Thursday, May 3, 2012


PAWS stands for 'Pets Are Wonderful Support.' This volunteer organization enabled Amber to receive a visit from her Jersey Girl yesterday evening. The volunteers met Mike promptly at 6:00 and they came up the elevator for the hour's visit in Amber's hospital room. Jersey did very well even though she was in unfamiliar territory.

Amber looked forward to this all day!
At 5:50 she was sitting in the chair anxiously waiting for her to arrive.
Right at 6:00 - here they came!
Mike, Jersey and the two volunteers from PAWS.

It was so much fun to watch them together again after 23 days of separation.
LOOK at Amber's smile!

Just a girl and her dog!

Jersey was very polite and well mannered. She kept us ALL entertained.
The volunteers said this was the largest pet they have assisted in a visit.

Amber had saved back one of her snack apples for Jersey's treat.
Apparently giving fruit as treats to dogs is more common than I imagined.

The hour passed quickly and it was time to take Jersey Girl home.
As we walked out, Jersey left a trail of smiles behind her.

She rode to the hospital with Mike but LD and I took her home so A&M could spend the evening together. She settled down in the back seat after we got going and went right to sleep.

Today has been quiet here in the hospital room. The lights are dim and the blinds closed. Amber is totally exhausted after the excitement of yesterday. Even happy times use up what little energy and strength she has. No longer will she be able to sit in the chair and bend forward. She was hoping to get one more visit from Jersey before the babies are born but realizes that's not going to be possible. The contractions have increased today and is causing concern. We are in the last weeks so that's to be expected but still unsettling.

This is day 24. 16 more days and she will be at 28 weeks. She is looking forward to one more growth scan week after next.  The 4D scans are amazing. You can SEE the babies - or at least two of them - pretty clearly. Trystan and Logan are not in position to be photographed as much as Kailey and Harrison. They can also tell Amber the exact weights of each baby. She knows they are GROWING right now! Every day she is getting ever bigger. My girl is so heavy with babies she looks like she's about to pop.
Her belly looks like it hurts and it DOES!! Talk about growing pains!! She has them!

Since it is quiet and she seems to be napping I think I am going to take a little walk.
I come in to the hospital but haven't really explored much. The zoo is across the street and I am certain there must be some nice areas to take a walk.

I'm off to find out!


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Never heard of an organization helping a pet to visit an owner, in the hospital. What a lovely service they provide.

Sorry that Amber is exhausted today, though.

Hope you had a nice little poke-around. And maybe found some Photo Ops. :-)

Gentle hugs,

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

So glad Amber got to see her beloved poochie. I know it did her a world of good!

Debbie said...

so nice to see amber today.

sooo much stress for everyone, i hope you had a nice walk!!

Kelly said...

I look forward to reading your updates on Amber. I must say for someone who has been confined to a hospital room for so long, she looks amazingly well! She really is glowing. Must be all that baby love going on. I think it's wonderful that she was reunited with one of her dogs. I would feel the same way being away from mine. I didn't realize how long she has been away from them! My dog sleeps with me every night and goes on vacations with us. I would have a very difficult time being away from mine!! I love that organization that allowed her to receive a visit.

Bev said...

What a nice treat for Amber... oh I can't imagine her poor tummy!! Take care of yourself too grandma!

Deb said...

what a nice treat for Amber and her baby....keeping you all in my prayers...

Sweet Tea said...

Amber is so pretty!
Even in the hospital as pregnant as she is - I've never seen one picture that she doesn't look great. I imagine Jersey was as excited to see Amber as Amber was to see Jersey. What a nice program!

Bernice said...

What a wonderful orginziation, Amber looked so happy as did her beloved pooch. Sorry to hear the contractions were more frequent.
I love getting out and walking during somewhat stressful times, continued prayers for Amber, those little ones and you:)

Angie said...

This made me smile today :)
I'm so glad Amber got to visit with Jersey. That was bound to lift her spirits.
She's doing so good Linda and so are you. You two keep hanging in there. The 28 week mark is just ahead!!! Hope you enjoyed your walk friend.

Have a wonderful weekend

darlin said...

That's fantastic Amber got to spend the hour with Jersey, I've never heard of such a program and what an amazing program this is, hats off to the hospital for providing such a service or at least allowing the pets in!

Amber is absolutely amazing, she still looks happy with all her body is going through. It's so good that you can be there for her as well, there's nothing in the whole wide world like a Mother's love!

Take care and God bless each one of you, the wee ones included.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'm so glad Amber saw her dog and had some fun with him. I'm praying that her body will hold out a little longer and let those precious babies keep growing!

Carla said...

That was really cool that Jersey got to visit and with permission. When my grandfather was in the hospital one time I smuggled my rabbit in the hospital to see him. Everything was fine until the bunny pooped on the bed. My grandfather cracked up. The nurse saw the rabbit laughed and said I think it's time the Easter bunny left. Oops.
Poor darling(Amber) I can't imagine trying to move with that much weight in front of her but laying still can drive you crazy too.

Vee said...

Awww, I'm so glad that Amber got to see her dog. John sat down with me as I read this and he wants you to know that our prayers are with you. He has twin granddaughters who were born prematurely so he's intrigued by this quad business. Sending good thoughts and prayers for comfort and courage.