Friday, July 2, 2010

Sam's MiMi Camp! Final Day!

Our final day together and rather unexpectedly I did NOT go to Fort worth to do The Beauty Shop Run for my Mother. That have me the opportunity to take Sam to Summer's office downtown to meet her for lunch!

She works in a really TALL building...on the 20th floor.....

As we went in Sam asked me, "Will it be quiet like where my dad works? All you can hear there are footsteps."

Yes, it was pretty quiet....except when Summer was making Sam laugh! She enjoyed introducing him around to her co workers and boss.

We lunched at Cafe of my favorite places. The rain had begun to fall in earnest when we were fortunate enough to nab a parking place close to the entrance. By the time we had finished eating and Summer had bought coffees for both Sam and me the rain had let up. We tried to get some pics outside around the lovely waterfalls and landscaping there but my camera obviously was a little fogged up! I tried to doctor this one  but somehow the changes didn't 'take.' I will be so glad when Amber gets back in the USA and can help me with all things written and posted!

He packed his bag and I baked the M & M cookies and gathered all his camp goodies .....the decorative cans he painted  and now full of cookies and another of M & M's to share with his siblings....his pot holder and his own copy of Little House in the Big Woods.

His dad picked him up and all too soon.....MiMi Camp 2010 is now officially over. All that's left are the memories! I took pictures of Sam's drawings....he drew one each day and I will close out this post with them.

The drawing in the lower corner is of the table and seats at The Movie Tavern.

Granddad reading Little House on the Prairie to us in the gazebo while Sam and I played Chinese Checkers.

The three of us sitting around the Chinese Checker board....

Cookies! Every grandchild in the whole world loves homemade COOKIES!


Becky Dunsmoor said...

Sam is a neat kid! Glad you all had a good week!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Pencil me in for MiMi camp next summer! What a great thing you do for your Grandkids!

Unknown said...

It sure looks like you all had a great time. I'm with Sam - homemade cookies are the best! We're making some brownies today.