Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Pretty PINK Camper Bathroom!!

It's been another workday on the camper here! Day #4 in the 10 day countdown to travel! Today was the BATHROOM!!

This is one of the 'AFTER' pics!

This is a 'BEFORE!'

I meant for this to go in the bathroom.......

but UNLIKE a normal 'home' .....the nails didn't want to hold it up!
(I MUST see what can be done about this!!)

I found good 'screw' spots for this because of where the existing towel racks were.
The bag on the left will hold hair products.....the basket on the right....who knows???
I just stuffed some rose garland in for now......

I am having a hard time getting the 'stuff' off the mirror!
Any suggestions?

The possible shower curtain.
One of my favorite people in all the world (my niece, Leah!) suggested a pink and brown color scheme. I picked this up months ago at a Goodwill. MAYBE it will work!

SUCH a teeny tiny toilet!!!

You do NOT want to look behind this shower curtain!!!
That is a job for SATURDAY!!!

Tomorrow is Friday and I am taking the day off to spend time with my Fort Worth Family......including my OTHER four grandchildren!! AND my Mother, sister and first born daughter!

Next up.....

The PANTRY!!!!


  1. You are getting closer every time you post. Love that LD indeed.

  2. It's so cute! It's starting to look more like a cottage than a camper.

  3. Looking good! Your bathroom is so pretty. To hang things I use those 3M Command Strips. My walls will crumble with nails and they work perfectly. As for the mirror -- goo gone? Maybe that would work.

  4. Now, THIS IS *Glamping*!!!! :-))))

    For sure!!!!


  5. Camper is looking wonderful. Is that a left over sticker on the mirror. Try Goo-gone, WD40 or Peanut Butter. All 3 of these items will remove the sticky residue. Doesn't take much PB just a little on your finger and smear it around. Wipe and wash and it is gone. Good Luck. Sherri

  6. Looks like you're getting alot done. Glad it's going smoothly so far. Have a great weekend!

  7. on the mirror use straight murphy's oil soap or WD 40...

  8. Yes, something oily should help get the mirror clean. If all else fails, use some OOPs...though it's smelly.

    What about Command hooks for those places where a nail won't hold? I love those things.

    It's looking good!

  9. I can't believe you got that all done! It looks great!

  10. Girl you two are doing a fabulous job. And I am glad you are seeing the other family too! Have fun. sandie

  11. Linda, You'll are doing an awesome job! I hope you have a great weekend and I know you are so ready to get your hands on those precious babies again! Thanks for sharing! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

  12. The perfect little pink powder room!
    Have fun in Fort Worth!

  13. Beautiful transformation Linda. I absolutely adore the new header with you holding your adorable granchildren, so precious!

    As for the stuff on the mirror, what I'd try for this job is first a razor, take off all you can that way, the second step would be to try some "Goo Gone", that works wonders but sometimes you have to allow it to soak in a bit. When you get it off, which I know you will, please let us know how you did it.

    Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy all the family time... there's nothing like it in the whole wide world... as I sit here waiting for my precious granddaughter to get up to play with Grammy. Sleepyhead! lol


  14. A product called 'goo-gone' works wonders...for stuff stuck onto glass, etc.

    You will be camping in style! It's looking mighty fine...your camper.

  15. The pink looks really nice and the wall storage is sooooo pretty and will be so very useful. Love seeing your accomplishments. Enjoy the weekend!

  16. I love how you make things cute but till keep them functionable. You have a knack for that :)

    Hope you are having a great time with your family

  17. I must say your home away from home is so cute. As for the mirror, try goo be gone or goo gone. Something like that.
    I do have a question about all your remodeling... Are you guy's conscious about the travel weight limit on trailers? Just curious. When we bought our camper we were instructed over and over again to be very careful and stay in weight limits.


  18. I can't believe that's a CAMPER! Hope you can get the moon phase thingie. Click on mine where it says "_moon info".

  19. Hi Linda, Thanks for stopping by. I hope you try the skillet corn griddle cakes. I know you will have a fabulous time at Amber's. Being with your daughter and those adorable sweet babies is heaven. Your camper bath is so cute. Love the wall pictures and hooks.

  20. Oh my, I've been reading and reading and reading. That's the way people who run around in circles catch up on the really good blogs like YOURS! The quads are so cute and they've grown so fast. What a job raising them and you are there every step of the way! Watching the camper transform into home for you and Louis Dean was so much fun. You are BARGAIN SHOPPER EXTRODINAIRE(if I spelled it right)! You guys are a great team. Know you are counting the days....

  21. What a transformation! It all looks so homey.