Thursday, November 30, 2023

Will Announce the Santa Painting Winner Tomorrow!

 I have been plodding along with my Christmas decorating!

The den is the biggest room to do and I started on it last week....actually even before that since I put the Santa wall up earlier in November!

Still addressing Christmas cards!
I'm up to the M's now.

Things are beginning to come together now.

You should see the back yard - it is a mass of empty red and green tubs!

I have put up a lot of trees but have not decorated any of them yet.
That will be done at leisure and maybe my grands will help with that.

We have a table from Sam's that will go in front of the sofa.
I'll cover it with a plaid tablecloth and put out a Christmas puzzle!

I have a stack of cards to mail and three packages to mail.
After the drawing in the morning, I'm hoping to mail out the two Santas to the winners!

Tabitha and Samantha love all the decorating and are snooping around in the tubs and under the trees!

I have been watching Virgin River episodes catching up for the new ones that will air soon.

In the evenings, I find a football game for Louis Dean and I watch it with him while I do my journal entry or work on my cards.

It's a Win! WIN!!

I do so wish I could do more giveaways but two was all I could afford this year.
Just so you know - you can use Snap Fish and order a canvas print from your Christmas card.
Amber took the photo of this year's painting and I may be able to send you the photo she used to order my canvases. 

Well, Louis Dean is asleep in front of the TV and I am about to take my shower and go to bed.
Sherry is coming later to spend the night as she is working form the Irving office to morrow!

December is just hours away!


Brenda said...

I use snap fish monthly…order pictures family sends me texting. Plus I make scrapbooks for the two little grandsons. Love the card.

Stacy said...

I just love seeing your Christmas decorations every year. It's always so festive and inspires me to get going on my own!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are staying busy! Sending love -- Trudy

Donna said...

Guess I need to check out Snap Fish...
Love all the decorations!

MadSnapper said...

I almost missed Louis Dean in the first photo, he is camouflage in Christmas.I love the nook with the chair and 3 packages. so cozy, warm and pretty. at Walmart photos can be put on canvas while waiting, or do it your self. good prices too. scan it in and it comes out on the canvas. i have never done it. but they look great. check it out in the camera dept.

Susie said...

Linda, I love Christmas at your house. The greenery, the plaids, and lights. I like reading that LD fell asleep watching his game. I used to watch my Teddy sitting in his recliner, he would say" you like looking at me?" And I would sing, "I've Grown Accustom To Your Face." Making us both laugh. Hold LD tight. I have much to do and need some of my grandkids energy. LOL Blessings to you and your sweetheart, xoxo, Susie

Deanna Rabe said...

I love your Christmas spirit, and I love you, friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your Santa Wall - right up my alley !!! Everything looks lovely and cozy. All the best!
Dawn P. Albany, GA

salemslot9 said...

Plastic bins are more convenient
than cardboard boxes ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป

Tina said...

I will have to try your idea and work on my journaling or catch up with cards/letters while my husband watches sports! It is ALL he wants to watch on the evenings when he is at home and it just doesn't keep my attention for very long. I haven't even started my Christmas decorating at all so you're way ahead of the game! Hope to get it done this weekend! I hope I get one of your Christmas cards this year, I have been working so much lately that I don't comment much. Have a wonderful weekend!

Wanda said...

A brand new Month. Everything looks so marvelous. Louis Dean falling asleep so peacefully as your are busy doing blogs and cards. My dearest is having to do more resting in the afternoons. How we love these men of ours.
Don't work to time for yourself!

Sending love, hugs and prayers

Rita said...

Nothing better than having the kids help decorate the trees! That will be fun. It is now December. This year seems to have flown by. I had best finish getting my Christmas cards out, too. I don't do mine alphabetically necessarily. I do internationals first and the rest get mixed up--lol! But they will all be out this coming week, I hope.:)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's so nice that you have more than one tree because they all look wonderful even if not fully decorated yet, Linda, and hope you will have some help from the grands too. Christmas cards will be started soon and good on you for already being half done if you re up to the M's now. My list will be a little shorter than years ago, but still more than many others send out.