Saturday, March 20, 2021

News From the Country!

 Each one of the 11 days we have been down here in our camper/cabin at the ranch have melted from one into the next. I can't really catch up on my journal in a day by day manner this time.
We are still hauling in and heating our water. It's been a struggle for Louis Dean to figure out how to fix the plumbing. He's on the last part before he can hook up the water heater, and as I write tonight, he thinks the shower is ready. We will know tomorrow.
He went into town for parts - was that just yesterday or the day before?
I can't remember.

He came in with these gorgeous flowers and said I deserved a token of his appreciation for my patience in all these waterless days. I put them in my Susan Winget pitcher! SO beautiful! Flowers and pitcher!

The work resumed on the great metal carport!
And, yes, those Christmas snowflake lights are still up and I am not planning on taking them down.
I love them! LED and I can leave them on all.the.time.

Thursday night we had our nightly glass of wine by the light of my super cool LED lantern!
I love the golden glow!

We no longer kennel the kittens at night, who are not really kittens anymore, but cats now!
However, I guess they have adapted to our schedule and do not roam and disturb us during the night, nor do they wake us up demanding to be fed early in the mornings. Tabitha and Samantha are truly two of the best cats I've ever had!

One day I went down to Sherry's to check out her new chickies.
I also did two loads of laundry and took a long hot shower!

My days have been a blur lately, hence the absence of journal entries, but the following pictures are of today - Saturday!
The work crew of Fab Pro Construction have been here for several days putting up poles and beams and the foundation for a honking big carport!

Today they thre up the first LONG sheet of red metal roofing!

This was so exciting!

Our sweet Sherry was right out there with them - helping and learning everything she could!

While I was inside today working on my art projects.
FOUR paintings started in 2020 and I want to finish them before new ones for this year - and I have so many planned!

This painting is for my best friend, Brenda. You know her - my monthly lunch date and friend for over 30 years. Hard to believe we go that far back - but we do! She was Amber's Awana teacher in church  when Amber was a little more than a toddler. This is her birthday gift - for 2020! I know! I am so LATE!

A few years ago, we celebrated our birthdays on an Alaskan cruise!
Brenda!! I looked back and THIS is the ONLY pic I could find of us!
Brenda in the green and I in the hat!
HOW could we not have taken more pictures together??

Our cruise was in September and this was taken in December of 2018.
I do love Brenda!

While I painted and Louis Dean worked on the shower plumbing, Sherry was helping Cheyenne, the owner of Fab Co,  and Dean was teaching a special karate class over by the bee apiary.....

.....the great carport was going up!

It is magnificent!

Look at all that shade under there!
Once this is all done - and I think they will finish tomorrow - we will start cleaning and sprucing everything up! Cheyenne knows son Dean and did us all a huge favor by coming in and finishing up another person's work. And Cheyenne has been doing this since before our original contractor was born.
I think that guy was young and didn't know how to finish out the job.

After everyone left for the day. Louis Dean went out and tilled up another section of the garden to be planted tomorrow.

Our blackeyed peas - planted just days ago - are already coming up!
They are not in straight rows and look like a couple of drunks went out and threw the seeds up in the air! Trust me - that was not the case! But I was barefoot and followed the ditches of Louis Dean's tiller!
And, yes, he tilled in curves instead of rows!

He's been tilling up 'weeds' which in the country are often called wildflowers and bees love them!
This one - according to my Plant Snap app- is mustard.
I'm not sure whether to plow it up - or pick it and cook it up!

I close tonight's journal entry with something my sister, Nita, sent me this morning.

Such truth here......


Ginny Hartzler said...

Wow, the carport is huge, shady, and amazing! And your painting is beautiful, it will be a wonderful present. Be careful walking in the dirt with bare feet, people have been getting hookworms that way, awful looking little creatures.

Bluebird49 said...

Mama used to cook mustard greens, but I didn't eat greens back then!
Everything is just coming along so well out there and your joy comes through on your posts! I'm so happy for you and hope by tomorrow you have water. You both work so hard!
Love you!!

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Linda. Wow, you and Louis Dean have busy and so productive. That carport is awesome! I love the picture you painted for your dear friend. What a wonderful, heart-felt gift! I hope the water is back on soon. Will look forward to your next post and will see you again then!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Relishing the joy is so important! You have been SO busy! Love every improvement you make too! Give L.D. a hug for all he does!

Vee said...

There is no such thing as going to the country for a rest with you folks. That's a carport? Looks just like a patio to me. May the plumbing come together without further troubles. Hope that you have a few days just for fun.

MadSnapper said...

daddy grew mustard, collards and turnip greens, all at different times of the year, the funny thing was back then i refused to eat them and now love all three.. so happy to see the big carport that close to completed. don't forget we need to see the one over the cabin and the carport in on pic so i can PICTURE it in my mind. you will have to go to your city home to rest up

Lisa said...

The flowers are so sweet! Looks like everything is coming along great! I love the painting and cant wait to see the others when your are finished.
Wine by lantern sounds nice.


Changes in the wind said...

Sure hope the water situation gets fixes soon as it must be so frustrating. That is a huge carport and not sure how you all will use it but am glad the job is getting done. The painting turned out so pretty and am sure Brenda will love it.

Arlene G said...

Glad to hear that you are still there in the country, persevering in the water situation. That car port looks good!! And who can resist a man who brings you flowers to say thank you for putting up with the trials of water deprivation?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Long and hard days for sure, but you are so lucky to be have a place to go to do laundry and shower. That make up or what you are missing. Hopefully it will soon be fixed and this time of trouble will be nothing but a memory.

Deanna Rabe said...

I hope you woke to a working shower! Such a wonderful carport! It’ll be so great in the summer for shade!

photowannabe said...

Oh my dear Linda, what a delightful week you have been having. I am so glad to see the shady carport finally becoming a reality. This summer you will be so thankful for it.
Friends and family togetherness...what could be better???
I just love the painting you did for your friend Brenda.
That will be a cherished treasure for her. Love everything about it, hummers, sunflowers and tender words...

Carole said...

Your carport looks ginormous! Cheers

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That's amazingly large carport and it really did go up fast, Linda. Hope the water issue gets resolved soon but you seem to be doing just fine despite the inconveniences. Your painting will be a lovely gift to your friend.