Friday, April 2, 2021


 We spent this Thursday preparing......for Good Friday.
While Louis Dean cleaned the pump on the kitchen pond and worked in his music room - cleaning it up just in case one of his favorite people decides to play music with him on Friday.

We are hosting our traditional Good Friday Gathering.....
the last time we did that was 2018.
In 2019 we were on critter duty at the ranch - never dreaming 2020 we would be in lock down mode.
I am so excited about having all my children and all but one of my grandchildren here tomorrow.
That would be 'today' since it is after midnight.
I started not to do a journal entry tonight - but I am still up and alert so I am.

I came back from my errands.....I went to the car wash before going to Aldi's and then Kroger.
Kroger had rotisserie chickens on sale - 2 for $10! Win! WIN!!
When I shop Aldi's, I load my basket and unload it onto the conveyor belt where it is reloaded back into another basket. I then wheel that out to the trunk of my car where I have all my insulated bags.
I move things according to fruits and vegetables, perishables. canned goods, etc into the bags.
I only had a few things to get at Kroger - items Aldi didn't have.
When I got home and Louis Dean was carrying all my groceries in, he said, "WOW! You are stronger than I thought to have lifted all these heavy bags!" I couldn't take credit for that so I explained my system to him.

He put in a couple of potatoes to bake in the microwave while I put away the groceries.
Baked potatoes, salad, and some easy and good meal.

Louis Dean proceeded to make his famous dinner rolls for Good Friday.

This was Louis Dean's maiden voyage to make bread using our new countertops.

Each one weighs exactly the same - one and a half ounces!
I sampled one with with butter and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese.
He sampled two and then three and I quit counting.
They are beautiful and he packaged them up in zip lock bags.
Some for tomorrow. Some to freeze to take to Fort Worth next week.
Some to freeze for a dinner party with the Cumby's next Friday.

While he was working in the kitchen, I was cleaning up the gazebo.
I strung up some lights and washed everything down with Fabuloso and put fresh tablecloths on everything. Tomorrow I will bring in some spring and summer decorations.

We had a bit of concern regarding our refrigerator and freezer tonight - which explains why I am up so late. We may not have closed it all the way but, for whatever reason. the ice is partially melted and we have been hovering over the display on the front watching to see if the temps are going down.
We can't be sure but are hoping it was because I had it all open for so long while I was putting up groceries and maybe it didn't close right. Time will tell. So Louis Dean just invited me to come out and sit with him and a glass of wine in the newly cleaned gazebo - and then we will check it one more time before we go to bed.


Arlene G said...

Enjoy your family, Linda. We are having an Easter Lunch with Amelia and her family. Happy Easter to you and Louis Dean. He is Risen...He is Risen indeed.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Ihope you have a very Happy Good Friday and enjoy celebrating with your family. It's so good we can be together once again~ Hope the fridge and freezer are doing fine and again are keeping everything just the way it's supposed to be.

Changes in the wind said...

Oh how I hope the freezer is okay as they make such a mess if they breakdown. All those rolls looks amazing, wish I could sample one. Hope all your festivities turn out just perfect.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Those rolls look delicious. So glad you can get together with your family for Easter. Your home always looks so fun and festive. Have a blessed Easter.

Chy said...

Hope the freezer is okay. Enjoy your family time together. We're still not allowed to have indoor visits and it's still too chilly to be outside for the entire day. Wishing we could hug our babies ....

Happy Easter!

X Chy

photowannabe said...

Your final thought is so beautiful.
What a wonderful reminder of how much our Lord loves each one of us.

Wanda said...

Wonderful post. How I love Louis Deans homemade rolls. I think I could smell them all the way to California.
Love your life, and how you share it. Have a blessed Easter with your lovely family.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh goodness, I hope your fridge isn't broken. Be sure and let us know. Louis Dean's rolls are perfect and gorgeous! I want one so much! I know you will have a wonderful Easter weekend! We just attended a Zoom Maundy Thursday service at our church last night. Communion was included!! As you would say "Win Win!" And they will have two services on Sunday, a sunrise one and the regular one.

Vee said...

How good to get back to the former traditions. Enjoy that beautiful family of yours and I know that you will.

Carole said...

Fabulous rolls! Have a lovely Easter. Cheers

Deanna Rabe said...

I hope your fridge is okay, but mostly I hope your Good Friday gathering was wonderful!

MadSnapper said...

so happy for you that your family can come today, enjoy and I do hope the fridge is find now and it was because it was open to long. Happy Easter and I would be keeping up with LD eating those buns... glad he got all of them done for different events instead of another bake off, ha ha

Jan said...

Happy Easter. I bet those rolls were delicious

BeachGypsy said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY EASTER my friend! I hope y'all are able to get to church and I hope you have a lovely and blessed day. Looking forward to seeing pictures and how your Good Friday gathering went too. Hugs!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Wishing you both and your family a very Happy 🐰🐣Easter and how wonderful it will be to spend time together to celebrate. We are doing the same in RI this holiday for the first time since 2019.

Hootin Anni said...

Linda and L D...have a blessed Easter. Hope it's beautiful in every way.

Love the looks of the buns (butter...on warm bread!!!) And hope the fridge was nothing serious.