Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Place in the Sun.....

This is where I have spent my day.

Shiner - the manly hunting dog - with his morning bowl of rice.

Such a handsome dog!

Amber's Jersey Girl......

Getting a little attention!

Reese has the best posture!!

Last night was rough for Amber. No sleep and a great deal of pain.
After some pain and nausea meds she has been able to rest much of this day.
The what is now daily sonogram showed the babies are all doing extremely well.
Amber's cervix is still holding strong.
28 weeks 4 days and still counting.
Amber is a tough little lady.
These are equally awesome babies!

She and I have spent the day resting and watching a movie loaned to us by one of the sweet nurses here - 'The Count of Monte Cristo.' Excellent film.

Late yesterday afternoon a one of Amber's wonderful nurses came to visit and walked Amber through everything she could expect once she was in labor and/or the decision had been made to go to the OR. VERY informative!! This nurse herself has been through a Cesarean delivery and was also one of the OR nurses when quints were born in this hospital a year or two ago. Knowledge is a good thing and Amber was happy for the 'walk through!'

Then right as I was getting ready to leave last night someone from the NICU came down to talk to us. Mike was also here so this was another extremely informative talk. The lady spend over 45 minutes going over what will be happening as well as some of the things that MIGHT happen. Glad I had not left and was able to hear all this.

The days are long and not easy. They drag. However, these are days well spent 'growing the babies!' Amber gained 6 pounds since she was admitted to the hospital.
When they came to weigh her yesterday she had gained 7 pounds in the last 10  DAYS!
She's doing a great job!

My day here is almost done.
Mike will arrive shortly and then I usually go for a walk waiting for the traffic to pass.
I am so very grateful God has given me this time in life and allowed us the freedom and flexibility to be able to spend this time with Amber.

Amber is drawing closer and closer with each additional day to delivery.
We like to quote movie lines in our family and today's line is this........

"Not YET! No, not yet."

(from The Gladiator)


Vee said...

Sounds as if they might be thinking it could be in the next little while. At least, Amber is prepared. Knowledge is a good thing. It is pretty neat that you have the freedom to be there for her. Mike and Amber must appreciate it very much. Just the help at home and the help with the pets and the all means so much.

Bernice said...

The staff must believe the time is drawing closer, it is really nice that they informed her of everything about the C-section and what will happen to the little ones in NICU, they would of been my biggest concern.
Her "furbabies" are soo cute.
You take care of yourself,reading Long days for you, but as a Mom I know you wouldnt have it any other way.
Continued prayers, and again Thanks so much for the updates:)

Kelly said...

Great update. I read them all. Glad Amber is holding her own. Hate to hear she is not comfortable though. I hope she can deliver the babies soon so she can get relief and move forward with her exciting future.

Sweet Tea said...

I look forward to each update and share your excitement. My 17 yr old dd is following along too and my good friend asked me today "how is the baby mom doing?". I have shared Amber's journey with her. Someday soon I'll check for an update and you'll be showing photos of your new grands! Till then we keep on praying for Mom & babies!!

Deb said...

I look forward to your updates everyday

Chatty Crone said...

I am sure other then her hubby there is no one in the world she would rather be with then you! sandie

Debbie said...

just checking in, i don't want to miss anything ;)))

Anonymous said...

Enjoy these so much and think of you and Amber (even tho I have never met her) everyday. I hope one day to meet her, Mike and the little ones. Take care. Virginia

Val said...

Linda, What a wonderful Grandmother you are!!! Who wouldn't like for you to come stay, especially those sweet doggies!!! I feel like I know them all and would love to give them a big kiss!! If I was closer, I would come to babysit them for Amber. I know how much she loves her four legged babies too!!! The Count of Monte Cristo was excellent, as I recall!! Please hug Amber; she deserves a T.V. show after all of this!!! Luv you all!! Val

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Information, ahead of time! Wonderful!!!!

Angie said...

She has done so so good Linda!!! Tell her I'm continuing to pray for her :)

Judy said...

I keep checking in...and cheering her on. Not, not yet!

Carla said...

I've read the book Count of Monte Cristo but have never seen the whole movie. Only bits and pieces. I loved the book.
Poor baby girl has her work cut out for her to continue to hang out for a few more days or week. Can't imagine have contractions every 8 minutes.
My contractions every 1-2 minutes for 4 hours was bad enough but what the last 5-8 days now for Amber. She's determined.

Marsha Young said...

Hi, Linda
I mentioned you and Amber and the quads being "in the waiting room" too on my blog the other day.

I think of you all often and remember you in prayer. God bless you.