Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Perfect Timing!

Timing was everything today! First of all......Louis Dean went to bed before dark last night so we could leave early this morning for Houston. And we did. 2 am is crazy EARLY!

You should have seen us all packed like sardines in the car! I settled in the back seat to sleep all the way with my sweet kittie Maggie in a basket on the floorboard. The other side was stcked high with bags and groceries. I wedged a frame for a painting I had done for Amber in the back window along with the cardboard kennel for Maggie folded flat - just in case we needed it. We didn't! She settled right down in her little basket and traveled like a trooper - eyes wide with the wonder of it all. (This was her first trip other than bringing her home from the animal shelter!)

Lucy rode shotgun in the front seat. She knows the drill. The trunk was packed with not a square inch to spare! Louis Dean was bound and determined we would BE here early and so we were! We unloaded and put things up. It was like slipping out of one set of clothes and into another. We fell right into place.

I left the house before 9:00 am - stopping at Smoothie King for a chololate HULK.
In a quad pregnancy they expect the mother to gain between 80-100 pounds. Makes sense since you usually gain 20 pounds with a singleton. Amber has gained only 36 pounds. The babies have not suffered but she is barely able to keep her strength up!

As I was speeding my way to the hospital Amber called to say they were all set up for the anatomy scan. She could hear them in the hall coming to wheel her down there. I said, "STALL, baby! STALL!" She took her sweet time gathering herself out of the bed, putting on chapstick, finding her slippers........

I shot out of the car and practically ran to the elevators and then to her room! She had JUST left! Amber had told the nurse to watch for a lady running to her room so she took me straight to the unit where they do the scans. I made it!!! They were still setting up!

The babies all looked great! They do a thing called Bio Physical Profile which scores the baby on breathing, movement, development, muscle tone and fluid volume. Each and every one of the four Bell Quads scored 8 out of 8!!! Yay!!

Two of Amber's biggest goals have been to make it to 28 weeks......and for each baby to weigh 2 pounds. That doesn't sound like much for a normal pregnancy but is pretty awesome for quads. She has 3 more days to go to make 28 weeks. And today all the babies weigh 2 pounds or more.

Trystan Lee (the Gatekeeper) weighed in at 2 lb 8oz
Kailey Lee weighs 2 lb 4 oz
Harrison Lee - the big strapping BOY in the squad - came in heaviest at 2 lb 11 oz!
Logan Lee - the little lady - was the lightest weighing in right at 2 lb!

Trystan has been at the bottom of the stack from the beginning in a traverse position.
Today she was head down. As if to say, "Come on kids! I know the way out of here! Get in line! Follow me!" Kailey is right behind her! The other two aren't getting their hopes up. Perhaps they sense that 'deliverance' will be coming from the top! In which case - that's exactly where THEY are!!

Not many photo ops today.
Just a brave young lady in the same hospital bed for the last 27 weeks and 3 days!
She has to stay in the horizontal position for most of every 24 hours.
The contractions - which she has been having and are not that unusual for multiples in the womb - have taken a different turn the last couple of days.
The doctors have been asking her for weeks - "Are you in PAIN?"
Her answer has been no - just severely UNCOMFORTABLE.
Now......she is experiencing PAINFUL contractions.
But then again, the babies all moving around at the same time is painful as well.

Her mag IV has been upped a bit - again.
Everyone still thinks she will make it to 28 weeks.
She has a sneaking suspicion it could be 29 and change.
Who knows? Only God.......and He is not telling! Not yet.....


Carole said...

My fingers and toes are crossed for you all. Best wishes to you too Linda. You stay amazingly cheerful!

Vee said...

Everything sounds good...right on track...God is good. You caretakers take care of yourselves, too, okay? Amber has got to be encouraged by all this good news.

Debbie said...

what a story....sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time!!

she is one amazing girl and i just adore how you tell the story!!

may the force be with her!!

Pondside said...

I think of Amber every night as I pray - what a good start in life she is giving those babies!

Chatty Crone said...

Isn't it amazing the miracles of modern medicine? To know the babies personally like that and how much they weigh and their names! love, sandie

Deb said...

Go Amber...we know you can do it...you have so much love and support around you...

Bernice said...

Sorry to hear Amber is not feeling the greatest, but soooo Happy the little ones are doing so well.
Love how you described Trystan as wanting to lead the way out, she may in time be the leader of the Quad Squad:) Continued prayers for all of them.

Bev said...

WOW! how exciting... not much longer... thank goodness for Amber!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

So happy for Amber! I'm praying for you all.

Angie said...

I'm so glad you made it to the scan! That must be so exciting. Amber is so brave. You must be so proud of her. An 8 out of 8 is WONDERFUL news. God is taking care of her and the kiddos!!!

Kathy said...

Such great news! You tell such a good story. I was running down that corridor with you! I know Amber must be glad with the report. 8 out of 8... those Bell quads are amazing little people. They will be here any day now. How exciting!

Changes in the wind said...

I always hold my breath before I open your blog.....good news for sure:)

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Imagine this! All across our beloved Country, people are awaiting these little ones. And sending strengthening thoughts to the very brave Mommy To Be!

And to the Grand-Mommy-To-Be too. :-)

Gentle hugs....

Susie said...

Linda, All of you are in my prayers. Take a nice break when you can. Smiles, Susie

Carla said...

I can't imagine how uncomfortable Amber is. I also can't believe she's only gained 36 pounds. It's great that the babies are all 2+ pounds now.