Wednesday, July 28, 2010

From Blue to Green.....can you tell??

It is hard to see the WALLS behind all the STUFF I have hanging ON them! I have collected and painted things all my life and it shows when you visit my home! I have often said, "You can't put your open hand on any of my walls!" And that is so scary but so TRUE! In all the years I raised children I NEVER cleaned handprints off the walls! The mirrors and glass doors...YES! Walls? NO! No room even for LITTLE ones!

You can see the green at the lower edge of the wall.....I wanted to try it out first!
The 'After' pic....not sure if the color change made much difference but it DID give me a chance to CLEAN everything as I had to take it all down and then put it all back!

I will need to get a couple of new LARGE round tablecloths for this corner table. The cloths must reach the floor to hide all the STUFF I store UNDER the bottled water, paper towels....

I have had this cow FOREVER and plan to re paint the pink welcome sign soon. When my children and I homeschooled we would play the dominoes in  the 'Cow' box after lunch every day. Then we would read out loud. I still miss those days!

These racoon paintings are dear to my heart. They survived the fire which gutted my house in 1983. You can still see embedded ash in the wood.

I painted this Fruit of the Spirit on an old grape tray. Tuesday night is art night here and we painted many of these in class back in 1987. They made great gifts.

'Matilda' was another popular painting project! Though I grew past the Folk Art stage....I kept my 'friends!'

Can't wait to decorate for FALL!! This painting done in the 90's gives me a head start!

I had this fun sign hanging outside on the house. YES! I decorate my outside walls, too! It reminds me not to take things too seriously!
While my home is a nice place to visit you would probably NOT want to live here! I, on the other hand, could live NOWHERE else!


Luann said...

I love it.. new color and all. Yes a trip to your home is always a fun adventure. I love ya Sis!

Unknown said...

It makes me think of a country store - like the Cracker Barrel! I love your idiot sign. I used to have one outside my front door that said: Friends welcome anytime; kin by appointment only.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I love green Linda. All your painted things are so cute. I love the pumpkins!

Linda said...

Thank you, ladies! I am happy with it! Dawn, my brother once told me my house was like going to Pier I.....the highest compliment he could think of! Another brother in law whispered, after going through the living room and dining room, "EVERY room is like this!" Poor Louis Dean was really brave to marry into this house! I have made some accomodations for him, though! Nothing much hangs from the ceilings anymore!

Anonymous said...

I like the green (and, yes, my color-blind eyes can see it). It seems to be a more subdued background for the art - the blue was more contrasting in places. I remember seeing many of those projects in progress. As for new round tablecloths---a sheet in your selected color might work for a temporary fix -- just tuck the edges under at the floor and it will look like you planned it that way. Course you may have to be careful in removing items from under the table so as not to cause a land slide... but WE have to do that anyway, don't we? I learned from the BEST! Love you, Debbie

Amber said...

i like the green, mom! and i remember each and every art pieces you have in that house - and i always notice the new ones too! so glad you have continued to paint and be creative, such a fulfilling hobby and one that i get from you! can't wait to be "home".