Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tuesday Treasures With Brenda....

Brenda and I missed our Tuesday Thrifting last week and the week before that I forgot to post about about my treasures - but most of that was gifts so I wouldn't have taken pictures of them anyway.

But today we hit the jackpot! 
Or at least I did!!

It was a real treasure trove!
I love the set of three Christmas trees for $17.50 with the senior discount.

A beautiful runner....

A set of 6 Lenox placemats with the $10 price stickers still on them.

I scored on several brand new candles.

Love this one!

Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle!

A Rae Dunn sweat shirt and a new pair of Bombas socks, Oh Deer nightgown and - best of all -
A red Michael Kors purse!! With the discount - the purse was just $20.....

The JOY runner is brand new from Kirkland and the tablecloth is huge and came with 8 napkins!

2 more tablecloths!

All these candle are new and never lit!
Three of them are Yankee and all of them smell so good!

And last but not least - 12 salad plates of Tuxton 12 Days of Christmas.
4 of the second day
4 of the fifth day and
4 of the ninth day!

Last year Summer gave me The Twelve Days of Christmas napkins - 12 of them and only two had been used!

Brenda and I go to Chick Fil A for lunch and a good visit!
It was nice to get out today.
We came home on Thanksgiving afternoon and I hadn't left the house since except to drive Louis Dean up to Braums for milk and then the post office to drop a stack of cards in the mail.

So far I have 110 entries for the Santa Giveaway.
I will do the two drawings on December 1st. ...so I can get the canvases in the mail.

Do you get overwhelmed with decorating for Christmas?
I admit I do! I thought I could do it this year without trashing the whole house - but that didn't happen!
The den is the ONE clean room and I'm hoping to add the kitchen to the DONE list!
Those are the two hardest rooms what with bringing in all the Christmas plates, glasses and textiles.
The living room requires a lot of work as does the dining room and sewing room.
The easiest is Louis Dean's bathroom and the guest room.
I've worked a good bit in our bedroom but still have a ways to go.

When I get a little anxious, I stop and remind myself to stay in the moment and enjoy the process.
With Christmas music playing and candles lit - it adds the ambiance I need.


salemslot9 said...

Miss Linda
You remind me of my dear mother
Always decorated everything nice 🤶🏻

Anonymous said...

I love the 12 Days of Christmas, and table runner!!! And all of it! What fun finding such pretty things.Brenda is your good luck charm!
Your house always looks pretty. I don't know know how you keep it up. My health is bad, but when it was pretty good, I didn't have your talent and energy!
Love you! Trudy

Donna said...

Six LENOX placemats for $10 ???? OmWord Girl! What a buy!
I just keep walking on by the Lenox display in Dillards these days...Expensive!
Stay warm up there in Ft Worth!

MadSnapper said...

I am laughing so hard its hard to type. I own ONE tablecloth, my mothers lace one, it has been in the linen closet since 1990 when she died. it took me 5 minutes to put out my Christmas, i plugged in the 18 inch tree in the nook and sat the 2 glass reindeer on the shelf. that is it, I may or may no put anything out unless i get up the gumption to put out your santa painting, and the blue lights and garland, which will take 15 minutes.No candles, no napkins, no table runners. are you picking up what i am puttind down? also no baking, no cooking not making of TRASH. ha ha... we are total opposites. love you

MimiG said...

I have yet to figure out how to decorate for Christmas without making a mess! My dining room table is covered with fall/Halloween/even some late summer items. I need to STOP and clean it off, probably won't happen today though. LOL
Girl, you scored big time. I bought a new sweatshirt and sweater yesterday at Belk - both on big sales, not as good as thrifting, but warm. Although, my thrift stores never have the great items like you get.
I hope you're warm this week, we're very cool right now, but supposed to be in the 60s for the weekend. I AM NOT READY FOR WINTER!!

Meme said...

I don’t know where you get the energy to do all that decorating & find the time to paint!

And those candles were quite a deal!

Arlene G said...

Love that red purse!!! Lots of fun things that you found. I am cleaning and getting some gifts wrapped today. Hope you and LD have a blessed Day.

Anonymous said...

Watching the funerals of a greet Christian lady this week. A good example for the rest of us who get caught up in worldly matters. A blessed woman. Mrs. Carter-a life well lived. When our kids were little, we walked the streets of PlainsGa so my son took his sons there this year. Her sweet husband will follow her soon. Prayers for this Christian family. Brenda

photowannabe said...

Linda, you are blessed beyond measure.
I'm glad you could spend a few days at home just playing with your debris.
Your home always looks so inviting and cozy.
Christmas will be very simple this year. We are going to our granddaughter's home in Las Vegas for almost a week.
I wouldn't decorate at all (well maybe I really would) if we didn't have company coming for dinner on the 5th. I will decorate the tree and put a few traditional things out like our nativity set and Santa we have had since our first Christmas 60 years ago!!
At least I won't have so much to put away when we return.
Love your treasures from the thrift store. I especially like that runner.
Take care and don't wear yourself out.

Rita said...

You do get a lot of real finds when you go thrifting! I am always jealous of your candles--lol! I don't decorate but I love to see what others do and you are a champion! :)

Debbie said...

you purchased some really wonderful, quality items. i love the candles and plates...and your christmas table is going to be gorgeous!! i always put christmas music on while i decorate and do the same as you when i get tired or just don't feel the joy. when i get back to it, i a, always glad i stopped!!

i hope your weather is good and your home is cozy. it always looks so cozy!!!

Wanda said...

Oh Dear, I'm finished with my little apartment, and YOU are just in the "Throws" of it. But what a delighful and beautiful home you share every Christmas. Your Thrift finds are fabulous!!
We just finished our Women's Bible Study and have a break until next January when we will begin a new study.
I've been listening to Christmas music and movies and doing so baking.
We had "Cookies and Carols" at church last night...so beautiful the decorations in the sanctary and oh my the tables of cookies....Yummy!
Hope you get finished and can put your feet with your new socks and light some of your new candles, and sip a glass of your favorite wine!

Love and Hugs

Susan~aredheadonthego said...

I’m living vicariously through you this year Linda. Cutting way back as Bob has surgery December 18. It feels kind of good. Your haul was incredible!

Judy said...

You scored bigtime! My decorating is mostly done, but pretty simple compared to what you do. I still have a little 'decor mess' to clean up. The music is playing and it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Enjoy the advent season as you prepare your heart and home for Christmas.

Linda said...

You always decorate your house and yard so pretty.
Wish we had the deals you seem to find in our thrift stores here.
Merry Christmas!
Linda L

Anonymous said...

It is nice your cats don’t bother your candles. I had a cat who got too close to a candle once. Thank goodness I was close by. Jan G.