Saturday, July 10, 2010

Peach Preserves!

My first batch of peach preserves! Well, the first batch in YEARS! I used to be quite the canner back in the day! Peach jam, strawberry jam, blueberry jam, green beans, tomatoes, mixed vegetables, pickles...I even made spiced apple rings and whole spiced peaches! Those were the days!
Just turned the jars right side up and I am listening to the little 'pings' as the jars seal.
Music to my ears!
By the way....the jam is delicious! There was just enough left to spread on a few crackers Louis Dean and I shared! Mmmmmm....GOOD! Now I am going BACK to the kitchen for another round......I have POUNDS of PEACHES to do before I sleep........


Unknown said...

I'm making a date for a weekend get-away at your bed and breakfast. What is your nightly rate? I want home made biscuits with that peach jam!!

Anonymous said...

I remember canning tomato jam together. Often have a hankering to have some again. Folks at my house didn't like/were allergic to it, so it was all mine.

Enjoy your jam! Love you. Debbie