Tuesday, July 27, 2010


That's what I did this morning after our coffee/reading/stupor time! After four years of yoga and walking due to arthritis/joint issues, I was beginning to feel the need for EXERCISE! The old fashioned kind! When I looked through my collection of old fashioned VHS videos....this one jumped out at me! 'Blessercize' by Marie Chapian made in 1983. That was the year my house burned and was completely gutted. That was also the year I began to EXERCISE! I had to divide this 30 minute work out into 2 parts but I DID exercise! The time was when I could do this SO easily! But then again...that was 27 years ago! I am just happy I could do HALF of it and still go on about my day feeling GOOD about myself!

Then I got to thinking about the blessing of being ABLE to exercise after three joint replacements! I am grateful I can walk normally! A few years ago I could not! My grandson once ran up to hug me and my knee was so unstable I nearly fell over! I could get DOWN on  the floor to play with him but it was a real challenge to get UP! Not to mention the effort it took simply to walk from here to there and do it as normally as possible! I used to think twice before going all the way from the bedroom out to the den!
I am forever grateful to God and the doctors who made this possible!

 I am also grateful for people like Marie Chapian who promoted EXERCISE for the body as well as the heart and Spirit! I was curious as to how SHE was doing, lo, these 27 years later.....and I found she has a blog! Small blog world, isn't it? You can catch up with her at /http://mariechapian.blogspot.com/

Now I wonder what Charlene Prickett and Denise Austin are up to these days?


Amber said...

I love that you call the first morning hours "stupor time." So true!

And I love that you are moving around like a young woman these days. You had some great doctors and great results!

Also impressed you did your workout video. I totally remember that one - I used to sit in the den while you exercised!

I do Denise Austin's bootcamp workout DVD from time to time. She's still in the same great shape. I will probably be doing some DVD workouts at your house when I'm home (and without a gym membership) so you might be seeing that one! :)

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Good for you, Linda! I might try and ride my bike a bit, if I can get all the yard work done. I do know that yard work definitely counts for exercise, tho! :)