Friday, December 1, 2023

The Winning Santas and Our Christmas Living Room all Dressed up!!

I have been decorating like a mad woman the last several days!
I can't seem to help my self! 

I know it's always a little over the top but I would decorate if only Louis Dean and I ever saw it!

The den is done.....and I moved on to the living room today!


I had done some preliminary things and then yesterday I put on the finishing touches except for decorating the tree.

This is my Quiet Spot whenever I can't go outside to the kitchen deck with my first cup of coffee.
It's one of my favorite places to sit and pray....

What I used to call may Angel Wall is now my Nita Wall.....
Thank you, Susan for the Angel Light which has been such a comfort to me.

The foyer.....

As you enter the front door.....

And as you continue from the foyer to the living room.

Louis Dean bought me a 5 track CD player for my birthday in 20005!
I may be the last person in the world to play CDs but I love them!
I am so NOT techy and it's amazing that I even know how to blog!
Speaking of which - blog backgrounds are not easy to get any more.
What are y'all doing about it?

I love my home and the living room is next to my very favorite room which is the den - once upon a time my LEAST favorite.

So I close tonight's journal entry with the two winners!

I prayed several times that God would choose the winners and so He did!

The first draw is #45 - Luann Rogers who happens to be my half sister.....
I am half to all my sisters.....Deanie, Lanita, Luann, Shari, Rita, and Lori as well as my brothers Lonnie and Buster. Then I have two brothers who died early in life - and another sister, Shirley.
So now I have four siblings in heaven along with the father I never knew.
It will be a true Family Reunion when we all get there!

Luann and I have had a relationship in the past even though  we were not able to grow up together.
We reconnected later in life but it wasn't all we hoped it would be.  
When Nita was on life support and dying.....
we had an emotional conversation and that was our last communication.
Life is messy and I appreciate the comments my sister has left on my recent journal entries.
It's a God thing that Luann has continued to support me in her comments.

Luann, I love you and I will put your canvas in the mail on Monday.
I have continued to pray for you every day - actually twice a day - you are my sister and also a widow.

The second winner is  #61 and that's my dear friend Sue Batz!
I do so love you!
And I am looking forward to being with you in heaven !
You, my dear Sue, are  such an inspiration to me....

It's December First and the Christmas season is beginning!


Rita said...

Congrats to the winners!
Your home is the most elaborately festive I have ever seen! It is just filled with light and love! :)

Donna said...

Congratulations to the winners...Everything is so pretty!

PS- Go to my blog sidebar...scroll down until you see the standing cat...That's where I keep background blogs. Several have stopped posting but you can still use their backgrounds.
I thought it looked awfully white in Good luck.

Anonymous said...

It's just so pretty, Linda, my dear friend! The amount you get you get done in a day, amazes me. "You got the beat," Go Go Girl.(Remember that "old song!) My Sherry sang it all the time.
Is your Thanksgiving meal tomorrow - Saturday?
Have a lovely weekend, lovely friend!

Brenda said...

Congrats to the winners. You will have a part of a gracious lady in your home. Thank you, Linda, for your generous Christian spirit. Prayers. Brenda

Latane Barton said...

I just have one question, Linda. Where do you get all that energy from? I am exhausted just thinking about decorating. Everything look lovely but I like things more simple I guess. Old age will do that to you. hehe. Have a good one. Latane

MadSnapper said...

Congratulations to Sue and Luann, so happy for them. your home reminds me of the Year Round Christmas store that used to be here, it was an old house, 2 stories and it looked just like your home does during December, but was open all year long. they even had candles every where. I don't remember the santa making a list, with the greenery around him. its beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Bounds here! Your home is so warm and inviting!! I LOVE it! God Bless you and LD this Christmas and all year long! Thank you for the beautiful note that came with your card!! Love you😘😘😘

BeachGypsy said...

In the picture with your CD player I spy my most favorite angel painting of all!!-- grew up looking at it at my Ma-Maws home. It's a very old German painting. I love your decorations--bright happy festive! PS--- I still play lots of CD'S too! LOL. Happy weekend

Deanna Rabe said...

I love your beautiful home! It’s a place of welcome and delight for so many people!

I didn’t realize you’ve lost two brothers, too. I’m sorry. You have an amazing story and I hope you finish your book. Maybe even share chapters with us again.

Love that your angel wall is now your Nita wall!

photowannabe said...

Oh WOW !!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
I can't wait to get my canvas. How special to have such a dear friend across the internet and Blogdom....
Hubby and I are freezing our patooties off this morning. We are trying to have a garage sale of Hallmark ornaments and Disney too, plus random Christmas "debris"
Gotta sell !!!

Love you dear friend and your home is sublime.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Congrats to your winners...of course we are all winners to enjoy your beautiful art and get cards every year. Sweet hugs to you and Louis Dean!

Wanda said...

Oh I'm so excited for Sue! We have been blog and and actually met and spent many hours together. She will treasure your painting as I do!! Yeah!

As far as backgrounds...what a mess!! Where did they all GO? What I did with my last background is I went to my dashboard and and when to layouts and advance and found a background. It's not perfect, but I plan to play around with it and find ways to use it.

Your home is a touch of heaven.... I love every room and every wall and everything in between and on top and underneath. You are a Christmas Treasure!!
Love and Hugs.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Congratulations to the winners! So wonderful to do something so extra special! What a blessing for those who will receive those marvelous works of art! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. What an amazing story. Love to you and your family.

Jackie Collins said...

I feel the same way!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You really do go all out for the Christmas holiday, Linda, and it was wonderful to see all your decorations and lights! Nice that your half sister was a winner and congrats to all!

Lorraine said...

Woweee! You are ready for the holidays!!

Debbie said...

congrats to those lucky winners!! your home looks lovely, when i look at your home decorated and then mine decorated, i think...did i even decorate?? it's wonderful to hear your voice!!

Debbie said...

your angel wall and area is really beautiful!! i know you miss nita!!

Arlene G said...

Congrats to the winners....Linda, I would decorate if it were just for me. i've told several friends that when I decide not to decorate for the seasons you know something is wrong with me. :) It just makes me happy and cozy. I hope you and LD have the best Christmas ever.

Luann said...

I am SO excited to have won this year! I take it as a God wink that things are turning around for my life. Thank you for sharing your talents Luann

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Wow! That's a lot of decorating. I don't know how you do it, and then it all has to get packed away again after Christmas. You are an amazing bundle of energy.
Is your den the last picture? That is my favorite.
P.S. I still play CDs as well.

Granny Marigold said...

You have done an amazing job of decorating your home. I enjoyed watching the little video too. And I also play my old CD's especially the Christmas ones. I've been listening to those all week.
Blessings, Granny Marigold