Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Louis Dean's Spa Day!

 Our extra day at the ranch was wonderful and we woke up more relaxed on Tuesday morning than we've been in a long time.

This little kitty slept with me in the girl bunk on our last night at the ranch.
I pull the black out curtains over the open window in the early mornings so the light won't wake me.
Samantha likes to crawl under the curtain and I never worried about it before since the screen was on the window. Well, I woke up and pulled the curtain as I sat up in bed to have my first cup of coffee and my prayer time. I could hear the tinkle of the tags on her collar and thought she was in the camper.....
until I looked outside and saw her frolicking in the clover!
That's when I noticed the screen was pushed out.
She was having so much fun but I had to bring her in for her own good.
She's a pampered little girl and wouldn't last long out in the country.

We had done a good bit of packing up and cleaning the day before so all I had to do was vacuum and put the fridge food in insulated bags and tidy up.
The horses all met us up at the gate as if to say goodbye!

It was one of the most challenging visits to the ranch what with all the water problems,
but we still had a lot of fun and made some more good memories while we were there.
Louis Dean says the thing he likes the most is spending time with his son.
Dean came down many times to help his dad and they were never too busy to sit out on the deck between working on the plumbing and taking a break, have a beer and talk.
We love spending time with Dean and Sherry and are so grateful for their hospitality.
By the time we come back in April, the rest of the carport work will be done as well as the rain recovery system. This is how we intend to water our garden! And we may well see a good bit of growth in the garden by then, too.

We stopped on Highway 84 on the way to the Interstate to take a picture of the bluebonnets.
They were thicker on I35 but it's illegal to stop and take pics.

Since we had the cats with us (in their carriers) we decided to grab some Subway sandwiches in Hillsboro. That way we didn't arrive home hungry.
We each got foot long ones so we ate the second half before we went to bed!
It was good to be home. 
It was exciting to have two working toilets, and two showers plus all the faucets giving out cold AND hot water!!

This morning, right after coffee, I gave Louis Dean a haircut.
He had his 6 month doctor appointment this afternoon and, since he was having blood work done, he had to fast. I didn't take his pic getting a haircut but you can see how nice he looks.
I'd been concerned about Louis Dean.....he's been so tired and has had some confusion - as in doing the plumbing and such. We talked to Dr. Maddox about things and he recommended he not take Benadryl anymore at night. I should have thought of that. He takes Zyrtec every morning and Dr. Maddox said that was fine. But Benadryl acts different and can be causing his confusion or at least adding to it.
When Louis Dean told the doctor about installing the kitchen sink and repairing all the broken pipes we had after that Arctic freeze, then going to the ranch and working for three weeks with all the broken pipes down there.....he thinks it is amazing that Louis Dean can still do all that he does!
That's two solid months he's been doing stressful things.
Have I mentioned that he hates plumbing???

His blood pressure, heart rate and pulse was excellent and we're not expecting any problems with the bloodwork. So it was a good report and I am so relieved!

Next stop - Hollywood Nails!
We decided to try a new salon this time.

Pedicures for both of us.....

and manicures!

Color for me but none for him!

Since he had been fasting all day and it was now after 4:30.....

We decided to eat an early supper at The Catch on Beltline.

He ordered the biggest fried catfish basket they have!
And a big Shiner Bock!
I had a good margarita and a salad.
Louis Dean ate all his food and decided to order some fried shrimp to finish up his meal.

I'm telling you, my heart is so much lighter!
I have been concerned about Louis Dean's health and it is such a relief to know he got a good report.
From now on, I'm going to the doctor with him so I will know what's going on.

My heart is full for another reason as I write this journal entry tonight.
When we got home yesterday, there was a stack of mail to go through, so I took a break in the laundry and unpacking to sit down and read several letters and cards.
My eyes filled as I read a special letter from Elizabeth......
and then I had a newsy one from Darlene, and cards from Sharilyn and Lisa and Whitney....
It is such a blessing to have friends and I have made so many through this blog.
I love it when the relationship goes both ways. When I can hear about what YOU are doing and what YOU are going through.  I treasure the messages from Jacki and Debbie.....
and the long time friendships I have made since starting my blog back in 2010.

