Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Monday Friends and Tuesday Treasures With Brenda...

I love a good Monday! 
I went to bed early on Sunday so I was awake early on Monday and my brother Buster called me at 8:00 just as I was propped up in bed sipping my first cup of coffee - which Louis Dean had made for me and served it bedside!
We did our morning routine and I lingered over my prayer journal.....
while Louis Dean was 'working' on his room.

I changed the sheets on our bed and filled in my kitchen planner for the coming week before I got dressed and headed out to do errands. I asked Louis Dean to ride with me and he graciously agreed!
He really is my Knight in Shining Overalls!

Post office and bank - they are closing so many of the drive through banking places now and the one closest to us will only be open another few weeks.
I know nearly everyone has a debit card - but I don't - so getting cash will be a bit more of an effort.

We unloaded a load of things at Goodwill before going to see my friend, Debbie, and pick up some orders I had with her mom and unload several bags of homeschooling books for her amazing grandsons! I was gifted with two beautiful paintings from Lincoln and Liam.

It had been weeks since we'd seen Kimmy and June so we took a plate of cinnamon rolls over when we visited.

It's always fun to see them and Gretchen was home as well - that was a bonus!
Gretchen is their roommate and she is a special lady and we love her!

For some reason we got off on the subject of $2 bills.....

I thought there was a saying 'As phony as a two dollar bill!'

We talked about it and when I Googled it - I found it was first printed in 1862!
Boy! Was I wrong!
The $2 bill is still in circulation today.

June was telling us that at their family reunion, when they take the family picture, one of the family gives everyone a $2 bill!

While we were saying our goodbyes at Kimmy and June's, Ruth Ann called me saying they were at the DFW airport and we invited them over for tea and conversation. We raced home to see them sitting on our front porch! What a beautiful sight!
I have no idea why I did not get one single pic of Ruth Ann and I together.
We talked non stop and sipped tea before Ruth Ann helped me work on the Santa wall in the living room.
They had to leave in time to avoid the worst of the traffic as they headed west into the sunset!
We loved every single minute together!
I miss Ruth Ann so very much!

Supper on Monday night was Navy beans and ham with cornbread!
It's rather bittersweet - the ending of the Fall Season.
This will be the last week of enjoying my fall decorations.

Tuesday morning!
I woke up on the late side but connected with Brenda and we agreed to meet at 11:00 at Texas Thrift.
I have missed her since I have been out of town and she has been out of state and finally we are back to our Tuesdays together!

We only hit up one thrift store.....

I bought this large size puzzle for Louis Dean to work.
Things like this are so good for our brains.....so I will be working it beside him!

A brand new prayer journal.....
and I have a brand new prayer request.....
Alex is 20 years old was was in a motorcycle accident when another motorcycle decided to exit suddenly and swerved in front of him causing him to fall ....and then he was run over and dragged by a car that didn't even stop. Thankfully some Good Samaritans stopped to render aid and saved his life - at least for now. He is in extremely critical condition so any and all prayers would make a difference.
Alex is a relative of Brenda's.

Here are my Tuesday Treasures!

A beautiful new fall pillow, some sweet candles and a spring curtain for the gazebo next year....
a Yahtzee game, brand new Christmas oven mitts, two lovely placemats for the kitchen table this Christmas, a pretty boxwood wreath and a couple of sunflower treasures1

I have spent this Tuesday evening cleaning the kitchen, fridge and pantry!

I will close this journal entry tonight and go back to the kitchen to vacuum and mop before I go to bed.
In the morning I will finish my housework, put the soup on!
I haven't see Buster and Anna Marie since February!

Nita and Mike drove me up to Kansas City back in 2021 for my first meeting - then they visited us here in Texas the following March - then Jesse and I flew up this past February and now Buster and Anna Marie will be here tomorrow!
Rita and Thomas will be visiting us in January!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Poor Alex, I will pray for him. I had no idea you can actually buy things with a two-dollar bill! I think we have worked this very same puzzle.

Anonymous said...

There's an old song, " Lost All My Money but a Two Dollar Bill", but I'm sure you've heard it.
A two dollar bill is worth 2 bucks! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Glad you got to do so much good stuff to do. I am sure there is some "drudgery" in there, but as long as you look at it different, you make it sound like fun!

Love you, Trudy

Rita said...

I thought it was "as phony as a three dollar bill"...or as crooked as a three dollar bill?
Anyways, will pray for the poor boy! For sure!
Nice to have some fun and entertaining company.
You always find so many cool things when you go thrifting.
Have a great rest of the week. :)

Deanna Rabe said...

The two dollar bill was not printed from 1966 to 1976 when they brought it back! So that saying was true for those 10 years!

You’ve been having lots of fun.

Enjoy your visit with Buster and Ann Marie!

MadSnapper said...

We always said phony as a 2 dollar bill. i did not know they still make them and have never seen but one. Bob has one he has had for years. also did not know they stopped then started.
I am so impressed that with your busy busy life and family affairs you always have time to blog.. Not sure how you do it. I never leave the house but weekly shopping and doctor appts. I did go to the library to renew my card and stopped in Dollar General and wow would you have loved that store, they had 1/s aisle of signs

photowannabe said...

I love how you love on people.
Your heart is always so full... I'd like to be more like you!!
Love your definition of Louis Dean, A knight in Shining Overalls ...
Now that's just about perfect.
I will definitely keep Alex in my thoughts and prayers.

Granny Marigold said...

Once again you found lovely thrifty treasures. I hope to go look for some tomorrow (when I drop off 2 big boxes).
So this is the last week for your Autumn decorations? I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas pretties!!
Have a great rest-of-the-week. Granny Marigold

BeachGypsy said...

did Buster and Anna Marie get in okay? Hope so. Wow, the beans and cornbread sure sounds GOOOOD! LOL. Love going thrift shopping with you, and seeing all our treasures. I went about a week ago and found a few goodies. Enjoy your family visit, have fun!

Belinda said...

Healing prayers for Alex during this time and for his family.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You are always full of wonderful activity, Linda, and caring for others. God bless you!

Your prayer journal is lovely, Linda, and a very nice way to record those you pray for as well as your intentions. I;m so sorry to hear about that terrible accident that Alex was in and I will certainly pray for him nd his family.

A 2 dollar bill is hard to find! My children were always thrilled to get one.

16 blessings'mom said...

Your "knight in shining overalls", love it. Your big heart shines through your blog. Your thrift store finds are always fun too, love the wreath. There's nothing like a good thrift store haul, I keep my grandchildren well dressed, ha. I'll pray for Alex too, how awful.

Donna said...

I must be behind things but why are your banks closing? I don't think they are here in Waco...but I've not paid too close attention to the news lately.
Christmas decorations are next! Can't wait to see yours!

photowannabe said...

Oh Linda, I just want to thank you for my birthday card.. what a sweet surprise. I hadn't picked up the mail for a few days and there it was on the top of the pile.
The things you said touched my heart so much.
I'm so glad we are friends and grateful for Blogdom and the way it connects us all the way around the world.
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Love ya