Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bread Baking Bonanza!

Louis Dean loves to bake! While I was at the hospital yesterday LD kept himself busy baking! The plans were for him to make ONE batch of cinnamon rolls for Mike.

He kind of got carried away!
I came home to THREE big pans FULL!

Then he decided to use every last bit of flour and made this HUGE loaf of cinnamon/raisin bread!

It is SO big we had to wrap it up in Walmart bags!
This morning he sliced it up and I am telling you.......
that is SOME delicious bread!!!

We packaged up a whole bag full to share with the nurses and valet staff
up here at the hospital. They have all been so kind to Amber - to all of us!

The valet people always bring my car down and make a u turn so I am going out the right way. I get turned around easily and do NOT have a good sense of direction!
It's the little things that make so much difference.
I have been impressed with how kind and helpful the guys have been every time - every day! The fellow commented this morning, "You come EVERY day!!"
Yup! Every day. Amber is at 28 weeks 3 days and we are still counting!

When I arrived this morning I was tired and Amber was a bit glum.
We popped in 'Julie and Julia' to cheer us up!

We planned to clip recipes for Amber's wedding gift cook book.
Instead I napped! Poor Amber. I think she was bored.

Things picked up this afternoon.
The nurses have been having a  harder and harder time getting all four babies

heartbeats during the heart monitoring sessions. It took over an hour yesterday and they STILL weren't sure they got all four. The babies are so scrunched up together - it's just hard to get them all! SO.....they decided to do a sonogram every day. We really like that better because you can SEE all four of the babies and they do a BPP (Bio Physical Profile) which gives you a better picture of how they are doing. This afternoon they scored 8 out of 8 again! All four little hearts are beating well and they are puffing up their little diaphragms. It was a bundle of baby body parts.

 One picture was a very distinct little foot sticking out of a bunch of legs and arms.

They also captured the first good pic of Trystan....the little gatekeeper.
She's a strong little scrapper! I think her hands are up to push the other kids off of her.
She is at the bottom of the pile.

I am amazed that these little ones are so well known to us already!
We already know them by their personalities.
I feel like I have already 'met' these precious children!

It's the end of the day and I am about to close up shop here.
I wait until traffic has eased up before I leave but I may try to venture out a bit earlier just to see what it's like. Driving from the hospital over to the first highway is quite pleasant. But once I pull out on the highway it is like a whole other world and it stays that way through 2 interstates and 45 minutes until I exit OFF the rat race of traffic and back on to residential streets.

And I will drop off the cinnamon rolls for the evening staff of valet parkers.
Like I told them when I arrived this morning.......I'm here a LOT!


Vee said...

You're going to be their favorite...the valet parking staff's that is. Perhaps the nurses' favorite, too.

What a jumble of hands and legs every now and then a face. It's so cool that you "know" them already.

Bernice said...

Oh the bread looks yummy.The staff of the hospital are going to miss you when Amber and the Quads head home:) Love the pics,happy to hear they are scoring 8's. Continued prayers.

Sweet Tea said...

I'm always totally amazed at those sonograms. That's a bunch of babies!!. . .You have conquered the awful Houston traffic. Wow!

darlin said...

Wow, LD bakes too? You are blessed, but you already know that! :-)

The babies are sure growing, they look like they're cozy, very cozy indeed. I wonder how they will be as they grow up, if they'll always be close.

Have a wonderful day and hang in there Amber!

Carole said...

Hi Linda. Thanks for the update

Just to let you know that I added this post to StumbleUpon for you. Someone did this for my corned beef post and its page views just shot up exponentially. I hope that works for you too.

If it does, and you want to, you could like one of my posts that you liked in StumbleUpon too – but you do have to register with them (it's free) and then download their toolbar – probably too much hassle.
Thanks for following Carole's Chatter

Chatty Crone said...

Wow what an adventure! So how long do you think she will be able to hold them in? Phew. The bird looks good.

kathy said...

How about a recipe for rhose good looking rolls ?

Judy said...

How fun to have an in-house baker! Continuing to pray for the babies.

bj said...

OMYGOSH....those pictures of that belly full of babies are just awesome. You MUST write a book about them all, once this is all over with and they are safely HERE.
I just can't wait to see pictures of them after they are born. Sooo amazing.

Kelly said...

You are such a giving person thinking of others. That is so nice of you to treat those Valet people to some food. I bet you've become close to some of the people that work at the hospital since you're there so often! I know Amber must be getting weary of waiting. She's ALMOST there!

Carla said...

Okay it's lunch time and I saw all that yummy bread and rolls... now I'm really hungry. ;o)

What a puzzle of arms and legs all smushed up together!