Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sam's MiMi Camp! Day FOUR.....

Granddad and Sam had already had their morning coffee by the time I got up......but they joined me for an extra cup before Granddad made Spanish omelets for us. We are over half way in our Little House on the Prairie book which I read out loud in the morning, afternoon and evenings.

Day four of MiMi Camp.....the time is flying by! We spent the better part of Wednesday afternoon at the Dallas Science and Natural History Museum. The exhibits on Water and Body were my favorites!       

As we were leaving the museum the clouds had once again moved in and looked dark and foreboding. We made it home just before the rain came pouring out of them! While I fixed supper, Granddad and Sam played a game of Checkers. The house was fragrant with the smells of yellow squash and onions, steak with potatoes and carrots.....and big fat slices of juicy red homegrown tomatoes! Delicious!
I finished the edges off of the hot pad Sam made....the pic shows his still on the loom.....and the one HIS DAD made years ago on top!
Our evening entertainment was Popcorn, Movie and Coke! We watched 'So Dear to My Heart' OLD Disney movie about 2 little kids who reminded Louis Dean and me of Sam and Faith.
I knew the movie was OLD because Burl Ives is YOUNG in it!
So that closed out Day FOUR of MiMi Camp! Only 2 more to go! What SHALL we do?? I have a few ideas!

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Sounds like awesome memories being made. I'm so hungry after reading about the Spanish omelet, steak & potatoes. We used to live in Dallas so I'm familiar with those afternoon thunderstorms.