Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Monday Gardening and Tuesday's Visit With Lillian....

 The weather yesterday was perfect for gardening and yard work.

After that terrible arctic weather, we are still wondering what will and what will not come back.
However, it's a really good opportunity to cut back the jungle, especially since it's dead and brown.
I'm sure the Asian jasmine will come back, but this time I need to keep it more under control.
Louis Dean has all the water faucets fixed now and added a new hose to the one by the pond.
Now he's trying to make a thing for it to hang on.

Cleaning up the side deck is pretty much the same as cleaning house.
You pick up all the things that don't belong there and put them where they do.
There's so much to do, but instead of looking at the whole thing, I zone in on one area at a time and do it before moving on to another one.
I noticed the trim on this side of the house is in bad need of paint, which I already have.
I will send it with Louis Dean to Home Depot and ask them to shake it up for us.....
but not until we get back from the ranch.
Little by little, we are getting things done.

We lost our pretty flowers so I bought replacements.

I was sorry I hadn't brought my lavender in as I've had it for 3 or 4 years - not that it ever bloomed much. I bought a healthy, blooming new one and set it where the old one was, since I had finally figured out just exactly where it got enough sun but not TOO much!
There's an old clay pot in the lower left front - that's where I put food for the possum!

I love red cedar mulch. It makes everything look so much better!


Louis Dean needs some new shirts and he especially likes the snap ones.
His fingers are so big that buttons are hard for him.
We left the house shortly after noon and drove to the Dickie's Outlet in Fort Worth, only to be told they don't carry them there anymore. We should have called them first.
I ordered some from Amazon but they were too big. I guess we will try to order again and only one to see if the size is right. Then I intend to order several!
He's all set with spanking new overalls - he just needs some nice shirts!

Dickie's is on West Vickery Blvd. in Fort Worth and from there I got directions to a Walmart so I could shop for Lillian. It took us to White Settlement - an area we used to be familiar with when we were children - and we went by way of downtown. After I shopped, my WAZE directions took us back through downtown to get on Chisholm Trail Parkway.
Just as we were near the nursing home, Lillian called me - she remembered one more thing she needed - some cheese sticks. I got right off the Parkway and found a Target. By this time I had to go to the bathroom and when I went in, I looked left and right. 
One of the workers sanitizing the shopping carts said, "M'am, the restrooms are to the left of register #18." 
I aked him, "How did you know?"
He said, "Anytime a lady comes in and looks left and right, I know she's looking for a restroom!"
We laughed! Target has such friendly people working there.

I had called Trail Lake Nursing Home this morning and made an appointment to visit.
It felt good to walk up to the front door, open it and walk right in.
They do have someone sitting up front to take your temp and sign you in but it feels more relaxed and friendly again. 

It was so good to see Lillian!!
She's still not in her regular room but by the time they do move her back, perhaps I can go over and hang  all her pictures and things up.

She is so proud of all her cards!!

She even had one delivered while I was there.....
Vee, she loved seeing the letter inside and I loved getting to be there to watch her read it!

We took our traditional selfie together before I left!
Lillian wears a pacemaker and she will be going in to have them do something to it.
They think that's why she is not feeling well. She is a heart patient and they have changed some of her medicine lately. Once she gets her strength back, I am hoping to take her out to eat and maybe do a little shopping. One of the workers told me they are allowed to do that now.

We came home and I was more tired than I had been when I worked outside all day Monday!
Still, a woman's work is never done.
I fixed supper and then did all our meds for the next four weeks, mended a couple things to take to the ranch .....all while watching.....

I'm really liking this series!

Lonnie was transported to a rehab hospital and is adjusting.
He's still confused and doesn't truly understand that he's had a stroke.
However, he is making some progress and we are thankful for that.
I'm so glad he can talk. 
Michele was encouraged and was waiting in his room when he arrived.
God is good and we are grateful!

We plan on going to the ranch tomorrow!
It's been six weeks since we've been there and I am so excited!

I was trying to find a quote about 'going to the ranch'.....

and this came up!
Connie Douglas Reeves was America's oldest cowgirl!
Born September 26, 1901
Died August 17. 2003

She wrote a book 'I Married a Cowboy' published in 1995.....
I think I am going to find that book and read it!


Deb J. in Utah said...

I love that quote at the end of your post! So true. We just need to keep doing until we can't do any more and then the good Lord calls us home. So glad Lonnie is in rehab. Hope he continues to improve. So nice you could go see Lillian and take her the things she needs. Your deck area is looking nice. Have a good time at the ranch. See you again soon!

Arlene G said...

Safe trip Linda. So glad to get an update on Lillian and Lonnie.

Changes in the wind said...

You both are always working to make things nice and glad the weather is cooperating. So nice to see you with Lillian and now it is a great blessing to her. Safe travels to the ranch and have a great time while there and happy to hear that Lonnie is improving.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How great you got to visit with Lillian. It's been a long time. Hope all goes well with her and she can get out and go to lunch with you soon. Good you are going back to the ranch too. It's time you had a time out!

Bluebird49 said...

Good to see Lillian can have guests again!
I hope you have a wonderful time at the ranch. I know Sherry and Dean will be glad to see you two!

Vee said...

Well that was fun to see. That letter sat around in my purse for a week before getting mailed. I am glad the delay meant that you were there. ☺️

So glad that you were able to visit Lillian and cheer her with the things you gathered for her. Very glad that the visiting policies have eased. I hope that it spreads all the way to Maine. No visits here yet.

How wonderful that Lonnie found Michele waiting in his room at the Rehab home. It had to brighten his day.

Your yard is looking bright and cheery. 🪴

Debbie said...

the weather has been so odd, hasn't it. my son lives in austin and was not impacted by the storm, he was so lucky!! i hope texas can do a little to prepare for another storm, just in case. our winter has not been bad, just a bit of know in february, everyone has been complaining but it is new jersey after all!!

the garden looks beautiful, we use black or brown mulch. i'm glad you got to see lillian, i know it means a lot to both of you!!

Donna said...

Lillian looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing this sweet picture of the two of you.

Carole said...

Good to see Lillian. She looks a bit beaten down - needs some tlc - and guess who is just right to cheer her up - you are such a good friend. Good luck with finding LD just the right shirts. Cheers

Deanna Rabe said...

Oh I'm glad that they have figured out what's going on with Lillian! She'll be feeling better. I'm so glad she can go out again and go to lunch!

I always treat the outside spaces like a part of my home, and that means they have to be attended to regularly. Always tidying around here!

Have fun at the ranch!

MadSnapper said...

that quote is dead on the money.. get up and go or lose it. so good to see Lilian and know you can visit. still laughing at the target guy. hope the rain stays away and the sunshines on your visit to the country home...

photowannabe said...

So happy to see that things are looking up. You are just the medicine that Lillian needs. Enjoy your time at the ranch.

Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

Can you please share Lillian's address again? I have cards I am mailing out this week (finally!) and was going to mail her an Easter card. Whitney