong way, but it must be exhausting getting all of them ready to go somewhere with the loading up of the car and unloading it everytime. I remember what a challenge it was for me with just one. I guess Amber will always need a helper when she goes anywhere with them. Until they start walking, it will be a job! They look adorable in their new outfits. I love seeing their little heads. So sweet!

Pondside said...

What sweeties! Amber is wise to give strangers a wide berth for a bit - everyone would want to touch those cuties!

Kathy said...

How cute are those outfits?! Oh my, those babies are so sweet.

Chatty Crone said...

I see it and I still can't believe it. They have four strollers and getting four ready they are amazing! sandie

Angie said...

Some people have no filter! I can't even imagine the things you hear people say. I'm the same way about not having people around Annalee. She is up to 5 pounds 1 ounce now but still it scares me. I say all the time that people equals germs & kids equal lots of germs. I've tried to limit her visitors and especially limit the children around her. Oh and btw, Annalee has that same outfit that the gals are wearing. Isn't that ironic?

LOVE the pics- Glad things went well at the doctor's today. Have a good weekend my friend!

darlin said...

Oh my goodness, the babies are all so precious and adorable. I must admit I had to laugh at the last photo because I can only imagine how shocked I'd be to see not two, not three, but four baby strollers. I'm sure I would be ooohing and awwwing over the babies though, not making comments off to the side.

Hats off to all of you, and the medical staff as well for actually being prepared this time.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend Linda!

Carla said...

Oh what a sight to see 4 strollers lined up to load the precious cargo.