Friday, July 9, 2010

Pickin' PEACHES!!

This afternoon Louis Dean and I picked peaches fresh off Lonnie and Michele's tree.....we picked QUIETLY so as not to wake my brother who sleeps days and works nights! The boughs were heavy laden with fruit and while some were not QUITE ripe.....I hope to get several batches of jam! We moved quickly and were home within 45 minutes of picking them. Louis Dean set us up in the gazebo with the peaches all floating in a HUGE tub of water. We each had a paring knife and pots and went to work! I have a large...and I mean LARGE enamel canning pot that is filled to the brim with peaches! They are simmering as I write.
This may take a while!


Unknown said...

I hope you saved a few to make peach cobbler or peach pie!

Luann said...

Monte made pickles and tomatoe juice this week. while the juice is a bit tart it will make good stew juice. Hey it was his first time and boy did the house smell awesome when I came home from work. I know your smelled great too. One of the delights of summer

Nancy's Notes said...

You are amazing! Way to go! I have not canned in years, when I did, it was bread and butter pickles!

Happy I found your great blog!