Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beach Day at Galveston!

Galveston Island is just an hour or so from Houston so Sunday we decided to take a day off and hang out at the beach. We did all our favorite things........it was a perfect day!

We kept with our tadition and hit up the local Goodwill! I scored a couple of good books along with  a coffee/tea canister. Life is SO much easier if you have a good book and a glass of tea!

Then we headed to our favorite place to eat on Seawall Blvd.
Benno's on the Beach!
There are so MANY good places to eat in Galveston but we always go HERE!

They have been in business since 1983 and specialize in Cajun Seafood.
 It is good!!

I always every single time usually have the Shrimp Pasta Salad.
This visit I ate nearly all of it!!

Louis Dean ordered the Cajun Platter.
Did I mention it is spicy??

He loved it and ate every bite!

They serve wine as well as beer in chilled steins.
I love that.......

After lunch we did a little sidewalk sitting on the Seawall.

Fed the seagulls.

LD and I spent our honeymoon in Santa Fe but we always go to Galveston for our anniversary. We will celebrate 7 years next month!
A few years ago I booked us a room with one of those sites that you pay right then.
Hot Price or something like that. Only I booked it for JULY by mistake! No worries!
Louis Dean just had me book another one for June so that year we celebrated TWICE!

Murdoch's shell shop for drinks on the veranda.
Did I say it was just a perfect day?

Hurricane Ike completely destroyed much of Galveston and ALL of Murdoch's back in 2008.

Remnants of the old piers stand side by side with the new ones.

Hard to believe the mass destruction and the impact it had on the lives in Galveston.
Thankfully the city has recovered and been rebuilt.

The Battleship Hotel is gone now and they are building 'Pleasure Pier'.....
an amusement park.

My cute husband! He didn't dress all in black as he normally does for a day at the beach!

There's just something about getting your toes in the sand that is so calming.

We are back home now. Amber is 26 weeks 3 days and counting.

My brave beautiful daughter!
She had the steroid injection yesterday that will help the babies' lungs develop.
The side effect of this was LOTS of contractions.
The mag IV dose was lowered back to 1 mg per hour. She also had a short round of the Indocin.

She is hanging in there but when you look at this picture and think, "That must HURT!".......she would be the first to tell you it DOES!!!

You can read her latest post celebrating "Quad Squad! 26 Weeks!"

Can you see she is counting the days?
Mike is so thoughtful.
Amber was loosing track of what day if the week it is!
Hospital life messes with your mind.
Today she is the 29th day of her stay.

I copied this from her Facebook page this morning.......

Late night musings from your local quad mom: its amazing how much our world of statistics can differ from the average singleton pregnancy. I have gotten so used to discussing 28 and 30 weeks as "good" delivery dates, versus 40 weeks. And 2.5lbs as goal weights for each quad, versus 5-7lbs for a single. Plus an average of two months of NICU care, versus going home days later. The world of multiples really is fascinating, but so is the act of growing & bringing any child into the world. This experience has already changed my life forever!

She and Mike make a good team.
Thank you again for every prayer prayed on behalf of this quad pregnancy!

We are on the home stretch!!

26 weeks 3 days and still counting........


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

You posted!!!!!!

As you now know, I was worried about no posting here, for a while.

I'm such an "OLD LADY"! -giggles-

Wonderful to see you had a great time!!!

Gentle hugs...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

What a wonderful day you two had!!!!! Super duuuuuper!!!!

Cool idea.-->Serving wine in cold steins, as well as beer. Very cool idea for those who like their wine NOT room temp. (Us) ,-)

Dear Amber, she is still smiling. But she is looking a wee bit tired. And WHY NOT?!? Brave, brave, brave she is!

Gentle hugs...

Kelly said...

I guess there is one good thing about being pregnant with multiples......not having to be pregnant as long! I always went past my due date, so I always thought people that delivered early were lucky somehow (if the baby wasn't in danger). Her belly is huge! I bet she will be glad when she can finally see her feet again. She is doing a good job being such a good trooper through all of this. Not many people can say they carried and delivered 4 babies at once!

Carole said...

Great you had a nice day and thanks for the Amber update - was starting to worry.

Vee said...

That gal of yours is nothing but tummy and a big grin. So cute. So brave.

Glad that you and your hubby got away for some time to yourselves, too. It's all good and excellent for mental health.

Amber said...

Yalls Galveston day was perfect!! One day we will take the quads and eat on the patio at Benno's and push strollers along the sidewalk!!

Bev said...

What a wonderful day for a wonderful couple... Glad to see Amber hanging (over) in there!!:) What a wonderful mom she will be ...she had the best model!!

Linda said...

Hoping time will speed past safely for you all!

Lynne said...

Glad the two of you got away!
How lovely was your day!?!
Was a bit worried, but I know to pop over to Amber's blog.

The beauty of this post is the calendar. Since your photo, they are almost half way through week 27!
I wake up every morn and pray for 29 and holding!

Susie said...

Oh that girl is strong !! She and her hubby look so darn cute. I am still praying for amber and her babies...and the g.parents too.Smiles, Susie

Pondside said...

What an adorable couple!
I just looked at the calendar and thought 'what if those babies are born on Lillypad's wedding day?'...a good omen!

Bernice said...

So glad you had a nice trip, the food looks yummy. Loved Amber post of taking the quads and strolling along the sidewalk,always thinking of those little ones,you have a great daughter:)
Continued prayers for her and the quads.

HoundDogMom said...

Good Morning, I have found your blog through your daughters. I just had to commment today as I loved seeing the pics of Galveston. My parents live on Boliver Pennisula (Crystal Beach). I was not aware they rebuilt Murdochs since Hurricane Ike. I loved all those little shops even though they had the same stuff. Things are so different on the seawall since Ike hit the area, but from your photos I can see it is starting to come back. I pray for your daughter every day for her to keep baking them babies. :) I hope to make it my parents home this summer and go see Galveston again. I seen it 6 months after Ike but have not been back down there since. Sherri

Judy said...

I have been to Galveston several times...the last time early in 2009 when we saw all the hurricane damage. Glad you had a beach day...with yummy food!

Cheering your daughter on!

Carla said...

Dang that salad looked good and so did that Cajun platter. Maybe David and I will have to make a trip to Benno's.
Glad you got to spend the day in Galveston. David's getting use to me having the camera around. Well almost. hehe.
Amber is getting closer. I can't believe how it's all tummy.
She and Mike do make a great team.

Linda Jo said...

Beautiful! Your time in Galveston looked wonderful... and your daughter is amazing! Just found you listed on Texas Blogging Gals...or whatever we are!!