Monday, March 1, 2021

Prayer Chapel, Digging in the Dirt and Chicken Pot Pies......and an Update on Lonnie....

This was my morning prayer chapel..... 

It was chilly but I had the back bedroom door open so I could look out and see a scrap of sky.
It's been a week now since Lonnie has been in trouble - as in another round of a serious medical condition. COPD, heart condition, and other things. Michele said it started last Sunday....and went downhill from there. He had 8 weeks of 'normal' health since his December hospitalization.

I meet with the Lord in prayer every morning, and since Lonnie has been ill, it has been even more meaningful to me. I keep a prayer journal and today I filled the last page with my requests and notes.
I write out some of my prayers and pray silently on some. I add the scriptures that speak to me, writing them out. The prayer journal keeps me centered and helps me remember those I have promised to pray for. I have a bookcase full of diaries and journals and I have some blank ones there, as well.
Today, I chose a new one that I will begin using in the morning. I will transfer all the names and requests to it. I love recording the prayers and I love even better when I write the answers to the prayers....and there have been many.

I have been busy cleaning like it was my JOB!
However, I have not accomplished as much as I usually do since I seem to 'stupor' more than I normal. Yesterday I cleaned the air filter AC intake thing in the hall. It was awful! SO stopped up and, since it is a reusable one, I hosed it down and was appalled at the amount of muddy water coming out!
Still, it gave me a great deal of satisfaction in the cleaning of it!

Today we worked outside for several hours.

Louis Dean had punched up the gazebo canopy from inside to dislodge the snow from that artic week event. It ripped the cover and today he attempted to repair it.
Guess what he used???

Duct tape and Gorilla Glue!!
I can't get away from it!!
I found it on my stepstool in the kitchen.....and the steps on my new deck....and on the deck itself!
It's everywhere!!

Today I worked in my new herb garden.
Louis Dean took out all the plants and I am starting over.
 I am so NOT a master gardener but I got out there and dug in the dirt and even planted part of the border in Monkey grass.
I wanted to pot up some seeds and get them started.....we bought LOTS of seed packets of herbs, flowers and vegetables. And Louis Dean gathered up the potting soil and containers.
But he could not find the seeds!
I remember taking them to him in the music room and I distinctly remember thinking, "Will I ever see these again?" Maybe not. From now on, I am going to keep MY seeds where I can find them!

Nothing is looking pretty yet - but we have made a start!
Digging in the dirt is a muddy thing to do - but I felt good about doing it!

We had a glass of wine in the gazebo to celebrate and then HE went in to take a nice hot soaking bath while I went to the kitchen and made a chicken pot pie! Actually, TWO of them!!

I found the recipe last week in my forgotten cupboard......and I used it as a guideline.
I made twice as much and added this and that......

Lots of good things in there!

While it baked, Louis Dean and I watched Tombstone.
It was his first time to see it!!
I love that movie and it is a family favorite.
Amber and Benjamin used to watch it over and over.
They would put it on and eat pizza - Tombstone pizza - of course!!

Good memories!

Michele gave us an update this afternoon about Lonnie.
They took him off the ventilator this morning and he is breathing on his own.
Blood pressure still high even with medication.
He didn't do well in answering in his name, birthday, wife's name and such.
He came close on a few of them!
No physical thereapy as of yet since he is too unsteady and his blood pressure is still difficult to manage.
He's getting a little ozygen but remains confused.
Not sure what this is - could be from the stroke?
He seems to have long term memory more than short term.

I've been a bit of a zombie lately.
When I took Louis Dean's picture up on the ladder in the gazebo, he said, "What??? Slow blog fodder day???" He is such a good sport about my blogging!

I continue to be humbled and blessed by the number of people - and I think of you as 'my people' - who are praying for Lonnie and our family.
I hope you know how much I appreciate you!
Thank you.......


Arlene G said...

Praying that Lonnie will improve Linda. I know it is hard on all of you. PS...Hide that Gorilla Glue. I know he could go by more but I would hide it Bless your heart this morning.

Deanna Rabe said...

I'd say the confusion Lonnie is having is from the stroke. Thankful for progres! Off the ventilator is a big victory!

Gorilla glue! He does love it, doesn't he. Maybe you two could come to an agreement about what things he uses the gorilla glue to fix, and what things don't get gorilla glue!

Be easy on yourself. I love the way your use your prayer journal, especially adding the answers to your prayers! Such a great way to be reminded of God's faithfulness!

Jan said...

I love that you keep a prayer journal. I've been writing out my prayers and corresponding scripture for years. I'm in PA so it's way too cold to open doors and I can't wait to sit on the patio and have devotionals. Soon, I hope.

Continued prayers for Lonnie!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Digging in the dirt is good therapy. It's good that he got off the ventilator and is breathing on his own. A stroke can be devastating and may take some therapy for him too. Will continue praying for a full recovery. It''s true. Prayers really do work!

MadSnapper said...

I am so happy to hear that Lonnie is off the ventilator. Prayers for him to get better each hour of the day and each day of the week. Who is saying look so cute up on that ladder and I know what you're thinking about Gorilla Glue haha. We just had chicken pot pie for 5 days ago and Tombstone is one of my favorite movies and maybe a month ago we watched it for either the third or fourth time over the years

Carole said...

Good progress all round. Cheers

Ginny Hartzler said...

I just KNEW this would be another Gorilla Glue disaster!! When a person has memory problems, it is usually the short term that is the worst, because those memories have been in our brain the shortest time. I hope you find the seeds!

Judy said...

Smiling about the Gorilla glue!

I hope and pray that Lonnie is soon better. I love that you keep such a detailed prayer journal. I really need to do that!

I have taken many 'movie suggestions' off your blog over the years. Here's one you might enjoy that we watched recently. 'Head Full of Honey' on Netflix. Cute. Funny. Sad. The story of love between an old man with Alzheimer's and his young granddaughter. We really enjoyed it!

photowannabe said...

Love your ending quote..yes digging in the dirt is real therapy. When I was a teen it was usually my chore to cut the grass.
Pushing that hand mower was a therapy of sorts for me too. Pent up annoyances anger can sure be worked out by pushing that thing around the yard.
Prayers continuing for your precious brother and praying for all of you siblings too.
Sue of photowannabe

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hope your brother improves. It is good that he is breathing on his own. Prayers for him and his family.

Debbie said...

your prayer journal is so pretty!! i made a chicken pot pie last week and overcooked it, but it was still very good!! i have not been cleaning, but i do know what you are talking about!!

i hope lonnie can find the strength to improve, it is good that he is off the ventilator. i am sending warm thoughts to all of you, it is my way of praying!!