Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sam's MiMi Camp! Day FIVE........

We started our day off with fun and GAMES! Chinese Checkers this time! Granddad read aloud while Sam and I played. We then played a threesome. Now I am REALLY good at this game having  played it when I was a child myself! It is a QUICK active game.....not requiring long periods of prolonged THINKING as checkers. So I figured I would be an easy winner over both Sam and Granddad! NOT! I was playing casually along and by the time I realized all that pondering and  thinking just might be working for Louis Dean......well...I thought a little too late. He beat me by ONE move!!! I will not underestimate him tomorrow!
After our lunch and an afternoon nap, Sam and I went out to WEED! He was adept at pulling most of those rascals up by their roots! And some of them had extremely LONG ones!
Thanks to our neighbor, Stephanie, we had tickets to the AirHogs vs Fort Worth Cats ballgame. Sam carried his bag of candy with him so we were set!

The weather was absolutely PERFECT for the ball game. Stephanie and her family were there as well as other friends of theirs......just a real good time! Mark made sure Sam got a baseball from the game to take home! Good way to end another day of MiMi Camp! Sam located July (the cat) after we got home and helped me give her medicine. We all got ready for bed and then sat in the gazebo and read the chapter called 'Longhorns' from The Little House on the Prairie. Louis Dean taught school for 25 years and did unit studies using the Little House books for many of those years. "Laura Ingalls Wilder always used pretty words and put them at the end of a chapter," said one of his students. Yes, she did.


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Sounds like another wonderful MiMi camp day! Your little Sam looks like he is really having a good time! BTW, I love you new profile pic! I must look for a new one, too!

Amber said...

that game was a special surprise for sam, i bet! sounds like a terrific mimi camp, so fun!

Anonymous said...

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