Friday, November 17, 2023

Preparing the House Before Decorating, Celebrating Louis Dean's 87th Birthday, and Dinner at Son Jesse's Home.....

 This is the very first time I have ever cleared out the previous season - like FALL - and cleaned BEFORE starting to haul in the next season - as in CHRISTMAS!!

Both Santa walls are up but that's about it so far!

I'm actually loving the sparseness of the rooms - at least for a few days.

You probably can't tell that I have changed up this corner.
And, yes, the two Christmas wreathes are up!

Yesterday we celebrated Louis Dean's birthday with all sorts of special things.
A fire log in the den for a touch of warmth and a good dose of ambiance.

I bought this special birthday card in early summer!

We had a special dinner of steak, loaded baked potatoes and salad.

Since our pecan trees yielded only enough nuts for the squirrels to munch on, I ordered a 5 pound bag for him to 'peel' since he loves to do that!

And last but not least, the best gift of the day!

His old cell phone was found and returned!
It even charged up even though it had been in an old boat for the last year!

It's not pretty but I can at least keep up with it by taping a air tag to it!

He is so happy!

Here he is taking his first phone call!

Son Jesse invited us over for an early dinner!

I had called him to see if he could look at my laptop - it updated itself last night and switched my default browser to  Edge. It was acting crazy and I had no control over my curser.
So it was a Win! WIN!!
Dinner and my own tech expert!

Jesse's apartment is so warm and cozy that I felt like it had welcomed me with a great big hug!

He is an expert on coffee!
You can tell, can't you?

It's a great place to hang out!

Can you see the painting I did for him?
I'll be starting a companion piece right after Christmas.

And speaking of paintings.......

This is the very first one I painted back in 1994!
As we were putting up the Santa walls, I discovered 4 more paintings behind the organ in the den.
I think that brings the total to 45!

Amber helped me order my Christmas cards and canvas prints and they have been shipped and on the way!

If any of you would like to get one - and I don't have your address - you may email me.

In addition, starting on Thanksgiving Day, you can enter a drawing of this year's Santa painting.
I will do a random drawing of all comments left from Thanksgiving to December 1st.
I believe I will have two canvas prints to give away this year!

I can feel the Christmas feeling in the air!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Happy happy birthday Louis Dean! How wonderful that his phone was found! How did they know whose it was? Your painting is the star of his coffee bar! So cool, I enlarged it to get a better look. I will have all my Christmas things out by the end of the day tomorrow! The first year ever that I did it before Thanksgiving. But it takes me weeks to do it all.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Linda. Happy birthday to Louis Dean!! It's so great that his phone was found and returned. I love your Santa paintings and look forward to receiving a card from you each year. We have moved since last year, so I need to email you my new address. I will start decorating for Christmas this weekend. Not sure how much I will do, but each year I seem to do less and less. I hope your and L.D. have a great weekend! See you again soon!

Rita said...

Very, very happy birthday to Louis Dean! That was just a beautiful card!
Have a fabulous weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Jesse's apartment and coffee bar look so cozy! And how he's A computer wizard as well that and coffee are a fine combination. I am so glad he was able to help you on short notice.
The surprise about LD's phone was great. If you blogged about him losing it, I've forgotten it. Of course, the stroke has taken a part of my memory -- but I'm fortunate!

Glad the Santas are up where they belong , and that you found even more! Wow!
Love you, Trudy

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Happy Birthday, Louis Dean! Sounds like he has been duly celebrated this year! What a blessing! Love the Santa paintings...your talent is amazing. How nice to spend time with his son at his place. That was special indeed. Have a blessed and peaceful weekend!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Happy πŸŽ‚to Louis Dean from NH and best wishes for the year as wellπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆIt’s always njce to see your Santas being displayed and the cards you have sent in the past are displayed here as well Linda. So good to read that the phone was found and is working! Sending best wishes to you and your family for a happy πŸ¦ƒ.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice to have a son who makes dinner and can help with your computer too! So great to see his coffee bar. Can't beat a good coffee and guests to serve it to, Happy Birthday to Louis Dean!

