Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Daughters' Room....

I have spent the better part of TWO days cleaning a relatively small room......the room both of my daughters grew up in! Summer had this room from 1967-1985.....18 years! She was 3 the year we bought this house.
Amber lived here from 1985-2003. This room has gone through a myriad of changes over the years. It is now a restful GUEST ROOM while remaining chock full of precious memories!!

This is at the foot of the bed and you can see one of my 'candle' lights as well as the Tea Set I made for Amber's first birthday. There is a laminated wedding announcement for my son, Jesse's, wedding to his bride Leigh Ann. I will always regret the family trauma/drama/turmoil of my life that prevented me from attending their wedding. Times are better now, praise God! Tucked next to that is one of Amber's wedding invitations.

The room is not a shrine to my daughters but a room that holds memories of all my children...the pics of Benjamin above the mirror and some of his art work on the opposite wall  is reflected...

It is peaceful room. If you are ever in the know I have a place for you to stay!
And, are booked for August 6th!!!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Looks very cozy and welcoming, Linda :)

Unknown said...

It's lovely ! You must be excited to see your daughter and August is not that far away. Will she be here for good, now ? You must be walking on air.
We are going to Cooperstown, New York (Baseball Hall of Fame) as my grandson is playing for a week there in two weeks. Exciting, as he is one of the boys from Texas. He just turned 13 and today is his birthday. Now he is a teenager !!!
Come on over and take a button on my site for your site. It will look cute as it's a frame and it will go with yours. Seriously, you're very welcome to take one -- I would like that.
My daughter says the heat is letting up a bit in Tx. We are in the boiling stage up here right now with the humidity.
The weekend looks good and that's a big ok with us.

Linda said... do I TAKE A BUTTON? I am so slow at learning this blogging stuff!! I will try to figure it out this afternoon...after I return from taking my Mother to the Beauty SHop! It's FRIDAY, you know!

Connie said...

It looks so nice on your blog, too.
Now you won't have to work so hard to come and visit.
Have a very nice weekend........ Connie

Mama said...

What a beautiful room. I really love the bedcover. Gorgeous!