Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rhythm and Routine

There is a rhythm and routine to our days and weeks. It is a comfort to be here as Amber is drawing ever closer to the births of her quads.
LD and I do the critter chores every morning, have coffee and do our Bible reading together. I arrive up here at the hospital about eleven-ish after stopping for a Smoothie King, Sonic drink or Starbucks green tea for Amber. We usually pack a home cooked meal for their supper/dinner. There is a small fridge in the alcove area of her hospital room and a microwave by the nurses station. While I am up here Louis Dean stays at the house and practices his music and does housewifely chores! He is just about trained now! Yesterday when I got home he had done the following:

Made tuna salad
Did kitty chores
Fed and watered all four dogs and three cats

Cooked some GREAT chicken fried steaks!

He's a pretty amazing fellow!
Since he got so much done.......

we kicked back and put our feet up and spent the rest of the evening out on the driveway!

Every morning LD goes through the scales on his penny whistle.
Snowball comes up to eat as he plays!

Pretty kitty cat!

Here is July in the new bed Amber ordered for her.

Let's just say she sleeps a LOT and stays in her bed so much she completely wore it OUT!!!

Louis Dean comes up with me on Thursday.
I snapped this pic from the NICU floor. We will graduate up here once the babies arrive.

Every day is a rough day for Amber now. Or I should say ROUGHER!!
It is getting harder and harder to get the contractions to stop or at least ease up.
She has been contracting all afternoon and they are lasting longer.
The nurse called the doctor and they started another round of Indocin at 6:00 pm.
Hopefully this will help her make it through the weekend.
Amber is pretty adamant - she does NOT want to have the babies on the weekend and she does NOT want to have them in the middle of the night.
Since Monday is Memorial Day - she probably doesn't want to have them then either.
And if you know Amber - then you know things usually go the way SHE wants them to go. USUALLY! We'll see......

Mike brought in Red Lobster for their dinner tonight.
Louis Dean and I are heading to Casa Maria......
that's become our thing for Thursday.

Who knows what future Thursdays will be like??
28 week 5 days and 20 hours.......and still counting!


Carole said...

Wow, each extra day seems like a little miracle. It's shame Amber is so uncomfortable. My thoughts are with you all.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

As I read this, I realized that I am holding my breath. :-)

Guess we all are. Holding our collective breath(s) with you.

Lots and lots of hugs, all round....

Chatty Crone said...

So what is the longest anyone has gone? sandie

Lynne said...

Almost to 29 and holding. That's what I have been praying for! You have allowed us to be such a part of this miracle, Linda! You and your family are amazing!

Sweet Tea said...

Continuing to be amazed by God's care for Amber and the babies!!

Kelly said...

Yes, I think this may be the lull before the storm. The endless waiting will turn into endless work after the babies arrive home. I'm sure they will spend some time in the hospital getting bigger before they come home though. Enjoy this lull before the storm! I think if Amber gets miserable enough, she won't care about what day of the week they're born as long as she and the babies are ok.

Vee said...

I can pray that Amber has her wish. She has valid reasons for everything so I get it.
I'll be praying for her comfort and a real easing of the contractions. And I'll be praying for all of you waiting and watching alongside. It can't always be easy.

Bernice said...

Continued prayers for Amber, I cannot imagine the discomfort she is is in.
It is great she knows what she wants as for as delivering those little ones and I think God will grant her that wish, no weekends and not on a Holiday:)

Judy said...

Here's to a wonderful memorial day weekend for you all...whatever it may hold!

Linda said...

Mind over matter! The attitude of a real mother, to be in so much discomfort and pain and still actively want it to continue for the good of her babies.

I chuckled when I read about valet parking at the hospital in a previous post. Not something you would ever find at a UK hospital! Do all hospitals in the States have this?

Kathy said...

Days with rhythm and routine are days well spent in my mind. I hope Amber gets her wish and those little Bells stay put until the holiday weekend is over. 29 weeks is quite an accomplishment. Sorry she is feeling not so good these days. So glad you and LD are there to help her.

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh, I hope Amber gets her way! Bless her heart! Keep us posted!!

(You've been one busy lady!)

Carla said...

Poor baby girl. I can remember my contractions even after all these years and I was so glad to get something to help slow them down so I could catch my breath and relax. She is one determined little Momma. She's come to far now not to get her way but we'll see what the Quads have to say about that.
"Trained" huh? LOL. and that spoiled Kitty. She and July won't know what hit them when 4 little Bells let their presence be known.