Monday, May 28, 2012

Church and a Field Trip.....

I stayed late at the hospital on Friday and - since it was the beginning of a holiday weekend - the Interstates were a disaster! I was stuck on my second highway when I called Mike. He has all sorts of apps for his phone and was able to direct me OFF the freeway and along a quiet UN-intimidating street that meandered through a very pretty section of town before spitting me out at the next Interstate where I could head for home! (Traffic - especially STOPPED dead traffic - has been known to make me feel a touch of panic. I arrived home just in time to join a group of neighbor/friends in the driveway across the street......all chilling in lawn chairs with cold drinks and good conversation! A more gentle evening after a stressful drive!

When we are down here it enables Mike to spend more time with Amber - which is exactly what he does. He takes food in and special treats. By his very presence Amber calms down and can do so much better.....simply knowing he's here with her.

He snapped her 29 week pic!
I am AMAZED at the strength this girl has!

Yesterday they were given a tour of the OR......and noticed THREE little baby warmers in there only to then notice ONE MORE sitting beside the alcove with a sign that says:
'For The Quads. Please do not remove.'

Good feeling to know all is prepared and waiting!
You can read all about this at "Quad Squad 29 Weeks!"

So Saturday, Sunday and Monday have been free days for LD and me. What to do??
Saturday we shopped for a few groceries, I sewed on a quilt and we played dominoes, watched TV and gave all the critter care we could. Their dogs and cats + our dog and cat can be pretty good entertainment!

Sunday we went to church.

This is the church where the father of OUR pastor is pastor.
Ed Young being their names!
GREAT service! GREAT message! GREAT music!
 (Choir and orchestra - LD was in heaven!!)
The people were all friendly and the atmosphere was charged with spiritual energy.
We were definitely in need of some.
Let's just say - we got our batteries recharged!

Since we were foot loose and fancy free - and had just checked in with Mike and knew that all was calm for the moment with Amber actually napping - well, Louis Dean and I decided to see some sights!

We chose the San Jacinto Museum of History and Monument.
We rode the 489-foot ride to the top of the monument for some breath taking views!

That's the Battleship Texas out there - something we plan to do on another trip.

Louis Dean found him an old fashioned fruit cake recipe.
I know with every fiber of my being he will be making this come fall!

I imagine the sentence under the caption of Domestic Life was pretty true.
"Texas was heaven for men and dogs; but hell for women and oxen!"

Louis Dean never misses an opportunity to snap a pic!

It was good for us to get out and about for awhile!

All that walking is good exercise!

This was an inspiring......
The Battle of San Jacinto.

By the time our feet grew tired we were ready to head for home.

A good Memorial to visit on this Memorial Day Weekend!

For dinner I made Amber's 'Apple Cider Sausage Skillet Dish!'

This is one of her signature dishes and I followed the directions to a T! doesn't taste nearly as good as hers does!

Mike took some up to her when he left this morning.
I am going back tomorrow so for the rest of this day we are going to kick back and relax. We have watermelon, hot dogs and chili. There is BOUND to be SOMETHING on the TV down here. If not - I guess we can always read or play dominoes!
It does feel strange to not have a dozen projects calling our name as would happen if we were home.
Soon enough! But for now we are 'waiting for some babies!'


Susie said...

God bless those kids. Amber's back muscles will be so strong.Looks like you and the mr. had a chance to explore.:):) Sending prayers to all of you. Susie

Angie said...

I can't imagine anything you would rather be doing than waiting for some babies!!! Looks like you & LD had a great sight seeing day. Always so much fun!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. We have really had a good one. I'll be awaiting the next Amber & Quad report!!!

Kelly said...

I can tell Amber is getting close. She looks tired in her picture. I know every day in the womb gives the babies the best chance of a healthy life. Glad that she is still holding up. Your tour looked fun. So good to get outside and get some walking and fresh air in since you've been cooped up in the hospital and car most days. I'm expecting to see baby pics any day now!

Sweet Tea said...

I love that type of sight-seeing. I enjoy all the history info, though I promptly forget it. There's just something about seeing such places and actually "being there". A lovely day. Hope you can get some napping and a good night's sleep. I think you're gonna really be needing your zzzzz's very soon. ;-)

Bernice said...

Happy to read that Amber is having a quiet weekend. Your museum tour looked like it was very informative,and fun going to the top. Enjoy your relaxing day, and continued prayers for Amber and the Quads.
ps..Will have to try Amber's Apple Cider Sausage Skillet dish,sounds good:)

Blondie's Journal said...

This must be such an exciting time for all of you as the day draws closer. And you must be on pins and needles, too, so it's good that you and LD went out for some sightseeing. Great shot from the monument!

Praying for all of you!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Amber is doing sooooo good! Looks like you and LD have have had a good holiday. We camped most of the weekend. We are home now and I am painting the wall where the Flair will sit before I go to get it on Thurs!

Debbie said...

good you had some time to your self, sounds like you really made the best of it!!

i must try that recipe, i printed it out....

and amber looks like she's ready to burst, sheezzzz can that belly take anymore stretching. good luck amber, i can't even imangine what this has been like for you. you one amazing woman!!

Pondside said...

I still have a houseful and no time for the computer, but had to peek in to see what's happening with Amber - from whom I had the sweetest card today!
Thinking of you all, with prayer.

Bev said...

Oh Linda...sounds so wonderful.... And I loved the name of your church...Second Baptist... I see all the First Baptists and can't figure out how they can all be First's....LOL (I was secretary at a First Baptist ....well one of the First's)...anyways...this could be an exciting week for you guys!!

Vee said...

She looks about ready...

Every day praying...

Glad that you and Louis Dean had some time to do other things this weekend.

Lynne said...

Such a lovely and peaceful weekend for all of you. I am so grateful that everyone's prayers are being answered and the Quad squad is holding and growing!

Linda, could you please send me the name of the hospital in an email?

Carla said...

Glad you two took some time to go site seeing. Mike is an awesome hubby. The two of them make a great couple.