Friday, November 3, 2023

Country Home to City Home!

 Wednesday we finished cleaning up the camper to prepare it for our return in 56 days!

We captured both kitties with no problem!

Packed and loaded!

A selfie before we hit the road!

Notice my Knight in Shining Overalls is wearing pants!
He had washed all his overalls by hand and hung them up to dry, but they were still slightly damp so he just left them for when we come back.
He loves doing laundry so I say, 'Why NOT??'

We stopped for Subway sandwiches and ate while we were driving so we could get home before traffic!

He unloaded and I put things up and started laundry while he took a nice long soaking bath!
I started pulling out the Santa paintings and realized he'd been in the tub for nearly an hour so I went to check on him.
You know how a hot bath can leave you weak?

****NOTE to SELF****

Order some bars for the bathtub area so he can pull himself up.

Together we got all the Santas and lined them up around the den.

I think I counted 40 including one I haven't finished yet.

The one on the lower left with the star in the window was my first one - painted in 1994.
I have painted at least a dozen of that one over the years.

Lots of memories of where and when I painted all of these.

All of these will be hung over the weekend!
Did you spy the new one for this year's Christmas card?

Thursday morning we packed a bag and all the things for Louis Dean to make cinnamon rolls before we headed over to the Bells!
We got the cat carriers but could not find the cats!
Maybe they were tired of going back and forth so I cleaned the litter box, filled their food and water containers and we left them Home Alone!

Amber and Mike are taking Harrison to an away hockey tournament and Louis Dean and I are staying with the Bell Grand girls!
The guest room was ready to welcome us! 

Our first thing to do was school pickup!
Mike and Amber picked up Harrison and they sped off to the airport while we waited in line for the other three Bells!

We had just come in from school and errands when the phone rang!
One suitcase was left upstairs!
Everyone flew into action!
Mike dropped Amber and Harrison at the gate and then headed back towards us while Logan got the suitcase, loaded it in the car and Kailey decided she would stay here with Granddad while the rest of us headed off to meet Mike!

We rendezvoused in the middle and transferred the bag and he zipped back to the airport while we stopped at Taco Bell for a little snack!
This was the first time they've been to one!

Back to the house - we lit the fireplace since it was still really chilly!
What a wonderful evening we had!

Amber had left lots of good food for our dinner!
While I prepared the pasta and meat balls, Trystan fixed a salad and Logan worked at the kitchen sink cleaning up. The fireplace was burning and the girls and I were enjoying our companionable time together and Granddad was watching a hockey game on TV. 

He was a happy man!
The Dallas Stars game started about the time dinner was ready so we watched that in the living room as we ate.

Before we knew it was time for bed!
Trystan is keeping her tiny toes warm in the Canadian socks the OTHER Linda Chapman gave her!

We all went to bed at the same time!

Now that they are in middle school and in the 6th grade, they don't have to be there so early!
I was excited about today so I was awake a few minutes before six and went ahead and got up.

I made my coffee and Louis Dean's, got dressed and fixed my face and hair before making special cups of Mocha/Coffee on a tea tray to take upstairs to the girls.

I used a hot chocolate mix, watered down cherry coffee and Half and Half for the coffee and toasted Artesian bread with Irish butter and sprinkled with sugar. 

Such sweetness!!!

And thus started our Friday!


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a blast you are having! Hmmm, now I want to make buttered toast sprinkled with sugar! I will do this in the morning. I have not seen your raccoon wreath painting, and LOVE it!!! Hard to believe none of them have ever been to Taco Bell!!

Unknown said...

How fun. Have fun with your grand girls. I can't believe they have never been to Taco Bell. That is just so hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

What a fun and busy post! Love, Trudy

Donna said...

Your toast reminded me of the milk toast my mom use to make us, as kids.
I know you can't wait to get back to the ranch!
Beautiful girls!!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Wow, what a whirlwind of adventure you are having! Sure keeps you hopping...and young! So much fun to be with such sweet youngsters! Enjoy every minute. That toast and cocoa looks wonderful! I would have added a little bit of cinnamon to mine! LOL. I could see your newest Santa/Mrs. Santa painting! I love that, and oh, my goodness! So many beautiful Santa paintings! You are amazing!! A true artist, for certain!! Thank you for sharing your busy and happy life with us! Oh, we are getting a Taco Bell built in our little town! Maybe I will go there once it's done to see if they do it right! LOL. We don't have much here to choose from, so it will be fun to have something new. Have a lovely weekend!!

MadSnapper said...

I was raised on Milk toast, saw that in a comment. the breakfast sounds wonderful, your girls are soooo sweet and beautiful.. hope the cats were INSIDE the house and not out. and happy you could manage to get LD up out of the tub.i have not seen the santa with the star before, or noticed it i should say and i too noticed the racoon in the wreath. let the holidays begin, only a few days to Thanksgiving and you know what is right behind it

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do haave a great collection of your Santas. I have painted a lot of santas over the years, but didn't keep one for myself. I give all my paintings away as gifts. Sometimes I remember to take a picture of them, sometimes not. When I visit my children, I get to see them . They all have a collection of their own. I will not start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but you have a lot more decorations so it is best you got started. Time spent with grandchildren is always great! They are like a breath of fresh air. Everything is new and exciting to them! Enjoy your weekend with yours!

photowannabe said...

Gosh, I wish you were my Grandma..haha
You do things up so special for your Grands...beautiful.
Now that was a bit scary about LD in the tub. Glad you will get bars put on for safety.
I adore all of your Santas. What talent you have and I did find this years card. so lovely.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Deanna Rabe said...

You and Louis Dean are having so much fun!

I am amazed at your many, and each one different, Santa paintings!

I am really ready to decorate but we are about two weeks until construction is done so I am trying to patiently wait!

Holidays ahead!

Rita said...

OMGosh! So lucky you guys were there and had the time to run that suitcase to the airport! Wow! You will have a wonderful time with the girls, that's for sure. But I'm sure you'll be glad to be back to the kitties. Love all your amazing artwork and I did see the kissing Mr. and Mrs. Santa. I assume that is the newest one. :) Enjoy your time with the grands!! :) Oh, and get that bar for the bathtub--yes!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That is a lot of Santa paintings, Linda, and all are lovely but I could not pick out this year's Santa. I have previous ones you sent for your holiday greetings and these are always displayed in our apt home during the holidays in small frames. We would not have enough wall space for all the ones you showed in this post! It's nice to read and see photos of the wonderful time you both shared with your lovely granddaughters.

Eva Norvell said...

Those girls are sure cute!