Changes in the wind said...

Always enjoy your post and happy birthday to LD!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to LDπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ♥️♥️ I enjoy your blog so much and hope this gets entered into the Santa painting contest! Have a blessed Thanksgiving 😘😘

Arlene G said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Louis Dean!!! So glad yall celebrated big! I took down all my fall things yesterday as I have painters coming on Monday to paint my sunroom and my bedroom, bath and closet. What was I thinking???They say it will take two days. I sure hope so. We are going out for Thanksgiving Dinner since it is just Marvin, Amelia, Todd and me this year. We are headed to Stone Bridge Farm in Cullman AL for a lovely buffet in a lovely area. Friday I will start my Christmas decor. Linda, I always look forward to receiving your Santa card each year. You are so talented and gracious to share with everyone. Happy Thanksgiving.

MadSnapper said...

the video is so sweet as is your birthday card. you and he are ready to make a Hallmark Movie with your story. I would watch it, LOL.. love Jesse's coffee bar and cups and its fantastic he cooked for your birthday dinner. Happy Birthday again to LD.. so happy he found his old phone and its amazing it still works and takes calls.

photowannabe said...

Happy Birthday Louis Dean..blessings and many more wonderful years ahead. I do love your card and all the precious thoughts that went into it. You two are so wonderful together.
Love your Santas and love getting that special card from you.
I'm so slow on Christmas this year...probably because we will be out of state at our Granddaughter's for the holidays. Its going to seem strange, but I have our bible study group here for "Christmas dinner" early in Dec. so something will have to make its appearance...

Wanda said...

In a few days, dear Linda, I will be hanging my "Santa Painting" that I won in your drawing contest last year. What a joy it was to win and recieve the lovely Santa and snowglobe. I have lost track of some of my paintings. I hide them behind things, and some may be in the storage unit. Most of my watercolors are not matted and framed and live in my large portfolio.
What a cozy little kitcen. I love his cooking in his bare feet! so cute!
Wow, he is a coffee expert!!
How great the lost phone was the lost sheep, coin, and son! Great rejocing when found. I was a lost sheep, so glad God found me!!

Sending much love and hugs.

Wanda said...

OH my goodness, I forgot to wish Louis Dean a Happy Birthday. Every year is precious!!

Pam said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Louis Dean! Looks like a good one, at that!

Grace & Peace,

Donna said...

There's No Way LD looks even close to 87! You've taken Good care of him!!
Glad you've found his old phone! Air tags are a must, I guess.
Love your paintings!
Have a super Sunday!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday to Louis Dean! Find the phone was kind of like a special present!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Louis Dean. Jan

Brenda said...

Happy birthday Louis Dean. Prayers. Best wishes..I love the Christmas…enjoy it a long time…the earlier the better…brenda

Debbie said...

a BIG and very loving happy birthday to LD, he is such a wonderful man and i love to hear him talk and sing when he does!! his birthday meal looked fabulous!!

i really enjoy seeing all of the santas, they are all so beautiful and you are so talented!!

that's a lot of nuts for ld to shell!!!!

Deanna Rabe said...

The Christmas spirit is in the air! Thankful for Christ and his loving kindness and mercy!

salemslot9 said...

Happy belated 87th birthday Mr. Chapman 🍷

Susan~aredheadonthego said...

Oh Linda, I just loved hearing Louis Dean reading his birthday card. It was even more precious the second time. He is the sweetest, most loving man.
Your friend,
Susan Campbell

Carol said...

Happy Birthday LD! I love your Santa walls and I would love to visit with you and LD at Christmas time as your home is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I sent my address last year and got a lovely card which I cherish. Sending again just in case. Dee Ann Guinn. 1609 Sylvan Dr., Abilene Tx. 79605.