The kindness y'all have shown by writing to Lillian has been such a blessing to, not only her, but to me as well. I've prayed for everyone who sent us a Christmas card and then I decided, instead of repeating them over again, I would use the bundle of cards that Lillian gave me for my prayer list before returning to our Christmas cards. It has blessed my heart to read your encouraging words to Lillian and they have encouraged ME. I want to do better with personal notes and letters and texts. Y'all have inspired me....and I've been humbled by your kindess.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Louis Dean looks younger and better than ever. I am so glad about his appointment! And I do believe the Benadryl could have been dragging him down. It is used as a sleeping pill, and can cause confusion and take a long time to wear off.

Bluebird49 said...

Louis Dean looks great and no older than 65, and look even younger than usual!
We've been a bit sad this past month. Our son was offered a terrific job opportunity in Alabama with another company, so instead of 90 minutes from us, they will be 11 hours away! He asked us to move with them, and I would have, but Ed has lived in this county all his life and has couple of friends to play music with (when there's not a pandemic!), so he won't move. We rented this GI house 55 years ago when we got married and unless we go in nursing home, we'll die here. I know we are blessed to have a roof over our heads!
Have a good day tomorrow. The kids are coming for awhile tomorrow evening before they leave Saturday.

Estelle's said...

You both look just marvelous Linda....glad you had a good visit at the ranch...wishing you a very Happy Easter Day!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Louis Dean does look especially handsome with that big smile...and big drink! heehee! I'm glad he got a good doctors appt and some pampering. We all get stressed out trying to solve home repair problems! That's for sure! Hugs to you both!

MadSnapper said...

so happy you are home safe and the doc visit went so well and no plumbing to deal with and that the cat was found in the clover before she disapeared.. happy days are here again... not often we see LD without overalls. he looks great, but i love the overalls and have tried to talk bob into trying a pair becuase his pants drop down and he is constantly pulling them up. he said he is losing weight, NOT SO, he has gained and the stomach is the culprit but I did not tell him that. you already know i don't do the written word on paper, only by typing in the computer... glad you have friends who write to you and you to them.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So glad L.D. had a good doctor report. I know that has to make you both feel better. Nice you could get out for the spa day. It's hard to wait til afternoon to eat the first meal of the day and it's good he had a big one. Got to replenish the energy. Not many his age would even attempt what he does, so true. Your home must feel very luxurious after being at the ranch. Enjoy !

Arlene G said...

So glad LD got a good report and yes, Benadryl is not the best for us older adults. I am amazed at all he gets done. I am just 65 and he tires me out. I have to do things in stages these days. I agree about going with him to the is good for both spouses to know what is going on. Glad you rescued your kitty before a critter got her. I am sure those pets keep you on your toes.

Tina said...

Louis Dean looks so handsome with the haircut you gave him! I'm so happy that he had a good report from the doctor, that must be a weight off of your shoulders! Those Texas bluebonnets are so pretty. I don't think I have ever seen a field of them like that before. I love the nature education that we get from your visits to the ranch. Hope you both have a great Thursday!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

How happy both of you looked in this post, Linda. And it seems that the relief you felt from LD's good checkup is shown in your face, as it should because the news was good. And LD did look quite spiffy after his haircut and nice that you both pampered yourselves. We all need to do that every once in a while. Wishing you both a Happy Easter weekend.

photowannabe said...

I can understand your relief for the great reports from the Doctor.
I have felt the same way with Dave's fractured leg, surgery and now recovery.
Man..oh Man..LD is one handsome Hubby.
He sure doesn't look 84.
I wish I aged that well.
You sound so much happier and I know you can't wait to be back at the ranch. Hope the plumbing is all done too.

Rain said...

Linda, you are such a sweetie and live an inspirational life of joy and gratitude! I hope Lillian got my card! :) And I'm very happy to hear that Louis Dean is the picture of health! I would have gladly eaten his dinner!!! :)

Jan said...

Happy Easter to both of you. You and Louis Dean are a bundle of energy.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Wonderful doctor's report!!!!

We go in together, for doctor appointments. Receptionists do not want us to!!!!! Ding dang stupid China/Covid rules. But I go with him, and he with me!!!!!!!!!! We are both over 80, and what we say goes. Ding-dang-it!!!!

Gentle hugs,