Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Red Neck Martini!!!

My Louis Dean is so much fun! His very most favorite thing in all the world to do is sit on our driveway with feet propped up and wine glass in hand.
He is not a snob when it comes to wine.
He prefers the BOX he told the attendant on a first class flight to London a couple of years ago! She said, "Let ME make the selection FOR you, sir!"

I am always surprised at how his mind works.
He pours his wine over a full glass of ice.......
that's just the way he does it!

One night it was time to go to bed and he hadn't finished his wine.
Probably because he was telling me all about some adventure he had back in the day.
He didn't want to DUMP that wine so he put it in a container and froze it!

The next evening he chopped it up........
spooned it out into his glass.....

and topped it off with fresh wine.
Now THAT is 'Chillable Red!"
Win! WIN!!!

He is just so much fun!!

I know this is not your typical post for a Mother's Day!
I had a great time with Summer yesterday and will 'blog all about it' tomorrow!

Now for the 'Amber Update!'

She is 27 weeks 1 day and counting down to 28 weeks!

As pretty as she looks here - she is having a pretty rough day today.
She tries to get a blog post off before she starts that down hill spiral when they up her mag IV dose!

We are in the final days.......
I can't wait to get back down there!


Pondside said...

Happy Mother's Day, Linda, to you and to Amber.
I love your stories of you and LD - what a fellow you have!

Kelly said...

Your LD is too cute!! That's the secret to a good marriage. He's full of spunk, isn't he? Your daughter is just beautiful! I am so excited to hear the news when she finally brings those babies into the world for all of us to see. Glad they're not here just yet though. Just think, this time next year she will be a momma herself!

Bernice said...

Gotta love your LD,he is one of a kind:)
Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day. You have a pretty wonderful daughter in Amber and it is apparent she takes after you:)
Continued prayers for her carrying those little ones to 28 weeks and hopefully longer.
Enjoy your day, and a glass of wine with LD tonite;)

Kathy said...

Happy Mother's Day Linda! You have four beautiful children and soon eight wonderful grandchildren. You are truly blessed.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Your LD is wonderful. He makes do with whatever. Nothing wrong with wine and ice and then freezing it. Your daughter is beautiful and glowing. I hope she feels better soon.I know everyone must be so exicted to see these sweet babies. Happy Mother's day.

Vee said...

Well she certainly is making discomfort look very, very good. She is a beautiful gal. So glad that she's on the homestretch now. I know that after 28 weeks, it's day by day.

Your hubby is so cute and funny! He's got an old-fashioned ethic of using everything up.

Chatty Crone said...

Your daughter is beautiful. I can't wait to see the babies. And your hubs has an interesting way of drinking wine! lol
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Love, sandie

Angie said...

Happy Mother's Day Sweet Linda!!!
You were a wonderful momma, your beautiful & strong Amber is living proof of that :)

Bev said...

Oh LD...what fun you guys have...and those GB's are coming along... Amber does look wonderful...

Lynne said...

Good Morning, Linda!
So many smiles in your post today!
Now 27 plus 2 as I write this!
Answered prayers!

darlin said...

Linda LD is adorable, he most certainly has his ways, but they're priceless!

Amber looks fantastic, even in tough times she's radiant.

Carla said...

LD is great. Can't waste the wine. Good Man. ;o)
Next Amber will be celebrating mothers day with little Bells.