Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Tuesday Treasures.....

 I wanted to make something sweet this morning to share with some friends and, of course, keep some for Louis Dean. I rediscovered this little paper cookbook and remembered how good these cookies are!

Lots of good memories as I looked at the dates on the page.
I especially love the ones my children have put there.

I saved more than enough for Louis Dean and I bagged the rest to share with friends.
I only ate one......I have remarkable self control about some things ......and so little about others!

As I drove around dropping off slices of chicken pot pie and bags of cookies, I hit up the thrift stores on my way. Three in all and, while it's not a huge haul, I did find some treasures.
That's a nice big pillow beside the white and gold Santa.
The sheet with a France theme will be used as a cloth on my bedside table.
I love Susan Wiggs and Swan is by the author of Under the Tuscan Sun....plus the other book is 'A Spirited Tale of Grace, Grit, and Whiskey' set in the hills of North Carolina. The books cost me $0.54 for all three!

I came home to find Louis Dean cleaning the kitchen pond!
It was so dirty and smelly!
He has to clean it about three times a year.....the next one will be late spring when the pecan beards all fall.

It's still a mess out there but the pond is clean, full of water and the pump still works!
While Louis Dean was doing all this, I divided huge clumps of monkey grass and finished planting them along the perimeter of the herb garden. We still can't find the seeds we bought so I may end up getting plants from the nursery.

Our kitty cats keep us entertained!
I sprayed the cat house with Catnip - a sure fire way to get their attention!

An update on Lonnie:
He was moved from the ICU to a regular room today.
His son visited him, and since only one visitor is allowed per day, Michele did not see him but she will go to the hospital tomorrow. She is frustrated because she has YET to speak to a doctor. They go in and out and Lonnie has been SEEN by doctors but no one has called her with updates or reports except the nurses. Praise God for the nurses! Nearly all of Lonnie's nurses have been male and so is the one tonight. I think that's good for Lonnie.
He's had women 'bossing' him around all his life! Best to have a guy do it for awhile!
Lonnie is still on oxygen but not all the time. However, his blood pressure is way too high even with medication. His son told Michele that his dad was eating so that is good news. Lonnie prayed while Brandon was with him and, while the words were rather mumbled and he couldn't be sure what he was saying, when Lonnie ended the prayer....
"we ask this in the name of Jesus, amen." came out crystal clear!
We are in a day to day mode and today Lonnie made some progress and we thank God for that and we thank you all for the prayers.

While we are praying, our sweet Susie from She Junks

is asking prayer for her Ted, whom she lovingly calls her 'Teddy Bear.' He has been on a journey with his health for the past couple of years. Now he must undergo strong chemo .....again. And he is in a weaker condition.

Please join us in prayer for them.....

We are all really such needy people and I am so grateful we have a loving Heavenly Father who comforts our hearts. And I am thankful for our little blogging community where our hearts meet together and we encourage one another.

I will close tonight's journal entry with this scripture......


MimiG said...

Praise God! Such wonderful news about Lonnie. Will continue prayers for healing and for Michele and his kids and each of you sisters.
Seeds - I ordered seeds from a new place this year that came recommended by someone that does a big garden. The shipping was quick and the selection is awesome. Baker Creek Seeds (they're in Missouri). Go to their website and look around.
I like both of those authors too, have been on such a reading kick - read several last week.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am praying for Lonnie and for Susie and Ted too. I have a whole list I pray for....it's something we can do for each other. Sweet hugs!

Vee said...

Encouraging report from Lonnie's court. Ongoing prayers that his blood pressure will come down and that the doctor will get in touch with Michele stat.

That's such a nice picture of Susie and Ted. It's been a rough road for a few years now. God love them and give them everything that they need.

Ahhh cookie baking. I have pondered that because it is pretty chilly up heah.

Deanna Rabe said...

I'll pray specifically for Lonnie's blood pressure. What an amazing gift to have the end of Lonnie's prayer so clear! It's what is in his heart!

I don't know Susie, but I will say a prayer for Ted, and will pray as the Lord brings them to mind.

I've stopped doing much baking because I have no self control, but Kyle has been wanting to learn to bake so I've been teaching him. He's doing great at it too!

Arlene G said...

Thank you God for good nurses. As a former nurse I am always encouraged to hear the nursing profession continues to help patients and their families. I hope Lonnie continues a steady improvement. Those cookies would have been a temptation for me. However I have made so many chocolate chip cookies for my children and grandchildren that they no longer tempt me.lol

MadSnapper said...

It sounds good that Lonnie is in a room and not in ICU. Well continued prayers for him and for all of you! I see you then you're busy bee South shopping and delivering and enjoying every minute of it and Lewiston looks like he's in hog heaven out there playing in the pond.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good news for your brother being moved to a regular room and eating too. That's definitely a sign of healing. It is wonderful how many do take time to pray and always support us in the blogging community. I'm happy to join all them in prayer.

Bluebird49 said...

I'm sorry Michele can't talk to a doctor. How frustrating 4hings are because of COVID!
The sound wonderful, and I know those who got hem and chicken pie felt blessed!
Praying for Lonnie and Ted today!

Ginny Hartzler said...

You are an expert at building others up, perhaps this is one of your God-given gifts. Wonderful news about Lonnie, he must be much better to be moved out of I.C.U. and he is talking!! Fantastic!

photowannabe said...

I definitely agree with Ginny, you are an beautiful person with the ability to build others up.
PTL on Lonnie moving out of ICU. Nurses are the best..( I guess I am partial since my younger son is a RN in Oregon.)
Great Thrift finds...54 cents for 3 books..can't beat that bargain.
How kind to share your chicken pot pie and cookies with others. Ummm I can taste them now but I don't seem to have any will power at the moment and MUST loose 5++ pounds ASAP. Don't want the diabetes kicking in!! Preaching to my self on that one!!

Carole said...

Encouraging indeed. Cheers