Friday, May 18, 2012

Red White and BLUE!

Last week I got all of my patriotic decorations down from the attic and scattered them all over the house!

The 'table cloth' is really a broom skirt I picked up at a Goodwill last winter.
Fits the breakfast table perfectly!

I piled all the stuff on the dining room table and went from there!

All the decorations bring back so many memories.
Most of the things I have had for years and years!

I keep the red white and blue out from May to July.

Amber painted this little girl on brown paper.......
AND she painted the frame, too.
She won a blue ribbon at the Texas State Fair with this entry back in her childhood.

Benjamin painted this one.

Another broom skirt used as a cover for a vintage school desk.
I plan to decorate the desk up with vintage school books for a September setting.

Our front door.......

......and next to the front door.
We don't have a door must ring the real bell!

This is in the corner of the front porch........

I'm not above hanging things on the side of furniture!
It WAS a rather blank space.....after all!!

By the time I got to the dining room the pile on the table had dwindled down!

I tucked all the dinner napkins in the wreath for easy grabbing!

I know I am not home much but I still love decorating.
I'll take it all down in July and use watermelons and sunflowers until I decorate for fall on September 1st!

I did all this last week before we came down here to Amber and Mike's.
Not sure when we will go home. But the house is all ready and decorated!!

Tomorrow is the big celebration!
Amber will be 28 weeks in just another 8 hours and 24 minutes!
It's been another quiet day and quiet days are good days.
She slept a good bit today and that's always a good thing.

I'll be baking a cake in the morning and LD and I will come back up here to the hospital to celebrate along with them, the nurses, and staff! Everyone is so excited for them!

Thanks to all of you who have shared in the journey along with us.
Wish I could share a big piece of Dr Pepper Cake with each one of you!!


Carole said...

I have never heard of a broom skirt. Will have to google it. Good luck for tomorrow.

Debbie said...

have fun tomorrow and have a piece of cake for me!!

your home looks great, my tree would fit in perfectly!!

Bernice said...

Your house looks so patriotic:)
Dr Pepper cake sounds yummy,is it a family recipie?
I am counting down the hours for Amber so happy for her and you!!
Continued prayers, and enjoy the day tomorrow it is a big goal she accomplished!!

Vee said...

Oh me, too...the Dr. Pepper cake. I don't know what a broom skirt is either. Whatever it is, it makes for a festive holiday look for Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Great news about reaching 28 weeks in a few short hours. Praising God here...

Changes in the wind said...

Very festive around your house:) Love the painting by your have indeed had them a while:) Know you are getting pretty excited and we are excited with you.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

I love your real bell, on your front door!!!!

Also love how you use skirts, as decoration on tables. You are so smart!

So wonderful that the wished-for-date has come, for Amber and her babies. Hugssssssssssssssss....

"You cannot open a book
without learning something."

~ Confucius~

Susie said...

Thanking God for Amber doing this well. I love all your americana decor. My daughter has family reunion on the 4th at her house and she has lots of it also. Smiles, Susie

Judy said...

28 weeks is great...and definitely calls for a celebration! Your red, white & blue is great.

Sweet Tea said...

I don't know what a "Broom Skirt" is, but it sure looks pretty. All this decorating reminds me I need to change out my front door deco to my red/white/blue deco...So happy Amber continues to do so well. What a wonderful time of celebrating!

Carla said...

A broom stick skirt? Really. Neat. Did you stitch the waist line up to close or did you place something over the opening? Darn had I paid attention when you posted this I could have ran down to the hospital for my piece of cake. LOL